Monday, 3 March 2014

Tales Of A Social Media Lover

Well hey there strangers! I have to apologise, in my head I hadn't blogged for about 7 days and then in reality I realized it had been around 2 weeks. I've had such a busy term and the pressure is really piling on. We all need a little time to catch our breath so I'm giving myself the hour off and I'm treating you to a blog ;)

Those who know me are aware I'm a social media addict. I live and breathe social media and I spend the majority of my day tuned into it. I don't mean Facebook but I mean twitter, Pinterest, Glipho, Blogger, Instagram etc. I chose to study it for my dissertation and I one day like to think I'd end up working for it somewhere somehow. It comes to my attention quite often that social media is blamed for a lot of problems and changes society has. This bugs me. I sometimes feel people forget how amazing social media really is. There is a lot of blame for all various reasons from invasion of privacy, illegal activity and cyber bullying. In the words of social media researcher Danah Boyd, these things exist offline as well as online, technology and social media just make it more visible.

There are a lot of things about the internet I wish I could change or prevent such as Cyberbullying. Yet I do believe social media has done wonders. Coming from a girl who has used it for the past 10 years (Oh crap, when did I get so old?!) I feel it has brought so much positive to my life and I thought I'd highlight to you the great things about Social Media:

Exposure to the rest of the world
I learn so much more through twitter then I do from any news website what is going on in the world. A lot of the time I know whats going on with other cultures first from twitter before it even hits British news.

Every now and then I'm in need of inspiration in order to thrive . Don't we all? I seek inspiration from the likes of Pinterest, Blogs and Instagram. I am a huge fan of photo blogging because I discover things I wouldn't ever see in real life. As well as this I feel it takes my mind to happier places. Fashion bloggers inspire me in getting creative with my wardrobe and photo bloggers on the likes of Pinterest or Instagram inspire me to work hard for a career I love. When I see hot shot journalists and designers and general busybodies from all careers photo blogging their daily lives all over the world in their fast paced city lifestyles I sit in envy and hope one day I could achieve such a lifestyle. I'm sure we all find inspiration in different ways and forms...

Interests expansion and knowledge
My interests are music and celebrity. My music taste is broad and I am always in search for new artists. The wonders of social media allow me to find a new song on every corner and therefore my library is forever expanding. I also love to know what is going on in celebrity world. And when I say that I don't mean where Kim Kardashian ate breakfast but who's playing what part in the latest Hollywood blockbuster and who wore what on the red carpet. Last night I didn't need to even look at a laptop screen to see what was happening on the Oscars red carpet. Instagram's live updates on their popular page kept me very in tune from any smartphone owner on the red carpet. It was like my very own show. Did anyone see how cute Jennifer Lawrence looked? Plus can we have an appreciative swoon for Bradley Cooper, Christian Bale and Leonardo DiCaprio, my future husbands ;)

Social media opens doors like no place ever before. It inspired me to blog and got me where I am today. I know it has its issues but so does every corner of society. From someone who has grown up in the digital age, I definitely welcome expanding social media with loving arms. I ensure parents of the world, your kids will be fine. Obviously there are areas we need to protect ourselves from on the internet like dodgy sites and cyberbullying but don't let someone else spoil your fun!

L.Bel xoxo


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