Monday, 31 March 2014

How To Not Get Hired...

Well...I might as well make light hearted humour out of graduate misfortune...

My dog is on team graduate

Step 1: Apply for a qualification that you can't actually afford. It's okay though, you will get a loan that you must pay back as soon as you get hired....oh wait...

Tips: Similar great ways to use such large amounts of money are:

  • Setting it on fire
  • Flushing it down the toilet
  • Misplacing it in a busy location..somewhere like a city
  • Knock on Number 10 and hand it over with a 'Thank You' card.

Step 2: Spend 3-4 years paying rent for moldy, health hazard accommodation you're rarely going to use. 

Step 3: Move all of your life belongings half way across the country several times a year to said moldy accommodation you're not using.

Step 4: Spend 80% of your time in your university library, rarely seeing daylight and kennel guarding your favorite table and seat.

Tips: Great things to do whilst in the library
  • Gain at least one stone from vending machines and cafes
  • Cry in the toilets about your disastrous degree
  • Cry in your study spot so dramatically you scare away other disruptive students around you
  • Sleep, after all, you are there more then you are at home
Step 5: Waste numerous afternoons, ensuring you get behind with your workload, volunteering and being involved in extra curricular activities. After all, those employers REALLY value all that kind of stuff.

Step 6: Sign up to various graduate employment sites that promise to help you get hired by sending you at least three emails a day with graduate schemes you stand no chance in getting.

Step 7: Waste weekends constructing the perfect job application that states you swear to sell your soul for a low paid internship in the center of overpriced London. Make sure you get extra behind on that 10,000 word deadline you have coming up!

Step 8: Regularly check your emails to ensure you're giving your rejection emails full attention, and remember to drop your hopes down on the floor where you left your self-esteem.

Tips: At times like these I like to stock up on Ice Cream, Wine and Kleenex tissues so when you do get those delightful emails you've got something to cushion that blow.

Step 9: Question why you did Step 1.

Step 10: Repeat.

And remember:

I hope you enjoyed that as I really did. Obviously I don't mean to be so pessimistic but I thought I'd put a positive spin on a really bad situation that a lot of graduates are in. 


L.Bel xoxo

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Musical Motivation!

Afternoon my fellow blogsters. I'm having a more chilled Saturday then originally planned. Okay, I'll stop sugarcoating it. I'm being lazy and I'm procrastinating from the important stuff. I'm beginning to take this part time/not really doing it at all approach to my degree. It seems the closer we get to my deadlines the more I run away from attempting them. wooooopsie.

I've had half of this blog post saved as a draft for like 100 years but I felt it was time to sass you all with some inspiration. It's ain't no secret that I'm a lover of music and a lover of all genres of music. It's actually quite terrifying if anyone puts my iPod on shuffle at a party because it will go from Lady Gaga to Slipknot to Eminem to Hannah Montana. Scary right? (Even scarier then the fact I just admitted to the internet that I have Hannah Montana on my iPod). Music is my go-to for everything. When I need cheering up, motivated, inspired etc I have a song, an artist or an album for all my emotional needs. I have my fave artists who inspire me daily (Don't we all?) and I wanted to share my musical inspirations with you whether it be an artist, a song or an album.

Sara Bareilles - Brave
I think it was mid summer 2013 I discovered 'Brave' by Sara Bareillas. This has to be one of the most inspirational songs a girl can have on her iPod. I always sing it to myself when I'm feeling nervous or anxiety kicks in. In turn it gives me a huge boost of confidence and to show my brave. Next time you're scared for a job interview, a first date, facing an intimidating person, play this song beforehand and feel your brave rise!

Taylor Swift
Oh Miss Swift, how I do adore you. I've been a fan of Taylor Swift since her early days and honestly think she's a brilliant role model. I find she has a song for everything. From heartbreak to dreams to dealing with your twenties she's got a lyric to fit it. When boys are mean or when I need a pick me up I whack on Taytay and dance around like a loonatic. My favourite album of hers is Speak Now with songs such as Enchanted and Mean are so uplifting! I've seen her live twice and she knows how to put on a cracking show. Not to brag or anything but she came into the audience and I shook her hand...and then got so star struck I forgot to let go until a bouncer physically separated us. Sorry Taylor!

I've loved Paramore since their very first album. I always feel I've grown with them as a band, through high school, through college and through university. Their most recent self titled album is by far their best. I found I could really relate to a lot of the songs as they touch on stepping into the adult world and leaving all the negativity behind you. Personal favourites are Ain't It Fun, Still Into You and One Of Those (Crazy Girls).

