Friday, 25 April 2014

Life After My Dissertation...

Do you ever wonder if I'll ever start a blog post that doesn't begin with 'So I'm procrastinating from my degree' or 'I'm a poor student'? So do I...
SO I'm procrastinating as per usual. No actually, to give myself some credit and to stop you lot assuming all I ever do is avoid working, I am on my lunch break and thought I'd spend it wisely. I mean, I just love spending time with you all so that's the real reason. Oh stop blushing you!

Now you see that picture above? That is my life. I stare at all of that all day long every single day. Where I go all that lot goes. Oh and my laptop of course. This also justifies why I need so many handbags. I'm a two handbags a day woman at the moment. I'm telling you, those Ted Baker patent tote bags are a life saver! So you see that big stripey pukka pad, that is my dissertation project book. I recommend any student undertaking a dissertation to invest in one as it is divided into mini sections with folders so it's basically every students dream. The colourful wallets are from Paperchase, also a definite must when you end up with half a rainforest of sheets full of dissertation scribbles, cries for help, notes and data. 
The little red Minnie Mouse notebook is where I jot down any inspo ideas, dissertation and blog related. The little To-do' book is also a must for third years as you'll have more things to do and not enough days in the week to do them so your head will look something like one of those mushroom clouds after a nuclear bomb drops.... Sometimes my to-do book tells me to look in my diary and  my diary tells me to look in my to-do book because I have so much to do. Like seriously, I'm running around like a blue arse fly these days. I think here I have proven that yes, I am a walking disaster, but it when it comes to work my time management and work ethic is so efficient and organised I could definitely multitask as  a filofax. (Please someone point this out to future employers)

Anyways, I always find this time of year due to exams and deadlines that I long for summer and all these things that all of a sudden feel so appealing to do. I convince myself I'll be so busy working I wont spend any money and I can do a huge shopping trip after my deadlines. Yehuh I forget about buying all those sympathy lattes, chocolates and takeaways during exam season... 

I thought I'd compile a list of stuff I am realistically going to do once I've finished my dissertation. The beauty is that once I have finished my dissertation I have four beautiful empty weeks of term left. That will be four weeks of freedom and will be spent making the most of being a student for the final time. 

  • Scrapbooking - so I've been planning to do a scrapbook for nearly 12 months now. I collected so much from New York from photos to tickets to labels to wristbands and I want to compile it all in one big scrapbook to cherish forever. I'll be on the hunt for all sorts of arts and crafts from now until after my diso and I plan to spend a good day or two scrapbooking in the sun. 

  • Shopping - Oh you can just imagine how mental I am going to go after 3 whole years of university. Yes I am aware I'll have zero funds for the shopping trip but Mr Overdraft begs to differ. 

  • Preholiday prep - My last point leads to this point. I am going away for a midweek break with my housemates. We're heading to Center Parcs for some spa and relaxation time...accompanied by a crate of wine. This is happening straight after we all finish so it's going to be absolute bliss. For me this means I need a new wardrobe purely for Center Parcs. Oh...and I'll need to tackle my fear of swimwear too...

  • Vlogging - Okay this one is a big one and is probably the least likely to happen. My and my housemates kept joking we'd film ourselves doing 'chubby bunny'. I recommend you youtube it. I hope we do actually do it but vlogging is a scary world to the vlogging virgins.

  • Rub myself all over your blogs - For so long so many of you have supported me. You constantly promote my blog, you comment weekly, you interact and share so much love. I never feel like I return the favour purely because I'm so wrapped up in uni life I don't have time to focus properly. I am dedicating an entire day, yes that's right, an entire day to going on every blog I love, new or old and throwing myself all over it with love and sharing and liking and following. I'M A HUGGER PEOPLE.

  • Become an adult - Last but not least, the most important one of all, apply for jobs. I am probably going to spend every single day from now until forever applying for jobs until someone hires me. I have had no such luck over the past 7  months so I only hope now I'm ready that the right one comes along. *gulps* ..... hire me?
So there we have it. My end of term/life after dissertation bucket list. I cannot wait! Those four weeks are going to be very special and I am going to make the most of the time I have left. Eeeeek! 

