Monday, 2 June 2014

The Frustrated Ramblings Of A Drama Queen Part 3: Student Life

Greeting blogsters, I'm here to to treat you to a good old ramble. I know my previous ramblings have been so very much enjoyed that I had to do another( Part 1, Part 2). This one is particularly special because it will be my last ever ramble about student life. In order to mark the occasion this entire piece will be the frustrated ramblings of student life. Oh aren't you the lucky ones! Never say I don't treat you!

Ramble 1: Idiot Culture

So I came to the conclusion that university is full of idiots. If you thought heading to uni meant you'd be immersing yourself into an environment of maturity and intelligence, well aren't you the silly one for thinking such thoughts. It appears that many depict the maturity and behavior of the apes and therefore you will spend three years of your degree slowly watching others regress and question your self on whether you're actually going backwards in time instead of forwards. Signs of those belonging to idiot culture are:
  • Acting as though one is featuring in 'Made In Chelsea' by pretending to be a campus celebrity or as the student lingo goes 'Big Name On Campus'(Also known as BNOC)
  • Dressing like a tool - you can expect the standard beige chinos and navy blue Ralph Lauren sweater with a sky blue shirt for boys or for girls it tends to be bare minimum clothing and dressing like you've walked off the catwalk when really you are just heading to the library
  • Pouting for the club camera - and no, I am not referring to the girls
  • Thinking you earn cool points by leaving large deadlines to the last minute to impress idiot culture girls
  • Referring to oneself as 'Nouveau riche' meaning 'old money'. It was at that point I decided I didn't want to live in on this planet anymore. If you need me you'll find me on Mars.
Ramble 2: Proving Sanity

Everyone at university is insane. I will be surprised if you make three years of a degree without thinking those words. Over three years I have lived with the biggest psychos of them all. It got to the point where I actually felt they were living in my walls. It takes a lot of crazy for someone to think that. I often question whether i'm the normal one or if all the insanity is normal and I'm the weird one for not being completely off my rocker? Ill let you decide...

Ramble 3: Sods bloody law

I find myself talking very bitterly these days about university. I love it and I hate it. For me the biggest frustration this year was the inequality and unfair advantage. I spend 8 hours a day everyday in the library working my ass off. This work rarely pays off in terms of high grades. Yet my peers will rarely commit to full days in the library and enjoy the leisurely life of bed and hangovers. Yet they are the ones coming out with higher grades with the added bonus of their work being practically written for them by their supervisors. What the hell is with that?! 

Ramble 4: Mean Girls

My high school was the cliquiest place you could get. Full of arseholes and hierarchy, it was like living in Mean Girls. College was absolutely fine and no hierarchy of such existed. Most likely due to high levels of maturity. So naturally you'd expect university to be the same. What. A. Joke. My course was so full of cliques I began to think I'd stepped out of bed in the morning and slipped back into 2004 at high school. There were far too many 'You can't sit with us' moments. It's fine, I liked sitting by myself anyway...

Ramble 5: Unem-mother-fudging-ployment

All raise your hands if you're sick of me spending 6 months moaning about my lack of graduate job? Yehuh me to. I am still unemployed. I have concluded that I will be unemployed forever. I really am turning into Bridget Jones as we speak. Oh but lets not forget how I will be spending my entire summer earning minimum wage shovelling dog poop now shall we. Now who said racking up debt for a degree wasn't completely worth it? On the plus note I can sit applying for jobs in my underwear/PJs/Totally naked and no one can say or do anything about it. No boob jail for Laura!

I hope you enjoyed that ramble. It was nice for me to get my troubles off my chest and have a minor distraction from fighting further unemployment. Seriously, I feel like I'm selling myself so cheaply in cover letters and applications. Shameful. Absolutely shameful. So if you would like to rescue me from unemployment, please feel free to do so. Or if you need a ramble and to get stuff off your chest, please do inform me as I'd love to ramble away with you.



  1. Howdy! Love this post. I felt myself agreeing with it all!
    I'm an unemployed graduate (IT'S BEEN A YEAR!!) lol, nice to meet you! X

    1. Ah this sucks! We'll hopefully get there one day this century! x

  2. Great post. Had me laughing and agreeing! Chin up though, you won't be unemployed forever!


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