Avril Lavigne - Rock N Roll
I've mentioned before that my guilty pleasure is listening to Avril Lavigne. I think it's the whole, being a fan since the age of 10 and now being 21 I can't help but still love her music. I think her whole bratty don't really care attitude is great because it shows she's still herself after all these years. I can't recommend enough listening to Rock N Roll as it always puts a smile on my face and also makes me dance around like a loonatic. (I throw some really good moves I'll have you know).

Obviously Beyonce was going to be on this post! She's my absolute idol. I think she's an inspiration to women everywhere and I pretty much listen to her religiously everyday. Her new self titled album is brilliant, in fact so good my housemates have threatened to evict me if they hear me singing it/listening to it one more time...woops. She's full of sass and wisdom when it comes to men, life and love. She also makes us girls with curves feel pretty darn good. Secretly me and Queen B are best friends...she just doesn't know it yet...

Bon Jovi - Livin' On A Prayer
Lastly I had to stick this on because I'm a lover of 80s Hair bands and Mr Jon Bon Jovi knows how to get me motivated in the mornings. I got absolutely mental if this comes on in a bar or club. I love the vibe classic rock gives, pure electric enthusiasm and it never fails to get me dancing. So next time you're bored or unmotivated, whack on 'Livin' On A Prayer' and get headbanging!

SO there's my motivational music list. Who's/what's on yours? I'd love to know so I can expand my list!

L.Bel xoxo

Friday, 28 March 2014

The End Of The Beginning...

My new approach to essay writing

I'm on my final chapter of my degree. When I head back to uni after Easter it is the final term of my university life. To be honest, I'm crapping myself. My entire degree rests on the 20,000 words due in after Easter. No biggy. Nope not panicking. Not panicking at all. *Grabs a box of wine and a straw*

So you may or may not know so far the whole 'job hunting/transition into adult world' has quite frankly gone tits up. And when I say tits up I mean I've had more rejections then a cake at a weight watchers meeting. For this moment in time I will be graduating unemployed. Well...not completely unemployed. My job at the Kennels is on offer again...yes, back to summer days spent cat waitressing and getting pooped on by dogs. Yes a job is a job and I shouldn't be ungrateful for the opportunity but after 3 years of university I honestly did not expect to be graduating into a part time minimum wage job where I get pooped on every day.

Some days I wake up and spend the entire day feeling my life is going to be enchanting. I have all these grand visions in my head of what life will be like once I get my foot in the door of the working world. I'll be strong, confident and brave taking on a new lifestyle. I'll strive in  new workplace challenges and I'll take any opportunity I can get to further myself. I have such a passion for what I want to do, I can barely contain myself on a daily basis. These thoughts fill me with excitement as I anticipate my life to begin.

Other days I feel completely hopeless. I panic and get full of fear. What if I never get there? What if I spend the next year or two applying for job after job and no one will hire me. What if I get stuck in a job that wasn't what I thought it would be? They say your twenties is full of change and there will be a lot of bouncing from one place to another but I really can't visualize myself in five years time. I have no idea where I'll be or what I'll be doing. I even get quite frustrated. Being desperate to work, full of ideas whilst holding so much enthusiasm and eagerness to learn new things, adapt to a new working environment and meeting new people yet unable to fill this gets me so agitated. I know I'm a brilliant employee, I always have been in every role I have ever filled. So why can't I get anywhere?

Over the next three months I'm going to be wading through the job market, one application at a time in hopes of finding my place in the great big scary adult world. I'm excited but I'm also really scared. If you have gone from the graduate to employment transition, please don't hesitate to comment below on what it was like for you. I really want to know! And seriously, what is living in your twenties really like? So far I feel like it's a mix of Bridget Jones meets Friends meets How I Met Your Mother.

Wish me luck readers, who knows what the next few months have in store. I feel like Rapunzel from Tangled in the first few scenes. Seriously, I keep walking around singing When Will My Life Begin. Maybe I'll meet my very own Flynn Rider? Now that really is wishful thinking...

L.Bel xoxo


Monday, 24 March 2014

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes With Fanny Crown!

I'm so excited for this post I can't focus on anything that I should be doing...well to be fair, what's new there?! To the point, the lovely people at Fanny Crown have invited me to enter their blogging competition to win a new dress. As I am on the hunt for a graduation ball dress and the fact that I never stop talking about how much I want to be a Disney princess, I  simply could not turn down this opportunity!

