Sunday, 9 February 2014

How To Survive Valentines Day...

Oh shnap, did I just say the V word? Every single person of my age tends to dread this commercial holiday. You know you're this person when you insult every Facebook couple, make barfing sounds when you walk past every 'Valentines' isle in the shops, act like you're not even bothered even though deep down you're singing 'Somebody To Love' Freddie Mercury style and you find yourself constantly humming 'All By Myself' Bridget Jones style in your pyjamas over the next up and coming days....

If I'm honest even if I wasn't single on Valentines day I wouldn't be out there buying into it. It is overly sickening....Promise!

But for you poor single people out there who can't even go on instagram without seeing 'I'm a lucky girl' or 'My boyfriend is the best!' whilst throwing up on your keyboard at all the Facebook statuses, here's my survival guide:

Don't watch any romantic orientated film. Not even Bridget Jones (Sorry girl but you get the dream man in the end). That's like going on a diet and sitting in a cake shop. You just don't rub it in you maniac. Instead you're gonna watch lots of action films full of explosions, fast car rides and guns. And if that's not your thing you're gonna watch American Pie because there's nothing like a bit of teen awkwardness to forget all your problems.

Do order a Dominos. Last year my housemates and myself ordered 3 large pizzas, 2 sides, 1 dessert and a drink. They were so late due to being overly busy from all the other single people eating in with pizza they ended up giving us the entire meal for £1 PLUS crediting the entire meal to our account meaning we could order all of the above again at another point in our future and wouldn't have to pay a penny! So when your Dominos is late on Valentines day, ring them up and complain to your hearts content until you get freebies.

Avoid all social networking sites like the plague. You'll only be irritated with 'I'm the best girlfriend buying my boyfriend COD for is Xbox' or filtered pictures of roses and jewelry. *Yawn*

Focus on something that you aspire to gain. Whilst everyone if wasting their day and money buying fluffy pink teddies and sat eating expensive meals, you'll be getting ahead of the game whether that's applying for your dream job, accomplishing your goals in the gym or beating your work peers to completing a task. Whilst all the couples in the world are busy, you face no distractions, so use that as your drive.

Last but not least, under any circumstances will you be attending a one man self pity party. Just because you're single and you're living through a day dedicated to love doesn't mean you're worthless. Remember all you have achieved in life, know that you are loved and know that you're going to do something beautiful with you life.

See you in the Pizza queue,

L.Bel xoxo

P.s. and if the above don't fix your mood/low self esteem then just be grateful you're not a big cooperate shop who's going to have to spend the next week trying to shift shelves of useless reduced Valentines themed teddies and chocolate that no one will ever buy....

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