Tuesday, 22 April 2014

New Dress, New Blog, New Beginnings

Okay I’m writing this post on a word document on the train. That counts as blogging in public right? I’m trying to hide my laptop in the process, it’s all very awkward.
This post is the marker of the start of term. My final term. Like I said before, I’m not panicking. Totally not panicking. *Cries*
This post is full of excitement so where to begin:

Fairytales do come true
So remember when I entered the Fanny Crown blogging contest? Well if you don’t you can read here. It was announced this morning that I won! The winner gets the dress they blogged about for free. I am so excited as not only does this save me a HUGE amount of time and money (things students lack) but I am going to look like a princess at graduate ball. This is a sign people, fairtytales really do exist! Hey maybe Prince Charming will be at my grad ball?...like I said before, probably taking form in the shape of a bottle of wine….

So a huge huge huge maHOOsive thank you to Fanny Crown for inviting me to take part. As cliché as it sounds, it’s not just about winning but creating the blog post was so much fun! They hold the competition every month so I 100% recommend any bloggers, fashion or not, to take part if you want to win a pretty dress!
Stay tuned for late June when I shall hopefully be blogging about my night in Fanny Crown!

Just so you all know, I moved my laptop onto the little table in front of me. Now more people can see I’m blogging. Can I please have a huge round of applause for my boost in confidence for blogging in a public space? So many of you have urged me to do so.

New Blog Design
I have been planning on changing my blog design for quite some time, as much as I loved it I felt it was sloppy/busy/not so smart (Hah like the rest of my life/myself). Anyways I’ve been considering working with a blog designer for so long but any that I found were so pricey that I as a student could not commit to. Then a miracle happened. Sarah Smiles Designs advertising blog designs for a limited time of just £10 was retweeted onto my twitter feed. With some quick and wonderful service Sarah has transformed my blog into a beautifully structured page with my own little logo/bloggers button. Go and check it out and let me know what you think!

New Life
Well that subtitle is a bit dramatic for what I’m saying. My home bedroom is being completely refurbished whilst I’m away at my final term of uni. My wonderful parents are having some building work done to fix an awkward damp issue and then it is being redecorated and refurbished. It’s sad in the sense I am literally removing my teenhood from that room but I’m a big girl now, I really need to grow up at some point. Maybe if I have an adult room that might happen. We wont hold our hopes up high though yeah? Back to the point, redecorating is SO much more exciting in the 21st century when you have Pinterest at your fingertips! My room will be so pinnable when it's finished ;)

New dress, new blog, new bedroom, new beginnings. So many changes as I’m 3 months away from graduation and to starting the next chapter of my so very crazy life. I’m still unemployed from a graduate career but I have a summer job going back as a cat waitress getting covered in doggy poop. Lucky me
Now all I need to complete my fairytale is to graduate with a brilliant grade from these 2 final assignments and my dissertation and to get a real grad job. Fingers crossed for me folks.

And that concludes my blogging in public session. Okay Okay you can say ‘I told you so’ because nothing bad happened. I didn't get judged and no one laughed at me so yes it was silly I was afraid to do so. Thanks for your support and thanks for reading. 
Until next time
p.s. Like my snazzy new signature too? ;)

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