It's no secret that I'm really a Disney princess waiting for her moment to shine. I love any opportunity to wear a long dress, I even cried at the end of my high school prom purely because I didn't want to take off my prom dress. If I had it my way we would all wear floor length ball gowns everyday. I mean I know that's not completely practical in the modern day world but imagine how cute we'd all look in the office wearing ball gowns and fancy suits! When I stumbled upon Fanny Crown my eyes widened as before me lay pages and pages of beautiful dresses. I had died and gone to ball gown heaven. The inner little girl in me who has always dreamed of being a princess got all giddy, in fact, so giddy she had to have a time out. After spending many an hour admiring dress after dress I came across the one. I had one of those moments that I can only assume is what it feels like when you find your perfect wedding dress. My heart fluttered and my eyes gleamed at the page, picturing myself in the dress. 

My graduation ball is coming up in June and I have been on the hunt for a floor length summer dress. It would truly be a fairytale moment to wear a Fanny Crown dress to gradation ball after a long and difficult final push of my degree. Discovering this incredible Jewel Lacy Dress has my swaying and swooning in my fantasy world of how I would wear it and what I would wear it with. So here we go (For the foreseeable future of this post please assume that instead of being a poor student, I am in fact a poor student with a magical fairy godmother with a bottomless bank account).

I'm telling you, it's a struggle to decide where to begin, this dress is just so beautiful!

 My favourite part and the main reason I fell for it was because of the lace bodice. It's so elegant and feminine with a mix of lace and jewel. The way the caped shoulders fall with the lace trim is so adorable but the main attraction has to be the back. I love the V cross over of the lace and the main fabric. It's so flattering and all night I'd be walking around feeling like a supermodel and talking to people with my back to them so they could admire it. You know what they say, if you've got it (which you totally do if you wear this dress) then flaunt it!

Handbag: Well obviously it was going to have to be Chanel, I mean, have you met me? I've been pining for a Chanel 2.55 for what feels like forever and like I say, when I'm a hotshot blogger/successful business lady I shall have one on my arm. There is great history behind the 2.55 which is why I feel it is so well suited to this dress. The styling of the model suited with the dress gives me a vibe of french renaissance and royalty, partnering it up with Chanel creates a vision of vintage royalty and contemporary class. I own a small Michael Kors Chanel inspired crossbody very similar and would love to take it to my graduation ball (along with this dress).

Shoes: First of all, have you aw'd at the Tory Burch Jezebel heels yet?! They instantly reminded me of Cinderella and it was decided there and then that I had to combine them with this dress. To wear these to a ball would feel like walking off the pages of a fairtytale *swoons*

Jewellery: I'm a Tiffany's girl at heart and as soon as I began to create my fantasy outfit I knew exactly what accessories I was going to head for (that's nothing to do with the fact I waste hours sat on Tiffany & Co's website picking out what I'd own if I could. Nope, not at all). Both the earrings and the ring are from the Ziegfeld collection at Tiffany's. Inspired by the roaring 20's they add a touch of vintage Hollywood glamour to the appearance. The beauty of this dress is that accessories can be kept to a minimum because of the beading work and design of the bodice making a statement all on its own. Therefore the ring adds a nice simple statement yet isn't too overwhelming in comparison to the rest of the outfit.

I picked the Pandora bracelet for two reasons. Firstly because I always wear my Pandora everywhere I go, including balls, as it's like carrying a timeless piece of so many precious memories with me. Secondly the Fairtytale collection Pandora produced is just the cutest! What better way to complete your fairytale fantasy then a fairytale charm bracelet as your accomplice? Personally I would choose pink glass beads instead of the purple in order to go more subtly with the dress but I feel the purple also works.

Make-up: I have such a crush on bareMinerals eye shadows. I was treated to a whole set at Christmas and they are mind blowingly good. I've gone from looking like a 3 year old did my make up to an almost professional make up artist doing it, that's a huge step in becoming a big girl right? The above bareMinerals READY Eyeshadow 4.0 in shades The True Romantic are so suiting to this. The subtle hues phase in with the dress but are enough to highlight your eyes.

With the lipstick I went for MAC's Angel as to avoid any colour clashing. I like how the model is wearing a statement red but it doesn't look harsh upon the elegance of the dress. (Do I sound like a make-up pro right now cause I'm totally feeling it!)

