Friday, 2 May 2014

Happy Blog Birthday!

Exactly one year ago to this day I launched The Confessions Of A Professional Drama Queen. Oh my goodness me! Wait...before we go any further can we just take a moment to give me a round of applause for getting off my arse and blogging for an entire year. That is serious commitment.

Okay so I've been blogging for a whole year. Like wow. What an exciting journey adventure (I was going to say journey but I didn't want to sound too much like the closing scene of a reality TV show) it has been! I can honestly say with such pride that blogging is my greatest achievement. Cliche as it sounds a lot can happen in a year and a lot definitely has happened in my blogging year. I wanted to do something special for this post to mark my blogiversary so various ideas popped into my head. At first I thought about doing a giveaway but I'm a poor student and the only thing I could afford to giveaway is a white envelope full of thin air. Sooo the person that promotes this post the most to all their friends and family will be the lucky winner of an envelope that I personally breathed into. Yes, do try to contain yourself with excitement, I know this is a huge opportunity.

Now we've got that out the way I decided the best way to celebrate my blogiversary was to cover my blogging highlights and to send out some thank yous. So lets pretend for the rest of this post I am doing my Oscar speech.

Blogging Highlights

  • Reaching many views on Blogger, Glipho and Google Plus - I know blogging isn't just about the views but they are a massive boost of confidence knowing thousands of people have read my blog. Thank you!

  • Becoming Lifestyle Editor and manager of Social Media for - Blogging has boosted my confidence a great deal and on this 'journey' (it had to be said, sorry!) I was invited to become part of Student Life. This is something that blogging has enabled me to do and I thank my blog for that *Hugs laptop screen*

  • Becoming global - It is actually incredible to know not only that my biggest audience isn't my home country but my audience is global. People from Malaysia to Australia to China are reading my blog daily. *Waves across the ocean*. A couple of weeks ago a distant acquaintance/Facebook friend (someone I haven't really spoken to since the days of being 13 on Myspace) popped up on  Facebook and told me they loved my blog. I froze in horror. I panicked. I tell NO ONE I know about my blog so how on earth had she found it? So I asked, shaking in fear. She told me she was currently in Miami and was googling and found me quite high up. I was and still am shocked. She told me it was popular over in the states and she herself thought I was funny (This is SO incredibly awkward if she's gone back to my blog and she's reading this right now, erm hi, thank you so much honestly you made me smile). That moment sent my sky high with happiness . My stats tell me my biggest audience is the USA and that is incredible. So to every single person from local or global, thank you for making me incredibly happy for reading my blog! *internet hug*

  • Over 200 followers on Glipho  - I'm always raving about how much I love Glipho. From day one Glipho made my audience big and my success even bigger. So thank you Glipho and thank you to every single follower!

  • Winning the Fanny Crown March Blogger Contest - Last month I won a free gown from Fanny Crown for entering their blogging contest. To be rewarded for doing something creative from your own mind is amazing. Definitely one of my fave moments ever!
Thank You
So imagine I'm stood behind a podium holding a Oscar Bloscar (Yeah I just made it a thing) in a floor length gown that makes me look like a princess/Leonardo Dicaprio's future wife and I'm making my acceptance speech.

My first thank you goes to the loyal bunch of readers who comment and promote my blog posts. I tell myself to be more on it with giving back to those who support my blog weekly once I have finished my degree. So thank you to those who have pushed and pushed my blog posts so much. Also to @FemaleBloggerRT on Twitter who help to engage a large audience.

My second goes to Glipho for promoting me all the time, you guys make me feel famous. I'm pretty sure Leonardo DiCaprio or Zac Effron are going to notice me any day now thanks to you.

My third thank you goes to anyone who has ever interacted with me on my blog. I like interaction. I get all blushy and think 'naw someone cares what I'm writing' so thank you if you have ever taken the time to write on my blog.

So this is probably a major anticlimax of a blogiversary but y'know, poor students can only do so much with the internet. And don't worry, I wasn't expecting you to give me presents or anything but as a congratulations you should follow me/connect/add my to your circle/add my to your square etc on all platforms cause you love me.

May my next year of blogging be just as adventurous, crazy and less focused on student disasters and more on adult world success. Don't worry, I'm pretty sure I will still be producing blog posts on how I fell over or humiliated myself in a large public space....did I mentioned I poured boiling water on my cereal instead of my coffee this week?


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