Thursday, 3 July 2014

Only The Young

I have an exciting post lined up for you. I really do know how to spoil you don't I?! This is quite different to my usual approach so I hope you enjoy reading this.
I was contacted today about the recent Capital FM Summetime Ball and the performance by up and coming British pop band Only The Young. I was asked if I could tweet a link to their video to help highlight their amazing performance at Wembley Stadium. I thought I could one up that by giving them a little shout out on my blog too! 

Mikey, Betsy, Charlie and Parisa aka Only The Young won the public vote of Vodaphones #first dream and therefore were provided with the opportunity to perform at Capital Fm Summertime Ball. How lucky is that?! If anyone wants to vote for me to perform at the Summertime Ball next year well....I wouldn't mind ;) After all, they do call me the next Beyonce....did you just laugh because I am being serious?!

Watch the video below on their journey to Wembley stadium. I found myself getting nervous for them as they reached their crucial moment. I don't think I could stand up to a crowd that large. I'd rather hide behind a laptop screen and blog to a crowd that large instead. Hey, let's do some kind of blogging stadium gig? - You definitely heard the idea here first.

I wish Only The Young the best of luck on their musical adventure. And y'know, if they find themselves wanting a fifth member well...*waves*. Okay okay I am just kidding but I really am the next Beyonce.

You can check their site here


  1. that was a pretty good Shameless plug! And yes, they are pretty good. To be able to play Wimbley..that's a pretty cool gig.

    Now, as to you being the next Beyonce? YouTube it or it doesn't happen....

    1. Hah it's not a shameless plug, it's me doing my life bit in helping someone reach their dreams!

      I need to get working on my Beyonce routines and then I'll youtube it ;)


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