My second make-up crush is Essie. Essie nail varnish always look so sugary sweet and I just simply couldn't pick a shade (hence why I have a separate nail make-up bag containing nail varnish that is currently overflowing all over my bedroom). I picked out a few of my favourite shades for this dress and I'll let you pick which one you would choose (don't forget to let me know!).

Hair: Now who's that stunner there? Oh hey there, it's me! Couldn't resist getting a selfie in here somewhere. I have a babyliss wand and I pretty much curl my hair for any special occasion so I know I would definitely curl it with this dress. Another bonus of the bodice of this dress is the higher neck line. It's not too high as to prevent you styling your hair down but it is high enough to look elegant with an up-do. If my hair were long enough I'd fishtail plait it but alas, men's beards grow faster then my hair *sad face*

So there we have it. The poor and worn out student put down her books, left her laptop behind, forgot about her worries, embraced her inner princess in a beautiful pink jewel lace evening dress accompanied with well matched accessories. With a dash of ambition, a spritz of aspiration and a flick of a dream she danced the night away with her best friends/fellow princesses all for the final time at graduation ball. It was truly enchanting.

Thank you so much Fanny Crown for inviting me to join in on the contest, I've had so much fun doing this! In fact, I think I've successfully managed to create a blog post displaying exactly what goes on in my head. Bet you no longer wonder why I never seem to get anything done that I'm supposed to!

Check out the fabulous Fanny Crown here and let me know which dress your inner princess longs to wear!
**PLUS they have given me a special Discount Code offering 15% off just for you guys!
Coupon code: CPDRAMAQUEEN14
Validity: 25th March to 10th May 2014


L.Bel xoxo

P.s. Maybe I'll lock lips with Prince Charming at midnight? (Prince Charming taking form in the shape of a bottle of wine in my case).


Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Dream Handbag Wishlist

I get tingles just writing this post. If I'm honest I'm feeling a little defeated at the moment and in some need of motivation and perking up. So what better way to start that process then by talking about my favourite thing, handbags! You may or may not know that I have a very bad handbag addiction. I probably spend around 80% of the time thinking about handbags. Unfortunately for me I'm a poor student with the tastes of a millionare. I always fall for the handbags that are worth more then a car, woopsie! I'm not allowed to so much as look at a handbag when I'm out shopping without the permission of my parents or my friends. You may think i'm joking but I'm honestly not!

Now we all have our fantasy purchases, it may be a pair of Louboutin's or a bright red Ferrari. Handbags are my area and I have a whole list of dream bags. I thought I'd compile a list of a few of my favourites for you to admire.

Celine Paris Leather Tote

I ADORE these bags. I discovered them about a month ago on a bloggers site, it was love at first site. I love the design, especially with the straps. They come in all various sizes and colours but the colour block design is my favorite. They make me think of city breaks and your modern day working woman. As far as I'm aware they're not stocked in the UK which in the long run is probably better for me as I'd definitely take out a mortgage to have one of these babies on my arm.

Lady Dior

Aah Miss 'Lady Dior'. This design just screams sophistication. So simple yet so graceful. It comes in a range of designs and themes. It reminds me of summer and elegance. Once again, probably need to take out a mortgage to own one!

Michael Kors Jet Set Saffiano Tote
Those near and dear to me know I have a thing with Michael Kors. Well, not literally but I do with his handbags. They're the modern day must have and over the past few months have taken off massively in the UK. I bought mine in New York last summer and it always makes me so happy whenever I'm holding it. I also own one of Michael Kors Chanel inspired minis for the perfect evening accomplice. They're super chic at a more affordable price. Well, when I say affordable I mean you should probably have income unlike me who sins too frequently with Mr Overdraft.

The Cambridge Satchel
The Cambridge Satchel Company rose to fame in the UK with a little help from a Google Chrome advert. They're increasingly gracing the shelves of all places savy. I love the vibe these satchels create, a little bit of vintage and a little bit of contemporary. They make me think of cityscapes and fast paced business settings. I've decided when I get my first job (which is likely to be never) I'm going to treat myself to one, engraved an all!

Chanel 2.55
Of course I had to save the best until last and of course it was going to be Chanel! To own one of these beauties is the absolute dream! Designed by Coco Chanel and coining it's name from its date of creation, they give such an image of the elite and class. They come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and beautiful colours. When I'm a wealthy, successful hotshot blogger (Which lets face it, is going to happen any day now) I am going to own one of these and take it everywhere.

