Monday, 12 May 2014

Keep Calm And Whatever You Do, Don't Panic!

Panicking? Who said anything anything about panicking? I'm totally cool. Completely cool. So cool I could be an ice cube in the North Pole. Toooooootally cool. Not panicking at all.

Okay. I lied. 
I'm freaking out. 

I have 14 days until I hand in my dissertation and end my degree. 14 days to save my degree. 14 days to save my future. I mean,  I've written all these blog posts about future and jobs and being successful and marrying Leonardo DiCaprio but how can any of that happen without succeeding in my dissertation? Leonardo doesn't want a girl who can't produce a quality 10,000 word research paper does he?!  Well, don't you worry Leo, I am working extra hard for you. I know you haven't got in touch with me as you don't want to distract me from my degree. I get that. It's so considerate of you.

I'm writing this post to all the university students out there either for comfort or for advice on what life is like in the final stages of your dissertation. I have more ups and downs these days then a rollercoaster. If you seek comfort or if you seek to know what life is like as a finals student then here is your example:

Step 1: Have no idea what you're doing but convince yourself you have loads of time. When I came back from Easter 3 weeks ago I was convinced I had looooooads of time. I even squeezed in a night out and a day of hangover. Well 3 weeks went by and I'm now in the state of a ready to explode volcano.

Me in a nutshell

Step 2:  Get somewhere with it. You actually believe you're gonna make it. Really I think you are.

Step 3: Read over your first draft, realise it's the biggest pile of poop you've ever written and and decide to rewrite at least 5000 words 3 weeks before your deadline. After all, living life on the edge is best.

Step 4: Feel confident. You've rewritten your first draft and it's sounding pretty good. Good on you!

Step 5: Reread your first draft, realise a monkey could have produced a better study and freak out.

Step 6: Calm your mother fudging self down and remember you have time to correct your misjudged ways.

Step 7: Print off a copy and let your friends and family read it. But before you do ensure to get them to sign a declaration form stating you can sue if they laugh. 

Step 8: Receive feedback from your parents telling you 'they did not understand the subject'

Step 9: Panic.

Step 10: Erm...I'm at step 10 now so I'm not sure how it will end.... Pray for me....

And there we have it. I mean worst comes to worst I'll just become a stripper...I'M JOKING. However I do realise I said this was for those seeking for comfort and if anything I have gone in the opposite direction. Well....I'm sorry. I don't know where to go with this. 

At the end of the day, I'm sure I'll be fine (lies, all lies). Good luck to all of those in exams and facing deadlines. If you have handed in your dissertation in, tell me, what is life like on the other side?!

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