Thanks for reading! If you have exams etc, what are your plans after you finish?

p.s. OH and of course, I'm going to treat myself to a Beyonce 'Flawless' t-shirt and parade around my house singing all her music and basically becoming Beyonce. My housemates have already threatened to kick me out...woops

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

New Dress, New Blog, New Beginnings

Okay I’m writing this post on a word document on the train. That counts as blogging in public right? I’m trying to hide my laptop in the process, it’s all very awkward.
This post is the marker of the start of term. My final term. Like I said before, I’m not panicking. Totally not panicking. *Cries*
This post is full of excitement so where to begin:

Fairytales do come true
So remember when I entered the Fanny Crown blogging contest? Well if you don’t you can read here. It was announced this morning that I won! The winner gets the dress they blogged about for free. I am so excited as not only does this save me a HUGE amount of time and money (things students lack) but I am going to look like a princess at graduate ball. This is a sign people, fairtytales really do exist! Hey maybe Prince Charming will be at my grad ball? I said before, probably taking form in the shape of a bottle of wine….

So a huge huge huge maHOOsive thank you to Fanny Crown for inviting me to take part. As cliché as it sounds, it’s not just about winning but creating the blog post was so much fun! They hold the competition every month so I 100% recommend any bloggers, fashion or not, to take part if you want to win a pretty dress!
Stay tuned for late June when I shall hopefully be blogging about my night in Fanny Crown!

Just so you all know, I moved my laptop onto the little table in front of me. Now more people can see I’m blogging. Can I please have a huge round of applause for my boost in confidence for blogging in a public space? So many of you have urged me to do so.

New Blog Design
I have been planning on changing my blog design for quite some time, as much as I loved it I felt it was sloppy/busy/not so smart (Hah like the rest of my life/myself). Anyways I’ve been considering working with a blog designer for so long but any that I found were so pricey that I as a student could not commit to. Then a miracle happened. Sarah Smiles Designs advertising blog designs for a limited time of just £10 was retweeted onto my twitter feed. With some quick and wonderful service Sarah has transformed my blog into a beautifully structured page with my own little logo/bloggers button. Go and check it out and let me know what you think!

New Life
Well that subtitle is a bit dramatic for what I’m saying. My home bedroom is being completely refurbished whilst I’m away at my final term of uni. My wonderful parents are having some building work done to fix an awkward damp issue and then it is being redecorated and refurbished. It’s sad in the sense I am literally removing my teenhood from that room but I’m a big girl now, I really need to grow up at some point. Maybe if I have an adult room that might happen. We wont hold our hopes up high though yeah? Back to the point, redecorating is SO much more exciting in the 21st century when you have Pinterest at your fingertips! My room will be so pinnable when it's finished ;)

New dress, new blog, new bedroom, new beginnings. So many changes as I’m 3 months away from graduation and to starting the next chapter of my so very crazy life. I’m still unemployed from a graduate career but I have a summer job going back as a cat waitress getting covered in doggy poop. Lucky me
Now all I need to complete my fairytale is to graduate with a brilliant grade from these 2 final assignments and my dissertation and to get a real grad job. Fingers crossed for me folks.

And that concludes my blogging in public session. Okay Okay you can say ‘I told you so’ because nothing bad happened. I didn't get judged and no one laughed at me so yes it was silly I was afraid to do so. Thanks for your support and thanks for reading. 
Until next time
p.s. Like my snazzy new signature too? ;)

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Craving City Breaks

When one is given the option to write her dissertation or blog, knowing fully well which one she should prioritise, one opts to blog. Simples. Okay okay you can tell me off later but I'm back home for the Easter hols and I don't quite feel like being productive.

For the past 6 months I have been yearning for New York all over again. I went last summer and I can honestly say it was one of the best holidays/experiences of my life. We saw as much as we could in the small time that we were there which not to brag or anything, was a hell of a lot. It was such an eye opening experience.

Top Of The Rock

 I love city culture more then anything. My aim in life is to get into a company that is global and therefore requires me to do business across cities all over the world. I love the feeling of walking along the busy streets surrounded by hundreds who are all rushing everywhere. I love the fashion, the personalty, the shops and cafes, independent or a chain it doesn't matter. Cities to me are full of opportunity and discovery. As I've grown up in a big city when I moved to uni everything felt a lot smaller. Which I can't complain, I would never change where I went to uni but It's enough to please me for three years, now I'm ready to move back to the fast paced city life.