So there you go, my dream handbags! If I'm honest I have a whole lot more dream handbags ranging from Givenchy to Mulberry. Whenever I'm feeling down I sit on sites such as Pinterest and scroll through handbag after handbag, drooling all over my keyboard. Like I say, when I'm a hotshot blogger I'm going to own the lot and have a walk in handbag closet so big it can fit a car in it. Just you watch this space.

Do you have any handbag faves? Or maybe you're more of a shoe person? Let me know!

L.bel xoxo

[Note: All images used are not my own, collected from Pinterest]


Tuesday, 18 March 2014

The Frustrated Ramblings Of A Drama Queen Part 2.

Alas it is that time again! The frustrated ramblings of a drama queen part 2! I enjoyed rambling away in part 1 and felt with Spring in our midst it was time for some more rambling. Now don't you ever say I don't know how to spoil my readers!

Ramble 1: Bikini Season on the horizon
Bikini season to me is that nightmare you just can't wake up from. Let me paint you a picture here, I am far from body confident. I never wear tight fitting, body hugging clothes. Ever. I don the baggy tops, dresses, jumpers and hoodies. You may wear some sexy silky nighty for bed, me? I wear oversized mens band t-shirts or my particular fave 'I <3 Vodka' oversized right? In the words of Queen B, flawless. I don't loathe my body but I don't love it. If I'm fair, I don't mind my legs (got a crackin' pair of Beyonce thighs) and well I don't mind my upper half either (got a crackin' pair of something else as well) but it's my stomach I have my issue with. I try not to look at it because it intimidates me. Anyways, swimwear for me is something I can't hide the bits I don't like. Damn. Last year I managed to avoid it completely but this year I'm going on a holiday that involves a pool. *Sigh* Why can't we be a civilization that find it more attractive to go swimming in a onesie?

And another thing...

Is it just me or does swimwear get more complex? It used to be 3 simple options of a swimming costume, a tankini or a bikini. These days it's often a few triangles on a tiny piece of string or one piece of fabric with holes in all the wrong areas. I've been putting off going swimwear shopping for a while and now I have to face it I just don't know where to begin. We've gone from practical swimwear to the triangle on string death trap. And since when did people opt for wedgies?!

Honestly, if someone gave me the option of being able to eat cake for the rest of my life or having a flat stomach for the rest of my life I would definitely opt for cake.

Ramble 2: Bad sales pitching
So my phone contract ends soon. I've had a good run on T-Mobile (not) with an iPhone 4 however I feel it may be time to move companies, stop myself getting ripped off and get a new phone. T-mobile called me today to ensure me because I'm such a loyal customer (This is the only contract I've ever had with them) and they trust me so much (shame that feeling ain't mutual) that they want to do their best to give me a good new deal. Their way of doing this was offering me a free iPad on a 24 month contract along with a new phone and contract. Right so first of all, let me get this straight, their way of rewarding me for being a 2 year overpaying customer is by not only making me pay another 24 month phone contract but a tablet 24 month contract as well?! Sounds legit. So I inform the lady on the phone, who I'm sure it's not her fault as she's just following script, that I own a Kindle Fire HD plus a top of the range touch screen Window 8 operating laptop and therefore do not need an iPad. Low and behold she goes into full blown sales pitch mode (Yeah you know the one, where they start to use this tone as though they're about to change your life for the better) I'm informed I'm getting a free iPad on a contract that includes 2-for-1 orange Wednesdays (I don't go to the cinema an awful lot), 2 for 1 at Pizza Express (Everyone knows you can cheaper 3 course meal offers online plus I don't go to Pizza Express a lot) and an EE movie subscription, which is really really really handy for the kids (I'll let you guys guess my response to that one).

The worst part of this sales pitch is the whole 'I'm going to talk to you like we really value you as our loyal customer'. T-Mobile, and other mobile companies, here is my advice to you. Do your research before you make sweeping statements. If she had asked me before her sales pitch if I wanted these things I would have kindly explained that I only go to the cinema about 5 times a year, I only go to Pizza Express around 2 times a year and lastly I'm a 21 year old single student who can barely afford to feed myself let alone my theoretical kids who like to watch movie subscriptions whilst paying two 24 month contracts. Duh.

