Sunday, 16 February 2014

Girls With Their Glasses And Their Problems

Hi, I'm Laura and I have to wear glasses. 'Whoopdie-do, so do half the planet' you say. Ah yes that may be so, but if you're a girl and you wear glasses your life is definitely a lot harder then it is for a guy.
I have worn glasses since I was 12, I am short sighted (meaning I can't see things far away) and my eye sight each year gets progressively worse. I am at the stage where unless something is within 50cm of my face, it's a gradual blur.  However, I also hate wearing glasses and therefore try to get out of wearing them as much as possible. As you can imagine, I face many daily battles living in a blurry world. I can't afford contacts due to my student living and therefore face a daily battle. Here are my top reasons why it sucks to be a girl and to wear glasses:

You can't wear glasses whilst applying make up. It's just not possible. Therefore every morning you must intensely snog the mirror whilst you apply your make up in order to make sure you do the best job possible half blind. You admire your creation and think 'Hey, for blurry vision, this ain't half bad'. That is until you put on your glasses and realize you look like the Joker in a rain storm....

Shaving your legs
You can't wear glasses in the shower until the day someone invents glasses immune to humidity with installed window wipers. So your shaving blind. Not only do you have to focus in order to not accidentally slip and amputate your leg with your new 55 blade Venus razor, you can't actually see what your shaving. You just assume your doing a good job and role with it. Once again after your shower you put on your glasses and BAM you got yourself a pair of furry racing stripes for legs. Oh joy.

Public Recognition
When you're walking in public spaces and your forget your glasses you live in permanent fear of embarrassing yourself. You see someone from a distance that you think you know, you panic and check all recognizable features such as coat, handbag, hair to ensure it's definitely them. You take the risk and smile and wave. It isn't until you're within 50cm of said person that you realize it isn't your best friend, it's a bloke with a very fluffy hood. This has happened to me so much I've actually become immune to embarrassment.

Hipsters stealing your look
If one more person asks me if I bought my glasses from Topshop I'm going to seriously impair their vision. From Primark to ASOS, all fashion shops are selling their own version of my glasses and it makes me sad. Don't wear glasses if you don't need them. If you are one of those people go and get your stupid hipster glasses and stand on them before I do!

Evils is this phrase in the UK where you physically express your hatred for someone by squinting evilly at them. Unfortunately for me, squinting helps me see better when I'm not wearing my glasses. So naturally everyone I see in public assumes I dislike them when really I'm just trying to work out whether or not committing to waving at them. Dayum.

If you, like me, are as blind as a bat and face such issues or similar ones, let me know. Together we can walk the streets hitting lampposts with our furry legs and saying hi to strangers.

L.Bel xoxo


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  1. I can relate :(. My daughter experiences the same scenarios. Recently I have read some tips about kids eyeglasses and I hope we can get over these humps of problems.


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