Friday, 28 March 2014

The End Of The Beginning...

My new approach to essay writing

I'm on my final chapter of my degree. When I head back to uni after Easter it is the final term of my university life. To be honest, I'm crapping myself. My entire degree rests on the 20,000 words due in after Easter. No biggy. Nope not panicking. Not panicking at all. *Grabs a box of wine and a straw*

So you may or may not know so far the whole 'job hunting/transition into adult world' has quite frankly gone tits up. And when I say tits up I mean I've had more rejections then a cake at a weight watchers meeting. For this moment in time I will be graduating unemployed. Well...not completely unemployed. My job at the Kennels is on offer again...yes, back to summer days spent cat waitressing and getting pooped on by dogs. Yes a job is a job and I shouldn't be ungrateful for the opportunity but after 3 years of university I honestly did not expect to be graduating into a part time minimum wage job where I get pooped on every day.

Some days I wake up and spend the entire day feeling my life is going to be enchanting. I have all these grand visions in my head of what life will be like once I get my foot in the door of the working world. I'll be strong, confident and brave taking on a new lifestyle. I'll strive in  new workplace challenges and I'll take any opportunity I can get to further myself. I have such a passion for what I want to do, I can barely contain myself on a daily basis. These thoughts fill me with excitement as I anticipate my life to begin.

Other days I feel completely hopeless. I panic and get full of fear. What if I never get there? What if I spend the next year or two applying for job after job and no one will hire me. What if I get stuck in a job that wasn't what I thought it would be? They say your twenties is full of change and there will be a lot of bouncing from one place to another but I really can't visualize myself in five years time. I have no idea where I'll be or what I'll be doing. I even get quite frustrated. Being desperate to work, full of ideas whilst holding so much enthusiasm and eagerness to learn new things, adapt to a new working environment and meeting new people yet unable to fill this gets me so agitated. I know I'm a brilliant employee, I always have been in every role I have ever filled. So why can't I get anywhere?

Over the next three months I'm going to be wading through the job market, one application at a time in hopes of finding my place in the great big scary adult world. I'm excited but I'm also really scared. If you have gone from the graduate to employment transition, please don't hesitate to comment below on what it was like for you. I really want to know! And seriously, what is living in your twenties really like? So far I feel like it's a mix of Bridget Jones meets Friends meets How I Met Your Mother.

Wish me luck readers, who knows what the next few months have in store. I feel like Rapunzel from Tangled in the first few scenes. Seriously, I keep walking around singing When Will My Life Begin. Maybe I'll meet my very own Flynn Rider? Now that really is wishful thinking...

L.Bel xoxo


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