Thursday, 10 July 2014

A Day In The Life Of The Unemployed Graduate

You see that title? I should probably just change my entire blog name to it. Scrap confessions of a drama queen and enforce the unemployed graduate. Got a real good ring to it don't it? Okay okay I am being dramatic but you have to admit, the unemployed drama queen is a much more exciting title. 
I thought I could fill you in on the details of how an unemployed graduate spends her days. I mean, what else would I be doing right now apart from slobbing out, crying to chick flicks/Desperate Housewives and eating my feelings? 
So you wake up and think, should probably get my ass outta bed. OH NO WAIT, you're unemployed so you can just stay right there! However, after a bit you get peckish and remember you need food and tea, ah if only I could afford a butler named Alfred to bring me such morning joys. Alas, you're unemployed kiddo so keep on dreaming!

Now, so far you're feeling pretty optimistic. New day, fresh start, new applications. You're writing what you personally think is a kick ass application. They will be begging for an interview with you by the end of the week! I mean look at me, who wouldn't?! (Don't answer that)

After all those exhausting and extremely time consuming applications you treat yourself to a well earned lunch. Rummaging mum and dads fridge and forever longing for your undergrad days where you'd be well stocked on ready meal pasta and pizza, you convince yourself you'll eat better and join the gym once you have a job.

Speaking of job, you remember you applied for at least 4-5 jobs last week and you haven't heard a single peep since. Funny that...

Early Afternoon
Come to the realisation you didn't get the jobs you applied for, after all it's been a week since you heard anything.

Mid Afternoon
Get sucked into the spiral of doom and begin to question everything. What if no one ever hires me? Will I ever get a real adult job? What if I am destined to be stuck in crappy part time jobs forever? It's time to cry into a bowl of dessert and consider becoming a stripper. 

Late Afternoon
Begin to make similar comparisons to yourself and many Disney characters at the start of their movies. Particularly Rapunzel waiting for her life to begin and I am telling you, Ariel wanting to be part of the human world is one big metaphor for wanting to be part of the working world

All of your family arrive home from their full time adult jobs and make jokes at your lack of career

Bed Time
Renact this scene from Bridget Jones Diary
My favourite gif in case you haven't noticed....
So there we have it, a day in the life of the unemployed graduate. It sucks. I have to make light blogging humour out of it in order to stay calm and not feel defeated and cry into more bowls of chocolate cake. 
However, on another more exciting note, Cision UK got in touch this week and informed me I ranked as one of the UK's Top 10 Student Lifestyle Bloggers! How amazingly cool is that?!! I am ranked in a list with many student blogs I followed before starting my own. I can't believe I achieved that with just a year of blogging, I can't wait to see what else I can achieve with my little corner of the internet. It has been so much fun and I owe that to every single person who has ever read/shared/supported/followed/commented on my blog!
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    1. Awh thank you Yasmin, I am glad I have cheered you up. I know how much it sucks to spend every day feeling like unemployed crap! Thanks for reading :)

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  2. So I posted this already and it didn't seem to work, but I'll try to remember what I said!...

    THIS IS MY LIFE! I totally feel your pain, there is nothing more soul destroying than the post-uni job hunt! This is round two for me, I went through this when I finished my first degree, and now I'm on the road to finishing my Masters, which is all a bit terrifying! I don't graduate till November, but my dissertation goes in at the end of August and I have no classes left, so the job hunt has begun already and it really isn't any fun. My blog is becoming a play by play of the volume of Netflix I'm consuming in order to distract myself! It's a horrible sort of limbo period, but I reckon it'll all work out! We'll get there eventually, it's just a case of trying desperately not to have a meltdown in the process!

    Great post, and good luck with the job hunt, got my fingers crossed for you!

    Lynsey xx

    1. Awh thank you so much Lynsey! It is such a relief to know I am not the only one out there in this crap situation! Best of luck with your masters and I hope you are successful in your job hunt too! We will get there and if not I am SO making my own company (don't ask me how) and hiring all the grad rejects! xo

  3. This is such a great post - I'll be heading into my final year in my Archaeology in September, and let's just say, there's not that many jobs in the profession kicking about. So, I'm sure I'll be in the same boat!

    I love the way you write - really funny!

    SHY LIKE | UK fashion, beauty & lifestyle blog

    1. Thank you so much! Don't worry you wont be alone. I am sure you will get there though! Someone once told me I will end up with a job eventually because the government needs me to pay taxes. I don't know whether to look at that positively or negatively haha! xo

  4. I kinda of felt the same when I finished my undergrad except it turned into days of just panicking 24/7. Not fun. But I think for a lot of people, when it rains, it pours and floods. So be ready. Soon your days may be filled with you desperately trying to decide which of the many offers you received you'll accept.

    And congratulations on being ranked as one of UK's Top 10 Student Lifestyle Bloggers! Very cool indeed!

    Refined Lately

    1. Haha that's a sweet thought but I doubt I will be overwhelmed with offers! Thanks and thank you for reading! :)

  5. Hey L!! Unemployment sucks the big one, and I hope you get some salvation soon! Congrats on the Cision UK!! That is awesome!! :D XO


  6. I now have a craving for bowls of chocolate cake. The worst part is when you're sad and there's none left D: #firstworldprobems
    //t l

    1. Oh that is when your life hits real tragedy!


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