Laura: 1 Sales pitch: 0

Ramble 3: Bikini seasons evil accomplice - leg season.
Remember my post on why women are seasonal creatures? Well, it's getting close to that time again where we pretend to love the sun, dresses and tan when really we're mourning the end of a successful 3 months of not shaving our legs. Ladies, it's time to get those Venus razors stocked, or a sheep shearers for some cases, and hack those legs away.

Ramble 4: Exam and deadline season.
This one goes out to all the GCSE doers, The A level Sitters and the Undergrads. Normally from around April onward it's non stop deadlines and exams until around June time. Me personally, I have 10 weeks to complete a 10,000 word dissertation and two other assignments that will succumb to about 10,000 words. 20,000 words and 10 weeks. I'm not panicking. Nope, not panicking at all........quick someone pass me the cake and vodka!

And that concludes Spring seasons frustrated ramblings of a drama queen. Join me next time where I will be crying about the fact that I have graduated and I'm still unemployed. But hey, don't you worry about me, I'll have a new phone, a new overpriced phone contract and many useless 2 for 1 vouchers.

Until next time, stay sassy

L.Bel xoxo


Sunday, 16 March 2014

Why Graduate Job Hunting Is Like Relationships

I bet you read that title and thought 'Oh goodness me, where is she going with this one'. As many of you may or may not know, I'm in my final year at university. In fact, I am 3 months away from finishing and 4 months and 2 days away from my graduation ceremony. Not that I'm one to panic or anything (note that fine hint of sarcasm) but I feel like I'm slowly sliding down a hill with nothing to hold onto whilst heading towards a big fiery pit (Like that sad scene in Toy Story 3, oh you know which scene I mean, admit it, you cried). Overall I am still unemployed.

Admit it, that image left a little twinge in your feelings

I have applied to what feels like a hundred jobs and have been rejected so many times that I'm beginning to think after all those 'It's not us it's you' rejection emails I am the sole reason Ben & Jerry's is still in business. Throughout this long, horrendous, cruel, soul crushing (am I getting my point across?!) experience, I have noted that the whole job hunting process is a lot like being single and looking for a relationship. Not that I go out handing CVs to random guys on the street or I don't do that...okay it was one time and he was very similar to Leonardo DiCaprio okay!

Finding The One
I'm often told you have to kiss many frogs before you find your prince. Is this the same for job hunting? Over the past 6 months I have fallen for many jobs, given my all to them, poured my heart and sole to them, bared it all! Only to have my heart ripped from my chest by 3 cruel words 'Your application was unsuccessful'. I cry, cry some more, burn all 'why you should work for us' leaflets that bare their name and logo, question myself 'Could I have done more?!', felt angry 'Well I'll show them when I'm a CEO of Facebook AND Twitter at the same time' and visioned them coming crawling back through emails of 'We're so sorry, we promise to never hurt you again, we didn't mean to reject you, work for us please?'. Eventually after these stages of separation it's back to the drawing board and it happens all over again.

How you still single? Don't worry you'll find someone some day! There's plenty more fish in the sea!
Single people of the world unite, at some point in your singleton life you were graced with the above sentences. If I had a penny for every time someone said that I'd be able to pay off my student debt, go on holiday and skip this whole job hunting process.
The same applies to job hunting. I often get 'employers would kill for someone like you in their company' 'How has any job rejected you, you're just perfect for that role', 'You're just so efficient and someone is going to realise that soon and hire you'. Ah right okay. I'll be honest, I know I'm a brilliant employee. I have a personality, I'm driven, I take pride in my work and I'm innovative. However none of the above translates through a job application. It's so frustrating to know you can do the job standing on your head whilst blindfolded but that can't be seen through a piece of paper. It's like, if you're going to train a dog to sit, do you turn to the dog and say sit and expect it to understand the meaning of the word? No. You show the dog how to sit so in turn they build the connection between the word and the action. Whoa I'm going off topic.
It's like when you know you're a wonderful person, which lets face it, you all are. You're friendly, caring, passionate and the sun shines through your personality. You know you're perfect for that guy you've been eyeing up. Yet from a distance he can't know all that and therefore overlooks you. It takes time to shine, the same goes to job applications.

