Monday, 30 June 2014

Blogging And Such

Happy Monday internet! Okay I take that back, who ever thinks 'Great, it's Monday, that makes me so happy!'?! If you ever think that then what on earth is wrong with you? Get off this planet you weird Monday lover. 

So it's official, I am now back living at home with my famalam. The good news is there is food, cleanliness, fast internet, mold free air and a big TV. The bad news is I currently have no bedroom as it is under construction so I am living out of various rooms in the house including the garage. OH and my little brother (who has a full time job in the city) actually made a comment at ME about my current lack of full time graduate job. Seriously. Leave a girl to eat her cereal in her pyjamas on the sofa in peace PERLEASE. And since when was it okay for my little brother to make 'hah you're unemployed' comments at his big graduate sister?! As you can tell I have taken the move home really really really well......get me back to uni.....and I haven't even started my summer work shoveling dog poop yet....

It's quite an unusual feeling not really knowing where you are going. Right now I feel like I am having a summer holiday as per usual and will be heading back for term time in September. I stop and think 'Crap...I have the rest of my life in front of me'. I then started to think about Bridget Jones (purely because she is my spirit animal, obviously) and started to see a lot of similarities. I mean, I even have similar pyjamas to her so that really says it all. All these deep thoughts about where I was heading, would I be happy, will I be okay, will I actually accomplish my dreams got me thinking about my blog. I mean lets face it, it has been 80% student life and 20% everything else. Now I have no student life where is that 80% going to come from? I then read a couple of blog posts from other bloggers about their battle with being stuck in blogging ruts and it scared me. It genuinely scared me. I love blogging. I think it is the best thing that ever happened to me. My little pimped out crazy lady corner of the internet is my refuge. When I blog I switch off from reality for a little while and it's really nice. It brings out this beautiful confident side to me I didn't know I had. It gives me purpose, direction and comfort. To loose all of that would be a terrible crime. 

Right now it is impossible to think I will loose my blogging mojo. I look forward to blogging so much and everyday I find inspiration from everything and everyone. However I am aware that this summer will be a tough one, back working in the kennels and the battle with the job market will beat me down. Now I know if anything that the past 12 months have taught me if I can get through them I can get through anything. I am excited for the new direction my blog is going to take with me but I also know I may end up losing my drive. If that happens please could you reach out of the screen and bitch slap me back into the internet. No pressure or anything but this is all on you....

Okay I am just kidding. Lets face it, those who have come to follow and love my blog are aware I am an absolute mental headcase and are aware of the real bonkers situations I put myself in/get into/fall into. So I am guessing this summer will be no different in pursuing professional crazy lady/ Drama Queen status. And maybe with that thought it really is time to let myself get lost. Everything has been so structured my entire life that this really is the first time I have no set path to follow.  Wish me look bloggers, I hope even when I am lost I don't lose my blogging self....

Not all who wander are lost


  1. I totally agree! I love blogging as well, and I look forward to setting up each post. I will sometime go on other blogs, and will see that their last post written is about how they have fallen out of love with blogging. Then I start to think about my blog, and how I can't imagine giving it up, especially after putting so much work into it! I wish you luck with your blog, and am glad you enjoy it as much as I do!. :)

    1. Awh thank you so much. I am glad we both love blogging! :)


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