Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Me Time: Make-Up Haul And Treats!

Happy Wednesday/Hump day, whatever you prefer to call it! I've decided to give myself a very much needed day off from all that hard work/banging my head on desk that's been going on. As the beautiful spring weather we're having right now has put me in a happy mood I thought I'd have a morning wander to to town and treat myself to a few new necessities. Now when I say 'necessities' I mean I was running out of the basics and then ended up spending a mortgage in Boots...woopsie. That was followed by some treat shopping in New Look, Tesco and Starbucks...

Now before I proceed to gush over my new purchases, I dedicate this post to my housemate and Queen of all beauty and make-up knowledge, Elise. She told me to to vlog this but I am definitely not ready for that yet! Plus some days I feel I look like a clown had a fight with a wotsit and felt it was best I spared the rest of the world from that sight. Elise however has enough make-up to stock Boots and needs to get into beauty blogging (yes Elise, if you're reading this do it!)

Starting with the basics, I swear by Rimmel's Lasting Finish 25 Hours Foundation! It really does what it says on the bottle! I never feel that I look like I'm wearing too much with this foundation but it's thick enough to give me an even coverage and cover all my blemishes all day long! I've used it for the past 3 years so I definitely recommend it! It is partnered perfectly with Rimmel's Stay Matte powder which adds a nice soft smooth layer and evens out all over.

Secondly, the Scandaleyes Lycra Flex is also one of my absolute Rimmel favourites! I'm a sucker for volume eyelashes and I've used a lot of brands from Benefit Badgal Mascara to Lancome. I love Scandaleyes because it gives you the same amount of volume is the major brands yet it's definitely value for money!

I LOVE BB cream because not only is it a good base layer but it gives such a clear complexion and moisturizes my skin. I have only ever used Garnier's BB cream so I'm excited to crack into Maybelline's Dream Fresh and see if it's just as good!

Broadway Nails are my guilty pleasure. Before last summer I had never ever used false nails in my life. When I knew I was going to New York I wanted to treat myself but as I was working at the kennels I needed some that weren't so permanent. These are super easy to apply, make my hands look so much prettier and last for 7 days. I only tend to wear them for really special occasions and as it's my dads birthday meal on Saturday I thought why not! So if you're ever debating false nails but are not sure where to begin, these are 100% your answer!

This is by far my favourite purchase of the day! I'm obsessed with make-up brushes and was in desperate need of more powder, blender and bronzer brushes. I saw this and was sold straight away.

I love that each brush is designed for one specific job. My favourite has to be the buffing concealer brush (the blue one) as I find my concealer never quite spreads and blends in as well with the rest of my foundation so this will definitely solve that issue!

The best bit about this set is the guide to each brush and how to use it. I'm useless when it comes to applying make-up so this has definitely saved me!

And lastly, I couldn't resit a bit of Scarf shopping. I'm usually a one scarf kind of girl but I figured it was time to branch out for spring and summer. The metallic lavender scarf was a bargain in the New Look sale and the lacy cream one I just couldn't resist! I feel it'll be perfect with a blue denim jacket over summer.

And there we have it, how I spent my morning! I figured as I'm battling lent with cutting out chocolate and fizzy drinks, why not up the make-up purchases instead....Yeah maybe that's not the best logic...

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L.Bel xoxo

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