Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Dream Handbag Wishlist

I get tingles just writing this post. If I'm honest I'm feeling a little defeated at the moment and in some need of motivation and perking up. So what better way to start that process then by talking about my favourite thing, handbags! You may or may not know that I have a very bad handbag addiction. I probably spend around 80% of the time thinking about handbags. Unfortunately for me I'm a poor student with the tastes of a millionare. I always fall for the handbags that are worth more then a car, woopsie! I'm not allowed to so much as look at a handbag when I'm out shopping without the permission of my parents or my friends. You may think i'm joking but I'm honestly not!

Now we all have our fantasy purchases, it may be a pair of Louboutin's or a bright red Ferrari. Handbags are my area and I have a whole list of dream bags. I thought I'd compile a list of a few of my favourites for you to admire.

Celine Paris Leather Tote

I ADORE these bags. I discovered them about a month ago on a bloggers site, it was love at first site. I love the design, especially with the straps. They come in all various sizes and colours but the colour block design is my favorite. They make me think of city breaks and your modern day working woman. As far as I'm aware they're not stocked in the UK which in the long run is probably better for me as I'd definitely take out a mortgage to have one of these babies on my arm.

Lady Dior

Aah Miss 'Lady Dior'. This design just screams sophistication. So simple yet so graceful. It comes in a range of designs and themes. It reminds me of summer and elegance. Once again, probably need to take out a mortgage to own one!

Michael Kors Jet Set Saffiano Tote
Those near and dear to me know I have a thing with Michael Kors. Well, not literally but I do with his handbags. They're the modern day must have and over the past few months have taken off massively in the UK. I bought mine in New York last summer and it always makes me so happy whenever I'm holding it. I also own one of Michael Kors Chanel inspired minis for the perfect evening accomplice. They're super chic at a more affordable price. Well, when I say affordable I mean you should probably have income unlike me who sins too frequently with Mr Overdraft.

The Cambridge Satchel
The Cambridge Satchel Company rose to fame in the UK with a little help from a Google Chrome advert. They're increasingly gracing the shelves of all places savy. I love the vibe these satchels create, a little bit of vintage and a little bit of contemporary. They make me think of cityscapes and fast paced business settings. I've decided when I get my first job (which is likely to be never) I'm going to treat myself to one, engraved an all!

Chanel 2.55
Of course I had to save the best until last and of course it was going to be Chanel! To own one of these beauties is the absolute dream! Designed by Coco Chanel and coining it's name from its date of creation, they give such an image of the elite and class. They come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and beautiful colours. When I'm a wealthy, successful hotshot blogger (Which lets face it, is going to happen any day now) I am going to own one of these and take it everywhere.

So there you go, my dream handbags! If I'm honest I have a whole lot more dream handbags ranging from Givenchy to Mulberry. Whenever I'm feeling down I sit on sites such as Pinterest and scroll through handbag after handbag, drooling all over my keyboard. Like I say, when I'm a hotshot blogger I'm going to own the lot and have a walk in handbag closet so big it can fit a car in it. Just you watch this space.

Do you have any handbag faves? Or maybe you're more of a shoe person? Let me know!

L.bel xoxo

[Note: All images used are not my own, collected from Pinterest]


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