Thursday, 5 June 2014

Webucator Collaboration - My Most Marketable Skill

Well hey their sweet bloggers. I hope you're enjoying my slow return to regular blogging. From degree life to slob/unemployment life, I have lots of time for you all. I hope you're fully appreciating this ;) 

So the gang over at Webucator, an online learning community, dropped me an email and asked if I would like to write a post on my most marketable skill to employers. Currently facing the job market this was quite a good one for me to tackle. It really got me thinking about what I have to bring to the table. I mean apart from being totally amazing. 

First things first, I want to point out that everybody is different. I believe for success to happen you need a team of diversity. Everybody has different strengths and therefore you cannot assume that what I think makes success is what will always work. For all we know and with my current unemployed status kinda backing this up, I could be wrong. Secondly, I am taking a different approach to just focusing on me. I want to do a whole 'we're all in this together' cause y'know, I'm kind of a nice person like that.

So first things first, what's YOUR most marketable skill? I had to ask my housemates what they thought mine was because I had too many to choose from. As highlighted earlier, I am just totally amazing. I'm a kick ass cook, brilliant Beyonce impersonator and all round absolute nut job. So as you can see I had a hard time deciding from my best qualities. After short debate my housemates insisted I was creative. I agree. I have a creative flair that beams through my thoughts, hobbies and personality. 

Whatcha gonna do with all that skill? All that skill inside yo grill!

Well first things first, you're gonna believe in it. No actually first things first is you're going to ignore my sad attempt at rapping. Well, so you're feisty? You're driven? You're an extrovert? You're a thinker? Don't let anyone cause you to doubt that. Take your skill and shove it all up in everyone else's grill (I'm sorry I just have skill and grill in my head and feel the need to consistently act so G I'm almost H). 
I've always had a creative spark, from music to art to textiles, I much preferred to immerse myself into those areas than maths or science. It takes a lot of confidence and self belief to say 'Hey, I'm good at this and I want the world to know'. Hell it's even taken me up until university to finally throw myself and my skill up in your grills. I soon realised I had a flair in blogging and that really has come in strides. It makes me so proud of myself and I am happy to declare the world 'Guess what, I am creative or in business terms, innovative!'

Shine like a firework all over everybody else's town

We've gone from gangster talk to cheesy belief. It's all good in the hood (nope the gangster talk just fell through again). When you have a skill that you know is your strength that's great but how are you gonna prove it? For example, me being the creative or innovative bunny that I am I turned to blogging. I've highlighted this to so many people, friends and business minds alike and they love it. My favourite thing about blogging is there is no right or wrong. No rules and no guidelines. If you wanna blog about your favourite things then you blog about that, if you wanna blog about your daily disasters then you blog about that and if you want to blog about your freakish obsession with cats and your journey to becoming a crazy cat lady then hell, you do that! When demonstrating your best skill to employers, you need to show them how. I drop my blog into everything in order to demonstrate it. Not only are you providing a good example of your talent but it's also showing how you've achieved something on your own time. 

Make it relevant

'So I hear you have this kick ass marketable skill, well what's that to me?' I hear you say. Well I'm glad you inquired sir. This is probably mostly relevant to cover letters and interviews. Owning a kick ass skill is one thing but you have to demonstrate how it links to the role you're seeking. For example my creative experiences in blogging, participating in and running various social media accounts shows my creative flair, my efficiency and my ability to harness my skill in an organised and innovative sense. Let's use Batman as another example. Yeah he has a flashy belt with lots of gadgets, a big car crushing Batmobile and an elephant load of strength but what good is that to Gotham city or to Jim Gordon when applying for the job of vigilante? Batman utilizes his resources and skills by jumping off skyscrapers to get the bad guys. No skyscraper is too tall for Batman. He has therefore proven to Gotham that he is worthy of the job role. You see my point? 

The most important message to take home from this post is that you too can be gangster Batman. Okay okay I'm just kidding. In all seriousness, once you've recognized your strengths you need self belief and the drive to do something  with it. Sitting and watching the world go by isn't going to prove anything. Getting up and overlapping the world will. Yes you're gonna face some rejections and yes you'll probably resort to carbs and Ben & Jerry to heal the pain but see it as a learning curve. Every rejection I get I just see it as their loss. Seriously, you ignore my application? Well wont you be the sorry one because one day, the company I will be working for will be outdoing your company purely because I am there rubbing my creative skill all up in your grill. 

Maybe I should have placed a warning hazard at the start of this post stating this will cause more career disasters then success....

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