Saturday, 14 June 2014

Holidaying In Center Parcs

Honey I'm home! Have you missed me?...Did you even notice I was gone?...Don't answer that. 

I do apologize for my long absence but at the same time I don't. I've been on holiday getting some much needed TLC and escaping from reality. I have spent the past week away in a lovely place called Center Parcs at Sherwood Forest. For those of you outside the UK, Center Parcs is a holiday resort based within forests across the UK. You stay in a beautiful woodland lodge in the middle of a forest and spend the week doing whatever you like from cycling everywhere to swimming to tree trekking to spending an afternoon in the spa!

I have been holidaying in Center Parcs since 1996 which makes me feel SO old. It's so interesting to see how much it has changed but yet still remains the same. I hold so many great memories there and spent the whole week pointing out to my housemates 'That's where I fell off my bike because I forgot to use my breaks when I was 4!' or 'That's where I got chased by 13 hungry geese!'. Without sounding too cheesy, there is something for everyone. Me and my housemates had a brilliant week taking advantage of the sunny weather but doing all sorts of activities from pedalos to badminton to even a spot of bird watching.

The beauty of Center Parcs is the ability to get completely lost in the forest for a week. And I mean literally lost. All trees look the same so you do end up going round in circles. After being stuck in the same mindset for so long and feeling quite defeated, Center Parcs was the break all four of us needed. It was the best way to end our degrees. Barely any internet connection meant little contact with the outside world and only the odd phone call/text was sent to let our parents know we were still alive/hadn't killed ourselves with our bikes. I came home feeling I had been away for weeks with no knowledge of life on the outside. I recommend it heavily to everyone. Seriously, ask yourself when was the last time you switched your iPhone off and spent a week away from Twitter or Facebook?

I want to brag to you all how proud I am of myself. Center Parcs is a great place to conquer your fears. I have many many many many many many many many (you get my point?) fears. From dark closed spaces to heights to fast rides. I use to nickname myself 'Chucky from Rugrats' because he too is afraid of everything. Each day I challenged myself in a new fear. The first day I went down their huge water raft slide. My poor housemates had to endure my screaming the ENTIRE way down. Needless to say I was begging to do it again at the end... 
The second day I did 'tree trekking' where you complete an obstacle course that gets higher and higher in the trees until you reach the top and face a zip wire. Nothing says living like zip wiring through a pine forest!
There is the opportunity to tackle what scares you the most at Center Parcs so wahey for that.

Oh and one more thing, you cannot class yourself as British until you've BBQ'd in the rain. Proud moment right there!

So there is a little snippet of my week in Center Parcs. It was definitely the break we all needed after a challenging year. It is definitely the worst feeling coming home knowing we only have 2 weeks left living with each other before we all part ways on the next chapter of our lives. As bleak as this will sound, it doesn't feel like I have a lot to look forward to. Moving back home with no graduate job and I get my results and degree classification in a weeks time is so so so not what I want to face. 

Get me back to the forest!!!

However I will be back to full time blogging, great news for you guys!I mean, you're seriously missing me when I am away right?! I am also spoiling you with additional Center Parcs photos on Instagram if you would like to see more. Click here!

Toodles for now! 



  1. Hey L!!! I see you fixed it lol!! Congrats girly!! :D I also didn't see your name pop up on my GFC :( If its giving you trouble let me know!! Talk soon my dear!! ;) <33333


    1. Hey Lisa, yes I did thank you! Shame I lost my comments but at least my blog wont be spammed with all my G+ shares now haha! I tried your GFC again but it says it can't handle the request. Any suggestions? xo

    2. Hey L!! Everything is fixed!! :) Also, please make sure your getting email notification for your comments because if you hit reply under the comment itself the person wont see your reply! :( You have to respond directly back via e-mail by replying! I was replying under the comments for a long time and nobody was seeing my response!! Hope that helps lovely and by for now!!

      P.S. If you have any questions or need any help with this let me know!! ;) xo


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  3. Awh thank you! I will try to get round to doing this soon! xo

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