When I arrived in New York I was exhausted and if I'm honest, a little afraid. The unknown is scary and I had never gone on a city vacation outside of Europe before so it was all a little daunting. I remember driving across New Jersey into New York city and thinking this was terrifying.  The outskirts are not like they are in the movies is all I'm saying! Everything is fast and everyone has places to be. We were being approached left right and center as we explored the city and we witnessed a lot of crazy. New York went so fast that whilst I was there I didn't really feel like I had to time to truly develop how I felt about it. It wasn't until I was home and settled months later that I realised how I felt. I wanted to go back, I wanted more and more. New York I find has the ability to get in your system, whizz you out and leave you begging for more. Obviously I would like to go back there on vacation but I would love to work there on business whether it be for a few days, weeks or months. But not just New York, I want to hit Japan, San Francisco, Sydney and so on. Maybe in 5 or so years I'll be blogging about more city adventures *fingers crossed*

As cliche as it sounds and yes I'm aware I sound like the opening to an 80s musical but cities are just so full of opportunities. It's a known fact that people tend to swarm to cities to seek adventure and opportunity. I tend to swarm to cities for the shops. I'm a handbag hoarder and when I go shopping I have to window shop over Chanel and Mulberry. I came home from New York with a brand new Michael Kors (lol have I mentioned that enough yet?) and all I want to do is go back to New York and buy another handbag. I'm yearning for a city break so bad! I am visiting London with my parents over summer and I hope it fills my craving for city life. And obviously I shall be visiting Tiffany & co and some form of handbag shop...

My second favourite thing about cities is the amount of culture squeezed into one condensed environment.  I have absorbed a lot about New York culture from TV shows, movies, documentaries, musicals and even music. My parents let me lead the trip because there was so much I wanted to see and do. From the Brooklyn bridge to Central Park to Wall Street, there was so much to explore. Whilst we were exploring the placed we intended to see we would make even more discoveries like the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space museum. How many of you can say you've stood next to a space shuttle that went to space and back?! I want to revisit everything and everywhere in New York again as well as places we didn't see.

If you ever get the opportunity to go to New York don't hesitate for a single second to go. I hope my life is full of city adventures on a global scale and I hope one day soon to return to New York on another big adventure.

(n.) An ache for distant places; the craving for travel

L.Bel xoxo

**All images are my own

Monday, 14 April 2014

Just A Quickie

Greetings fellow bloggers and interneters, I hope all is well in cyber world

I thought I'd do a post to fill you in and inform you of things to come. In other words, I have 4 weeks left to produce a 10,000 word dissertation worthy of a decent mark and therefore saving my ass and my degree from the current impending disaster that it is. No biggy. Not panicking. Nope totally calm. And the obvious response to my current working status is to blog about it instead of facing it. You see my problem?!

So I'm back at uni already, before Easter has even arrived. However there are a few good things coming from this. The first is that it is SO nice to be back at uni because my student squalor is peaceful (bar the odd leak from the ceiling, crumbling walls and ant infestation). I'm feeling pretty chilled considering my current status so there's the positive for that. Secondly I am spending Easter at home with the fam so it's not all doom and gloom. Lastly, LENT IS NEARLY OVER MOTHER FUDGERS! *high fives self*  Jebus would be so proud of me giving up chocolate for 40 days right? Yeah I think so.

My new friend Mr Wine accompanies me everywhere during my time in my student squalor

Now this is only brief because I'm failing at my dissertation so I REALLY need to crack on with it. I just wanted to inform the internet because you all value me so greatly that my blogging over the next couple of months might not be so frequent/eventually become non-existent. I am aiming for 2 posts a week but I can see that shrinking to less the closer we get to my deadlines. However because I am THE(ish) most organised person on this planet I have already written a post to celebrate my one year anniversary of blogging on the 3rd of May. SO yehuh totes planning ahead of the game. I just wish I could be this on it with the really important stuff like you know, my degree....and life. 

This is my permanent facial expression of pure panic right now. Mr Bear has joined the dream team of L.Bel and Mr Wine

So here I leave you with these wise words and a little begging of if you feel sympathetic for me over the next couple of months feel free to post me a care package consisting of chocolate and Leonardo DiCaprio...preferably Leonardo DiCaprio smothered in chocolate but you know, if that's too much I can do that when he arrives.

Farewell friends, wish me luck! *cries*

L.Bel xoxo

p.s. Currently my entire dissertation rests on this baby and is protected by sir owl. This would be such a great thing if it wasn't for the fact that I keep losing it....doomed.


Thursday, 10 April 2014

Don't Do Lent

Well, I think we're over half way through lent. I've only killed 10 shop assistants, 6 waiters and caused on apocalypse. Okay I'm joking, it was only 5 shop assistants...

