Friday, 25 April 2014

Life After My Dissertation...

Do you ever wonder if I'll ever start a blog post that doesn't begin with 'So I'm procrastinating from my degree' or 'I'm a poor student'? So do I...
SO I'm procrastinating as per usual. No actually, to give myself some credit and to stop you lot assuming all I ever do is avoid working, I am on my lunch break and thought I'd spend it wisely. I mean, I just love spending time with you all so that's the real reason. Oh stop blushing you!

Now you see that picture above? That is my life. I stare at all of that all day long every single day. Where I go all that lot goes. Oh and my laptop of course. This also justifies why I need so many handbags. I'm a two handbags a day woman at the moment. I'm telling you, those Ted Baker patent tote bags are a life saver! So you see that big stripey pukka pad, that is my dissertation project book. I recommend any student undertaking a dissertation to invest in one as it is divided into mini sections with folders so it's basically every students dream. The colourful wallets are from Paperchase, also a definite must when you end up with half a rainforest of sheets full of dissertation scribbles, cries for help, notes and data. 
The little red Minnie Mouse notebook is where I jot down any inspo ideas, dissertation and blog related. The little To-do' book is also a must for third years as you'll have more things to do and not enough days in the week to do them so your head will look something like one of those mushroom clouds after a nuclear bomb drops.... Sometimes my to-do book tells me to look in my diary and  my diary tells me to look in my to-do book because I have so much to do. Like seriously, I'm running around like a blue arse fly these days. I think here I have proven that yes, I am a walking disaster, but it when it comes to work my time management and work ethic is so efficient and organised I could definitely multitask as  a filofax. (Please someone point this out to future employers)

Anyways, I always find this time of year due to exams and deadlines that I long for summer and all these things that all of a sudden feel so appealing to do. I convince myself I'll be so busy working I wont spend any money and I can do a huge shopping trip after my deadlines. Yehuh I forget about buying all those sympathy lattes, chocolates and takeaways during exam season... 

I thought I'd compile a list of stuff I am realistically going to do once I've finished my dissertation. The beauty is that once I have finished my dissertation I have four beautiful empty weeks of term left. That will be four weeks of freedom and will be spent making the most of being a student for the final time. 

  • Scrapbooking - so I've been planning to do a scrapbook for nearly 12 months now. I collected so much from New York from photos to tickets to labels to wristbands and I want to compile it all in one big scrapbook to cherish forever. I'll be on the hunt for all sorts of arts and crafts from now until after my diso and I plan to spend a good day or two scrapbooking in the sun. 

  • Shopping - Oh you can just imagine how mental I am going to go after 3 whole years of university. Yes I am aware I'll have zero funds for the shopping trip but Mr Overdraft begs to differ. 

  • Preholiday prep - My last point leads to this point. I am going away for a midweek break with my housemates. We're heading to Center Parcs for some spa and relaxation time...accompanied by a crate of wine. This is happening straight after we all finish so it's going to be absolute bliss. For me this means I need a new wardrobe purely for Center Parcs. Oh...and I'll need to tackle my fear of swimwear too...

  • Vlogging - Okay this one is a big one and is probably the least likely to happen. My and my housemates kept joking we'd film ourselves doing 'chubby bunny'. I recommend you youtube it. I hope we do actually do it but vlogging is a scary world to the vlogging virgins.

  • Rub myself all over your blogs - For so long so many of you have supported me. You constantly promote my blog, you comment weekly, you interact and share so much love. I never feel like I return the favour purely because I'm so wrapped up in uni life I don't have time to focus properly. I am dedicating an entire day, yes that's right, an entire day to going on every blog I love, new or old and throwing myself all over it with love and sharing and liking and following. I'M A HUGGER PEOPLE.

  • Become an adult - Last but not least, the most important one of all, apply for jobs. I am probably going to spend every single day from now until forever applying for jobs until someone hires me. I have had no such luck over the past 7  months so I only hope now I'm ready that the right one comes along. *gulps* ..... hire me?
So there we have it. My end of term/life after dissertation bucket list. I cannot wait! Those four weeks are going to be very special and I am going to make the most of the time I have left. Eeeeek! 

Thanks for reading! If you have exams etc, what are your plans after you finish?

p.s. OH and of course, I'm going to treat myself to a Beyonce 'Flawless' t-shirt and parade around my house singing all her music and basically becoming Beyonce. My housemates have already threatened to kick me out...woops

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