Monday, 27 January 2014

The Frustrated Ramblings Of A Drama Queen

I need a ramble people. Ramble ramble ramble. This blog post has really no direction nor theme I just wanted to get a few things off my chest that I'm so frustrated about. I do apologise but this is what happens when a 21 year old female student is stuck indoors studying all day long. Well, I'm not saying this doesn't happen to men to but as I ain't a bloke I can't vouch for you guys!

Ramble 1: Graduate Scheme Student Snobbery
I know I have addressed graduate schemes vaguely in the past but I have given up. After facing many rejections I decided grad schemes weren't for me. It really put a bad mark on my mood during term time and I realised it wasn't worth the effort every time I fell at the same hurdle. That hurdle being psychometric tests. The job roles I was applying for didn't involve high levels of maths so why was I being tested on it? I'm a hard worker, I strive for my achievements, I use pressure and deadlines as a strength and I'm super friendly and fun to be around. Psychometric tests don't tell employers that, they just tell them I'm stupid at Maths. 

Everyone tells me I'm employable because I work hard, I'm smart and I have a great personality. That's great and all but being reminded that's not good enough because I'm not a robot who can answer 8 extremely difficult maths tests in 6 minutes is extremely disheartening. I hope you're happy graduate employers. Pffft.

OH and before I forget, getting rejected sucks but not even getting a response is even worse. Graduate employers are worse at breaking up with you then boys are.

Ramble 2: Single Student/ Perfect Housewife
I ain't no skinny minny. I'm definitely not six foot with the figure of a Victoria Secret model. I am not 100% happy about my body but I do love the fact I have great curves. Anyways to the point, me and my single ladies often feel overlooked in clubs and bars by our skinny tall superiors. It's rather annoying. Just because we're no Victoria Secret model doesn't mean we wouldn't make great girlfriends. Oh and I'm not saying I want to meet the love of my life on a night out but you know, I live life with an open mind.  

If guys judged girls on how funny they were, how friendly they were it would be a different story. What's even more frustrating is I get constantly told 'you'd make a good girlfriend/wife' due to my ease to be around, my fun personality and my ability to cook. Pfffffft. Do you think if I whipped out a frying pan in a club and produced a nice beef casserole I'd win over girraffe legs in the corner with the sideboob? No, I didn't think so either.

Ramble 3: Put Some Clothes On
Sorry not sorry but girls, I get wearing low cut tops/leotards/dresses and short skirts as a way of looking good on a night out but I am sick of seeing sideboob and under boob and just full on boob all over the show. Plus it's winter and I can definitely assure you cold weather and boob display leads to awkward public humiliation.

Ramble 4: Good Girl Goes Bad - Teen Style.
Oh man oh man oh man, who here is sick of seeing child/teen stars go bad? Justin Bieber's latest arrest was not only a mark on the timeline of his downfall but is definitely a route into his inevitable stint in rehab. Seriously, I give him 12 months until he's in rehab. Myself and many others are sick of child stars losing it by their twenties and ending up like train wrecks. When is the entertainment industry going to learn?! Kids grow up following these stars as inspiration and it's getting to be a real tragedy. STAHP!

Ramble 5: My Knickers don't fit through the door.
So my mum bought me some spectacular granny pants for Christmas. I mean, they were covered in cats and owls. It doesn't really get more sexier then that now does it? Anyways, they weren't washed in time for my departure back to uni so my mum insisted in posting them up. I feel my knickers travel more then I do sometimes. When the postman came to deliver them to my student squalor he couldn't fit them through the letter box and therefore left a 'You need to collect your large underpants from the post office' note. C'MON MAN. They're knickers, just shove them through the door!!! Self Esteem: 0 Postman: 1.

Thanks for tuning in and that this concludes this weeks ramble ramble ramble. Join in next time where I discuss how further unemployed I am.

A very single, very unemployed, large pant wearing L.Bel xoxo


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