Giving up chocolate for lent is my worst idea yet. Next time I come up with one of these great ideas please slap me and remind me of this moment. Giving up chocolate has taught me alot. I thought I'd share:

  • Chocolate is everything. Seriously. Everytime I'm like 'Ooo I could have one of these' I remember it's part chocolate or contains cocoa. Oh mochas how I miss thee

  • Everyone has chocolate to offer. I always find when you want chocolate you don't have any within a million miles. However when you don't want chocolate, lets say for lent, every mother fudger you've ever known, even your worst enemies are throwing it at you. WHY?!

  • Non chocolate ice cream is inferior. I've been craving ice cream for weeks so last night a friend and myself popped to the shops. About 90% of the ice cream on offer had chocolate in it so it was a major challenge when all I wanted was role around with Ben & Jerry (Oh stop it you). In the end I settled for caramel and honeycomb which was the worst ice cream purchase I have ever made. Horrendous doesn't cover it. It just made me miss chocolate even more.

  • No one wants to dine with you. Seriously it's no fun because everyone wants chocolate desserts and think I ruin the evening as I can't share a big chocolate sundae. Lent has made me friendless.

  • The craving never leaves. It's been a month since I ate chocolate and I'm still craving it.Give up chocolate they said. You'll get over it they said. LIES.

  • I cant function without chocolate. I'm tired all the time. Yes I know it's because I'm an old fart now but I really cannot move without chocolate. My body hates me and wont take me back. I'm sorry. Lent destroyed the only good relationship I had...with my body.

  • Lent was the worst idea I've ever had. Next year if any of you are considering it, DON'T DO IT TO YOURSELF.
Just 10 more days. 10 more days. I don't think I can do it. I really don't. SOMEONE GIVE ME CHOCOLATE.

L.Bel xoxo


Sunday, 6 April 2014

How You Know You're Getting Old

I woke up today and came to the conclusion I'm at official coffin dodger status. How did this happen? I always assumed one day when I'm 25 I'll wake up and think 'Okay, now I become a mature responsible adult' and then slowly and gracefully age. In stead, I'm in my early twenties and someone has stolen my body and replaced it with an old persons. I have noticed a lot recently how much I struggle to find the energy to do things and I really think it's because I'm old now. Stick a fork in me I'm done. Seriously I've spent the past 4 hours sat on the sofa watching batman under a blanket whilst stuffing my face. Okay I'll admit I'm a teensy weensy bit hungover but still, I'm a student, coping with a hangover is second nature. However today it is not for me. I'm old.  I know this for these reasons:

1. Nights in over nights out
This one is a given. I haven't had a social life in weeks due to my lack of bank balance and my determination to power on through my dissertation. Yesterday a friend texted to see if myself and my gang were around for some celebratory drinks for her birthday. I jumping at the chance to go out and socialise with people..anyone that lived outside of my house.  Honestly there are only so many conversations you can have with your dog before even he gets bored of you. There was a debate whether we should party at hers or party in a bar. I was all 'Yeah lets go out and party' with the rest of the gang but deep down I was praying she just wanted us to go to hers. Pheeeew luckily for me she chose hers. We had a fab night drinking cocktails and catching there was cake involved and well you know me, where there is cake there is Laura. 

After ending the night with an extremely drunk game of Harry Potter Cluedo it was time to go home. I only live up the road so for me this was no effort. I was in bed by half 2 and fast asleep. Today I feel like someone tied me down with bricks. Everything is an effort. Absolutely everything. Sitting on this sofa like  slob is an effort. Pray for me people, being old is hard.

2. I can't do Yoga

So from time to time (When I say this I mean when I actually remember) I try to practice mindfulness (an act of meditation to clear the mind). I do this because I get stressed easily which induces a horrible build up of anxiety. I decided this practice goes well with yoga however I don't have the confidence to go out and join a yoga class...or the money for that matter. However who needs yoga classes when google exists? So there's me doing a few yoga/meditation style moves for around 20 minutes. I have paid the consequences for this over the past 2 days. My back hurts, I can't sit in the same position for too long (It's made me 4 hour stint on the sofa extremely tiresome) and I feel as stiff as a plank of wood. Needless to say my adventure with yoga began and ended there. I am clearly too old for exercise...

