Monday, 24 March 2014

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes With Fanny Crown!

I'm so excited for this post I can't focus on anything that I should be doing...well to be fair, what's new there?! To the point, the lovely people at Fanny Crown have invited me to enter their blogging competition to win a new dress. As I am on the hunt for a graduation ball dress and the fact that I never stop talking about how much I want to be a Disney princess, I  simply could not turn down this opportunity!

It's no secret that I'm really a Disney princess waiting for her moment to shine. I love any opportunity to wear a long dress, I even cried at the end of my high school prom purely because I didn't want to take off my prom dress. If I had it my way we would all wear floor length ball gowns everyday. I mean I know that's not completely practical in the modern day world but imagine how cute we'd all look in the office wearing ball gowns and fancy suits! When I stumbled upon Fanny Crown my eyes widened as before me lay pages and pages of beautiful dresses. I had died and gone to ball gown heaven. The inner little girl in me who has always dreamed of being a princess got all giddy, in fact, so giddy she had to have a time out. After spending many an hour admiring dress after dress I came across the one. I had one of those moments that I can only assume is what it feels like when you find your perfect wedding dress. My heart fluttered and my eyes gleamed at the page, picturing myself in the dress. 

My graduation ball is coming up in June and I have been on the hunt for a floor length summer dress. It would truly be a fairytale moment to wear a Fanny Crown dress to gradation ball after a long and difficult final push of my degree. Discovering this incredible Jewel Lacy Dress has my swaying and swooning in my fantasy world of how I would wear it and what I would wear it with. So here we go (For the foreseeable future of this post please assume that instead of being a poor student, I am in fact a poor student with a magical fairy godmother with a bottomless bank account).

I'm telling you, it's a struggle to decide where to begin, this dress is just so beautiful!

 My favourite part and the main reason I fell for it was because of the lace bodice. It's so elegant and feminine with a mix of lace and jewel. The way the caped shoulders fall with the lace trim is so adorable but the main attraction has to be the back. I love the V cross over of the lace and the main fabric. It's so flattering and all night I'd be walking around feeling like a supermodel and talking to people with my back to them so they could admire it. You know what they say, if you've got it (which you totally do if you wear this dress) then flaunt it!

Handbag: Well obviously it was going to have to be Chanel, I mean, have you met me? I've been pining for a Chanel 2.55 for what feels like forever and like I say, when I'm a hotshot blogger/successful business lady I shall have one on my arm. There is great history behind the 2.55 which is why I feel it is so well suited to this dress. The styling of the model suited with the dress gives me a vibe of french renaissance and royalty, partnering it up with Chanel creates a vision of vintage royalty and contemporary class. I own a small Michael Kors Chanel inspired crossbody very similar and would love to take it to my graduation ball (along with this dress).

Shoes: First of all, have you aw'd at the Tory Burch Jezebel heels yet?! They instantly reminded me of Cinderella and it was decided there and then that I had to combine them with this dress. To wear these to a ball would feel like walking off the pages of a fairtytale *swoons*

Jewellery: I'm a Tiffany's girl at heart and as soon as I began to create my fantasy outfit I knew exactly what accessories I was going to head for (that's nothing to do with the fact I waste hours sat on Tiffany & Co's website picking out what I'd own if I could. Nope, not at all). Both the earrings and the ring are from the Ziegfeld collection at Tiffany's. Inspired by the roaring 20's they add a touch of vintage Hollywood glamour to the appearance. The beauty of this dress is that accessories can be kept to a minimum because of the beading work and design of the bodice making a statement all on its own. Therefore the ring adds a nice simple statement yet isn't too overwhelming in comparison to the rest of the outfit.

I picked the Pandora bracelet for two reasons. Firstly because I always wear my Pandora everywhere I go, including balls, as it's like carrying a timeless piece of so many precious memories with me. Secondly the Fairtytale collection Pandora produced is just the cutest! What better way to complete your fairytale fantasy then a fairytale charm bracelet as your accomplice? Personally I would choose pink glass beads instead of the purple in order to go more subtly with the dress but I feel the purple also works.

Make-up: I have such a crush on bareMinerals eye shadows. I was treated to a whole set at Christmas and they are mind blowingly good. I've gone from looking like a 3 year old did my make up to an almost professional make up artist doing it, that's a huge step in becoming a big girl right? The above bareMinerals READY Eyeshadow 4.0 in shades The True Romantic are so suiting to this. The subtle hues phase in with the dress but are enough to highlight your eyes.

With the lipstick I went for MAC's Angel as to avoid any colour clashing. I like how the model is wearing a statement red but it doesn't look harsh upon the elegance of the dress. (Do I sound like a make-up pro right now cause I'm totally feeling it!)

My second make-up crush is Essie. Essie nail varnish always look so sugary sweet and I just simply couldn't pick a shade (hence why I have a separate nail make-up bag containing nail varnish that is currently overflowing all over my bedroom). I picked out a few of my favourite shades for this dress and I'll let you pick which one you would choose (don't forget to let me know!).

Hair: Now who's that stunner there? Oh hey there, it's me! Couldn't resist getting a selfie in here somewhere. I have a babyliss wand and I pretty much curl my hair for any special occasion so I know I would definitely curl it with this dress. Another bonus of the bodice of this dress is the higher neck line. It's not too high as to prevent you styling your hair down but it is high enough to look elegant with an up-do. If my hair were long enough I'd fishtail plait it but alas, men's beards grow faster then my hair *sad face*

So there we have it. The poor and worn out student put down her books, left her laptop behind, forgot about her worries, embraced her inner princess in a beautiful pink jewel lace evening dress accompanied with well matched accessories. With a dash of ambition, a spritz of aspiration and a flick of a dream she danced the night away with her best friends/fellow princesses all for the final time at graduation ball. It was truly enchanting.

Thank you so much Fanny Crown for inviting me to join in on the contest, I've had so much fun doing this! In fact, I think I've successfully managed to create a blog post displaying exactly what goes on in my head. Bet you no longer wonder why I never seem to get anything done that I'm supposed to!

Check out the fabulous Fanny Crown here and let me know which dress your inner princess longs to wear!
**PLUS they have given me a special Discount Code offering 15% off just for you guys!
Coupon code: CPDRAMAQUEEN14
Validity: 25th March to 10th May 2014


L.Bel xoxo

P.s. Maybe I'll lock lips with Prince Charming at midnight? (Prince Charming taking form in the shape of a bottle of wine in my case).


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