You belong with me
So you founds the one. The job description is everything you've ever dreamed. The company in hand is all you've ever dreamed of being employed by. You visualize yourself in the morning commute to the office wearing your hot shot power dressing outfit, Starbucks in one hand, leather satchel over the other. You walk with pride down the corridor to your office whilst filled with aspiration of a productive and adventurous day. This optimism trickles from your mind down to your hands, through your keyboard and into the job application. The more you think about it the more you believe you'll get it. You send your application and wait for weeks on end thinking 'This is it. This is the one. It's meant to be'. After weeks of mini heart attacks every time you hear the email notification sound you see it, the 'Application Response' email. This is it. This the moment. You open the email to a long winded paragraph about the large number of applicants, the appreciation of your enthusiasm and the regret to inform of 'It's not us, it's you, you're just not strong enough'. You then learn they hire the hotshot business grad who's never worked a real day in their life but they had that one 10 week internship in London so quite clearly they're perfect for the job unlike your years of part time work and volunteering, ideal for the role. Ouch.

The same goes to relationships. You work hard to be noticed, the way you dress, the way you style your hair. You laugh at his jokes, you spill him with compliments. Only to be overlooked by giraffe legs over by the bar with bleach blonde hair wearing a dress that reveals more then it covers. Ouch.

Que the Taylor Swift 'You Belong With Me' marathon accompanied by a tub of Ben and Jerry's whilst searching 'inspirational quotes' on Pinterest.

Oh wow we got up close and personal there didn't we. Well, now you know how every grad job reject feels. It's tough world out there. At least we think it is, we don't really know because no one will employ us. Have faith, the government needs us to pay taxes so someone's gotta employ us at some point ;)

L.Bel xoxo


Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Me Time: Make-Up Haul And Treats!

Happy Wednesday/Hump day, whatever you prefer to call it! I've decided to give myself a very much needed day off from all that hard work/banging my head on desk that's been going on. As the beautiful spring weather we're having right now has put me in a happy mood I thought I'd have a morning wander to to town and treat myself to a few new necessities. Now when I say 'necessities' I mean I was running out of the basics and then ended up spending a mortgage in Boots...woopsie. That was followed by some treat shopping in New Look, Tesco and Starbucks...

Now before I proceed to gush over my new purchases, I dedicate this post to my housemate and Queen of all beauty and make-up knowledge, Elise. She told me to to vlog this but I am definitely not ready for that yet! Plus some days I feel I look like a clown had a fight with a wotsit and felt it was best I spared the rest of the world from that sight. Elise however has enough make-up to stock Boots and needs to get into beauty blogging (yes Elise, if you're reading this do it!)

Starting with the basics, I swear by Rimmel's Lasting Finish 25 Hours Foundation! It really does what it says on the bottle! I never feel that I look like I'm wearing too much with this foundation but it's thick enough to give me an even coverage and cover all my blemishes all day long! I've used it for the past 3 years so I definitely recommend it! It is partnered perfectly with Rimmel's Stay Matte powder which adds a nice soft smooth layer and evens out all over.

Secondly, the Scandaleyes Lycra Flex is also one of my absolute Rimmel favourites! I'm a sucker for volume eyelashes and I've used a lot of brands from Benefit Badgal Mascara to Lancome. I love Scandaleyes because it gives you the same amount of volume is the major brands yet it's definitely value for money!

I LOVE BB cream because not only is it a good base layer but it gives such a clear complexion and moisturizes my skin. I have only ever used Garnier's BB cream so I'm excited to crack into Maybelline's Dream Fresh and see if it's just as good!

Broadway Nails are my guilty pleasure. Before last summer I had never ever used false nails in my life. When I knew I was going to New York I wanted to treat myself but as I was working at the kennels I needed some that weren't so permanent. These are super easy to apply, make my hands look so much prettier and last for 7 days. I only tend to wear them for really special occasions and as it's my dads birthday meal on Saturday I thought why not! So if you're ever debating false nails but are not sure where to begin, these are 100% your answer!

This is by far my favourite purchase of the day! I'm obsessed with make-up brushes and was in desperate need of more powder, blender and bronzer brushes. I saw this and was sold straight away.

I love that each brush is designed for one specific job. My favourite has to be the buffing concealer brush (the blue one) as I find my concealer never quite spreads and blends in as well with the rest of my foundation so this will definitely solve that issue!

The best bit about this set is the guide to each brush and how to use it. I'm useless when it comes to applying make-up so this has definitely saved me!

And lastly, I couldn't resit a bit of Scarf shopping. I'm usually a one scarf kind of girl but I figured it was time to branch out for spring and summer. The metallic lavender scarf was a bargain in the New Look sale and the lacy cream one I just couldn't resist! I feel it'll be perfect with a blue denim jacket over summer.