3. Nap dependency

I'm a napper and I'm not ashamed to admit it. I swear by a 20 minute power nap in the middle of the day. I only nap when I really really feel tired. This was rare. These days it's pretty much every day. I didn't choose the nap life, the nap life chose me.

4. Retro Music

So I've got to that awful stage in life where the bands and singers I grew up listening to are now classed as 'retro' or 'old' or 'classic'. Ew. Seriously, people see the 90s as so vintage now that Topshop is fueling the hipster army on it. Horrendous. Stop. The nineties was like yesterday, I swear I'm not that old. Oh and you know what's even worse? All my childhood bands now have the additional 'Reunion Tour' attached to their name. What even is that?!

5. Shootin Whiskey

So yeah I like whiskey now. My mum and dad have a whiskey every Saturday night. I always saw it as an old persons thing. I am the old person now. 

6. Everyone's getting preggers

My Facebook has become a collage of engagements and pregnancies. Seriously. I'm 21, single and about to graduate. Either I'm doing something wrong or I'm on the right path, I just don't know anymore.

7. Back In The Day

The biggest culprit/giveaway of my elderlyness is the constant use of the phrase 'When I was that age'. It falls into sentences like 'Well when I was that age I wouldn't be dressing like that' or 'When I was that age you would catch me playing with Barbie and not iPads'. I HAVE BECOME MY PARENTS.

I'm graduating into retirement. You'll find me on a cruise ship in a bright flowery shirt and beige pants drinking gin and tonics and listening to the good old tunes of the 90s.

L.Bel xoxo


Friday, 4 April 2014

Crap That Needs To End

Oh hey there internet. Thought I'd spoil you with a blog post cause y'know, I'm nice like that.

I have some beef with you world. I think it's time we sat down and discussed this cause I'm a lover and not a hater. Yeah I don't know what I mean either, I'm so tired I'm just throwing out any sentence that sounds good at the time. To the point, there are some ickle issues that are bugging me and I feel it's time we got this out in the open. These things kinda need to stop.

1. Selfie Complaints.

It may surprise you to know, selfies aren't that new. They've been around for a very long time and it is in fact the platforms such as instagram and the power of hashtag that have made it more of a visible trend. Now don't lie, we've all done a selfie. Even my mum has started doing selfies. In my eyes, I have no issues with selfies. Some call it vanity and complain their facebook and instagram feeds are flooded with them. However to me a selfie is an individuals way of saying 'Hey, look a me, I look good and feel good today and therefore I want to show that to the world'. What is wrong with that? In a world where we put so much pressure on ourselves everyday to fight with our self esteem, confidence and image whilst aspiring to be the impossible and unrealistic, selfies are a way of fighting back all that pressure. Society: 1 Societal pressures: 0. So grab your iPhone, put on your favourite lippy and get posting. I wanna see those hashtags man!

2. Body Labelling

This leads me to my second point. If I had the power to, I'd place a law where it is illegal to pass comment on a woman or mans figure in print and digital media. I'm really 21st Century tired of reading about a reporters comment on weight gain, body shape or so on on whoever's in the headlines. One minute a paper is mocking a celebrity for her curves and the next minute they're beating on her for her weight loss. You can't win. I'm lucky enough to not be influenced by societal pressure. I'll read an article that implies anything past size 10 is fat, I'll get angry about it and then I'll continue to live my life loving chocolate and cake. However this isn't the case for a lot of people who can take it to heart. We need to stop this and learn to appreciate our bodies instead of attacking them. And I quote:

'Foundation and a blow dryer do not a woman make'
                                                             -  Troian Bellisario

3. Leonardo DiCaprio Not Realising I'm The One

Yeah so it's getting pretty annoying. Apparently Leonardo DiCaprio has dated a long stream of supermodels yet hasn't settled down.Well I wouldn't call myself a detective but it can be deduced that supermodels are not his type. I also wouldn't call myself a theorist but I'm not a supermodel so in theory Mrs Laura DiCaprio is much more durable yes?

4. American TV Breaking Up With Me

Those near and dear to me know I'm obsessed with American culture. They also know that I religiously watch my fair share of American TV shows. In fact I watch more American TV then British TV. Over the past few years one by one all my American TV shows have ended or as I liked to call, broken up with me. From Friends to Desperate Housewives to Gossip Girl, they've all left me crying and asking myself what did I do wrong? This week How I Met Your Mother ended and oh my was that a real shock/tear jerker. I proceeded to cry in my pyjamas whilst eating cake, it wasn't my finest moment. I know the rest of my American TV shows are about to end over the next 12 months. I need to seriously stock up on ice cream. America why you do this to me?!

