Monday, 13 January 2014

Back To University Was Never My Graceful Forte

Greetings my little blogging babies. I owe you one big fat apology for my lack of blogging. I came back to uni straight after New Year for I had a maHOOsive deadline. When I say maHOOsive I mean Bridget Jones pants maHOOsive sized deadline of 9000 words. After that was handed in I sold my soul to the god of heavenly fried foods and bakery goods and have since stooped into a junk food coma. That and a massive tequila fueled hangover. Shame. On. Me.

SO last night I celebrated my housemates 21st. All round it was a fantastic night and we literally destroyed the streets. I also took it in my stride to compliment every bouncer and barman on his skills. Hey don't judge me, I managed to win a few free drinks that way. All in all we had a crazy night that ended with my housemate making the not so clever decision to throw up our kitchen sink because and I quote 'The toilet wouldn't let her throw up but the sink said it was okay'. Needless to say I have spent the best part of the day avoiding going anywhere near downstairs due to the smell whilst I hear the wretches and moans of my housemate plunging our now very broken kitchen sink. Alas, do landlords fix that kind of thing for free or.....?

To sum up these past 10 days, I most definitely made an entrance to 2014. Oh and before I forget, did I mention I tripped over a stool at my university library making an all might crashing sound that was heard 2 floors up. And they say I never stay classy.

So there we have it, I just wanted to drop in and say don't worry, I'm still going to grace you with my student life misfortunes in the foreseeable future. I promise to involve lots of stumbling, falling over, carnage and Bridget Jones granny pants. Oh I do know how to spoil you.

Farewell for now

L.Bel xoxo

p.s. Did I mention it's a Monday and the demon that makes my university timetables has given me a lecture 4:30pm until 6pm. OUCH. I hope my new lecturer enjoys the presence of my duvet with me.

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