Saturday, 8 March 2014

Tips From One New Blogger To Another...

Oh hey, look at me, treating you to a frequent blog post. The truth is, I have given up chocolate and fizzy pop for lent. The fizzy drinks aren't such an issue but I have NEVER EVER gone more then one day in my entire 21 years without chocolate. Ever. It is absolutely killing me. They say I was born clutching a 250g bar of Cadburys Dairy Milk. Even though blogging isn't covered in sweet sugary goodness, I figured if I blog for a bit it will distract me from my cravings.

Fortunately for you lucky people, I have been blogging for around 10 months now. Wow actually I hadn't realised it had been that long, I was thinking more like 6 months. Anyways, in those 10 months a lot has happened. I have learnt a hell of a lot and I have met some absolutely wonderful people online and offline. Even though I am still sat writing blog posts in the same place and position as I did my first post, I feel like it has opened hundreds of doors for me. Overall I still see myself as a newbie blogger, with so much more to learn. 

However, I felt it was time to give out some words of wisdom. By no means am I classifying myself as a wonderwoman blogging pro CEO of social media land (Yeahuh I am SO adding that as a new career prospect). Yet over the past few months I have heard friends and strangers say things such as 'Oh I wish I could blog like you do, I just don't have anything to talk about'. Or things like 'I don't have any talents in fashion or beauty so I don't have a topic to blog about'. Stop right there doubters, L.Bel is here to internet-slap that lack of confidence out of your brain and shove a cake sized wallop of advice down your gob. 

Plot twist: You don't need a niche.
I'll admit, I thought blogging was only for the pros, professionals and beauty bloggers. You see so many incredibly crafted blogs out there full of bright and beautiful content, filling us with such knowledge of different cultures. And then there was me, a poor student with an obsession with dogs and handbags and can't go 5 minutes without putting herself into complete social awkwardness.
Anyways, I took that blogging bull by its horns a drove it into the social media sunset. I didn't have a niche, nor the latest MAC lipstick to blog about. I just blogged about me. Admittedly my style has changed and evolved and still does but that doesn't matter, it's just part of the process. Blog about what you want. Whatever you fancy. I've blogged about everything from cat waittressing to leg shaving (My content I realise is weird, why are you still reading this) and to my surprise people love it. I love making people laugh and my general everyday boring life is making people do so. What I am trying to say is what you might think is completely irrelevant can be a post of laughter to someone else. Don't hesitate, don't compare and don't hold back.

Just need a little...patience
Blog success doesn't happen over night. It has taken me 10 months and in my eyes I have achieved more then I could have dreamed of. If you compare my blogging to those more popular/long termers I probably haven't been all that successful. But everyone starts somewhere right? Don't expect after one month to have achieved 10,000 views. Everything takes time. Slow and steady wins the race. must mean interaction
Promotion is key to getting an audience. Take advantage of external platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest to get your blog out there. However there are only so many tweets you can do before your friends delete you from Facebook. I found what made a huge difference to my audience was interaction. I was advised to explore other blogs and leave comments etc. This definitely makes a difference. This is a two way street after all.

A Picture is worth a thousand words...or summit like that
Content is everything but a little imagery goes a long way. Opening with a funny picture/a meme/a selfie/your mum/anything that will grab the eye of the internet skimmer is worth a shot. I love using images to get the purpose of my blog out. Google is your oyster.

Don't give up
It may seem that no one is finding your blog and you're getting little or no attention. Don't give up. It takes a while to be discovered but it also takes a lot of hard work. Like I said, success doesn't happen over night. If you're reading this on Blogger I definitely recommend using Glipho which at the least, doubles your audience in half the time. It is so easy after a week or a month or two to feel it's not worth it. Hold on, you'll get there eventually.

I am far from blogging perfection but so far I am loving the journey. I am still yet to release my blog to my friends and family. I am secretly convinced some of them have found it and read it in secret (oh yeah I know your game) but I just die of embarrassment if any of them admitted to it. Weird that. I don't mind the strangers of the internet reading it but as soon as anyone I know so much as gets a whiff, I've packed my bag and moved to Mexico.

Good luck on your blogging adventure, I'll see you on the road. (I'm so cheesy did you just cringe yourself inside-out??)

L.Bel xoxo

P.S. And remember...


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  1. Great post!!! :) I know this was posted back in March but caught my eye! Newbie blogger myself, weeelllll I had actually started a few blogs over the past years, but I've finally found my feet and found what I enjoy posting :) Think thats a good point when you start a blog, start a blog that you personally enjoy, when you do so others will also enjoy it!




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