What's on your mind in the media that needs to end? Is it Miley Cyrus's bad taste in performance? Or maybe it's seeing Kimye plastered on the front cover of Vogue. I'd love to know!

L.Bel xoxo

Wednesday, 2 April 2014


Hey there my lovelies. We're gonna get deep down and personal for this post. Grab you blankets, your Ben & Jerrys, stick on your favourite chick flick soundtrack and come gather all around. Okay it's not that personal but I want you to be comfortable and to have all of your emotional needs met whilst you're reading my posts. I cares for you I does.

This post covers something that comes up a lot in conversation with other bloggers but also was widely explored in this weeks #Bloghour. #Bloghour is a weekly twitter chat every Tuesday at 9-10 hosted by the UK Blog Awards. It's a really great way to get your blog out there but also to discover other bloggers and learn all sorts! To the point, last night #blogconfessions came up. My blogging confession is that no one I know personally knows about my blog. A couple of close friends/people I trust know about it but that's it. Oh and my mum is aware of it. A lot of kind people on twitter were trying to encourage me to be proud of my blog and show it off. To not care about what my friends and associates think of it. For me this is more easily said then done.

Lets paint a picture here. When I was a kid I was bursting with confidence. I loved to perform, I loved to be the center of attention (Yehuh stroppy often came up in conversation) and I was popular in the playground and classroom for well, me being me. Anyways, that all changed when I went to high school. My high school is the kind of place where unless you're a chav and have the majority of the year (There were over 300 of us) on your side, you were going to have it tough. Different from the norm didn't settle well in high school, well, does it anywhere? So as I wasn't a chav, as I didn't have the majority of 300 pupils wanting to be in my crowd and because my interest and music tastes were different, I faced a five years of idiocy in the classroom and playground. My high school was full of arseholes, that's all you really need to know. I remember my first music lessons in year 7 where we had to perform in front of our class. I performed a rendition of Complicated by Avril Lavigne. My form were impressed as was my music teacher who wanted me to join choir. However that ended there. In year 9 my other music teacher overheard me singing Wonderwall with a friend on guitar and asked me to perform in front of the class and to take music GCSE. I said no to both. If someone asked me to perform in front of my form or anyone in my school for that matter, I'd of ran and hid in a toilet never to be seen again.  So somewhere in those five years of high school my confidence became smaller and smaller.

Anyways, I survived high school, made it to college and things were all good. I had a great set of new friends, new subjects to learn, new teachers to befriend/unfriend and 2 years of amazing memories. I then ended up at uni and then we get to here right now.

I love my blog. I think it's my greatest achievement. It's opened up so many doors to me. New job prospects, new opportunities and new friends. It's also been successful on various platforms (have you seen my google plus views?!). People all over the world are reading my blog which I find incredible. My blogger stats tell me I'm most popular in America which is so exciting. *Waves at american readers*. Each week blogging brings a new adventure, whether it's meeting a new blogger, reaching a blogging milestone or being contacted by someone who has read my blog and wants to talk. Blogging to me is more then just my hobby, it is my lifestyle (ehmehgerd so cringe and soppy right now).There's nothing but pride here. Yet when it comes to showing my friends I couldn't think of anything worse. Someone said to me on twitter last night 'It's not my blog that would get judged, it would be me'. I feel that. I'm pretty sure if 10 year old drama queen Laura were here she'd slap me, tell me to stop being a scaredy cat and go and be the star of the show. I agree with 10 year old Laura but then 16 year old Laura whispers in the corner that it isn't a good idea.

My confidence is definitely on the up. I always throw myself into everything because I love a challenge and to further myself. A little bit of 10 year old Laura who remains to still put up a fight gets more acquainted with 21 year old Laura everyday. In fact, I think a lot of 10 year old Laura is reflected in this blog. We make a good team I must say. She has such sass. I also get a lot of support from readers which boosts my confidence by 100%. I know at some point I am going to let people I know see my blog. I just take this 'Don't ask, don't tell approach' right now'. No one is asking if I own a blog so I'm not telling. Technically that's not really hiding my blog right? However it is getting confusing having 2 twitter accounts, especially when I actually prefer the twitter account I promote my blog on.

So, there is my blogging confession. Do you have any? Have you ever secretly hid your blog and eventually revealed it? I'd love to hear it!

L.Bel xoxo

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