And there we have it, how I spent my morning! I figured as I'm battling lent with cutting out chocolate and fizzy drinks, why not up the make-up purchases instead....Yeah maybe that's not the best logic...

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L.Bel xoxo

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Tips From One New Blogger To Another...

Oh hey, look at me, treating you to a frequent blog post. The truth is, I have given up chocolate and fizzy pop for lent. The fizzy drinks aren't such an issue but I have NEVER EVER gone more then one day in my entire 21 years without chocolate. Ever. It is absolutely killing me. They say I was born clutching a 250g bar of Cadburys Dairy Milk. Even though blogging isn't covered in sweet sugary goodness, I figured if I blog for a bit it will distract me from my cravings.

Fortunately for you lucky people, I have been blogging for around 10 months now. Wow actually I hadn't realised it had been that long, I was thinking more like 6 months. Anyways, in those 10 months a lot has happened. I have learnt a hell of a lot and I have met some absolutely wonderful people online and offline. Even though I am still sat writing blog posts in the same place and position as I did my first post, I feel like it has opened hundreds of doors for me. Overall I still see myself as a newbie blogger, with so much more to learn. 

However, I felt it was time to give out some words of wisdom. By no means am I classifying myself as a wonderwoman blogging pro CEO of social media land (Yeahuh I am SO adding that as a new career prospect). Yet over the past few months I have heard friends and strangers say things such as 'Oh I wish I could blog like you do, I just don't have anything to talk about'. Or things like 'I don't have any talents in fashion or beauty so I don't have a topic to blog about'. Stop right there doubters, L.Bel is here to internet-slap that lack of confidence out of your brain and shove a cake sized wallop of advice down your gob. 

Plot twist: You don't need a niche.
I'll admit, I thought blogging was only for the pros, professionals and beauty bloggers. You see so many incredibly crafted blogs out there full of bright and beautiful content, filling us with such knowledge of different cultures. And then there was me, a poor student with an obsession with dogs and handbags and can't go 5 minutes without putting herself into complete social awkwardness.
Anyways, I took that blogging bull by its horns a drove it into the social media sunset. I didn't have a niche, nor the latest MAC lipstick to blog about. I just blogged about me. Admittedly my style has changed and evolved and still does but that doesn't matter, it's just part of the process. Blog about what you want. Whatever you fancy. I've blogged about everything from cat waittressing to leg shaving (My content I realise is weird, why are you still reading this) and to my surprise people love it. I love making people laugh and my general everyday boring life is making people do so. What I am trying to say is what you might think is completely irrelevant can be a post of laughter to someone else. Don't hesitate, don't compare and don't hold back.

Just need a little...patience
Blog success doesn't happen over night. It has taken me 10 months and in my eyes I have achieved more then I could have dreamed of. If you compare my blogging to those more popular/long termers I probably haven't been all that successful. But everyone starts somewhere right? Don't expect after one month to have achieved 10,000 views. Everything takes time. Slow and steady wins the race. must mean interaction
Promotion is key to getting an audience. Take advantage of external platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest to get your blog out there. However there are only so many tweets you can do before your friends delete you from Facebook. I found what made a huge difference to my audience was interaction. I was advised to explore other blogs and leave comments etc. This definitely makes a difference. This is a two way street after all.

A Picture is worth a thousand words...or summit like that
Content is everything but a little imagery goes a long way. Opening with a funny picture/a meme/a selfie/your mum/anything that will grab the eye of the internet skimmer is worth a shot. I love using images to get the purpose of my blog out. Google is your oyster.

Don't give up
It may seem that no one is finding your blog and you're getting little or no attention. Don't give up. It takes a while to be discovered but it also takes a lot of hard work. Like I said, success doesn't happen over night. If you're reading this on Blogger I definitely recommend using Glipho which at the least, doubles your audience in half the time. It is so easy after a week or a month or two to feel it's not worth it. Hold on, you'll get there eventually.

I am far from blogging perfection but so far I am loving the journey. I am still yet to release my blog to my friends and family. I am secretly convinced some of them have found it and read it in secret (oh yeah I know your game) but I just die of embarrassment if any of them admitted to it. Weird that. I don't mind the strangers of the internet reading it but as soon as anyone I know so much as gets a whiff, I've packed my bag and moved to Mexico.

Good luck on your blogging adventure, I'll see you on the road. (I'm so cheesy did you just cringe yourself inside-out??)

L.Bel xoxo

P.S. And remember...

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