Monday, 27 January 2014

The Frustrated Ramblings Of A Drama Queen

I need a ramble people. Ramble ramble ramble. This blog post has really no direction nor theme I just wanted to get a few things off my chest that I'm so frustrated about. I do apologise but this is what happens when a 21 year old female student is stuck indoors studying all day long. Well, I'm not saying this doesn't happen to men to but as I ain't a bloke I can't vouch for you guys!

Ramble 1: Graduate Scheme Student Snobbery
I know I have addressed graduate schemes vaguely in the past but I have given up. After facing many rejections I decided grad schemes weren't for me. It really put a bad mark on my mood during term time and I realised it wasn't worth the effort every time I fell at the same hurdle. That hurdle being psychometric tests. The job roles I was applying for didn't involve high levels of maths so why was I being tested on it? I'm a hard worker, I strive for my achievements, I use pressure and deadlines as a strength and I'm super friendly and fun to be around. Psychometric tests don't tell employers that, they just tell them I'm stupid at Maths. 

Everyone tells me I'm employable because I work hard, I'm smart and I have a great personality. That's great and all but being reminded that's not good enough because I'm not a robot who can answer 8 extremely difficult maths tests in 6 minutes is extremely disheartening. I hope you're happy graduate employers. Pffft.

OH and before I forget, getting rejected sucks but not even getting a response is even worse. Graduate employers are worse at breaking up with you then boys are.

Ramble 2: Single Student/ Perfect Housewife
I ain't no skinny minny. I'm definitely not six foot with the figure of a Victoria Secret model. I am not 100% happy about my body but I do love the fact I have great curves. Anyways to the point, me and my single ladies often feel overlooked in clubs and bars by our skinny tall superiors. It's rather annoying. Just because we're no Victoria Secret model doesn't mean we wouldn't make great girlfriends. Oh and I'm not saying I want to meet the love of my life on a night out but you know, I live life with an open mind.  

If guys judged girls on how funny they were, how friendly they were it would be a different story. What's even more frustrating is I get constantly told 'you'd make a good girlfriend/wife' due to my ease to be around, my fun personality and my ability to cook. Pfffffft. Do you think if I whipped out a frying pan in a club and produced a nice beef casserole I'd win over girraffe legs in the corner with the sideboob? No, I didn't think so either.

Ramble 3: Put Some Clothes On
Sorry not sorry but girls, I get wearing low cut tops/leotards/dresses and short skirts as a way of looking good on a night out but I am sick of seeing sideboob and under boob and just full on boob all over the show. Plus it's winter and I can definitely assure you cold weather and boob display leads to awkward public humiliation.

Ramble 4: Good Girl Goes Bad - Teen Style.
Oh man oh man oh man, who here is sick of seeing child/teen stars go bad? Justin Bieber's latest arrest was not only a mark on the timeline of his downfall but is definitely a route into his inevitable stint in rehab. Seriously, I give him 12 months until he's in rehab. Myself and many others are sick of child stars losing it by their twenties and ending up like train wrecks. When is the entertainment industry going to learn?! Kids grow up following these stars as inspiration and it's getting to be a real tragedy. STAHP!

Ramble 5: My Knickers don't fit through the door.
So my mum bought me some spectacular granny pants for Christmas. I mean, they were covered in cats and owls. It doesn't really get more sexier then that now does it? Anyways, they weren't washed in time for my departure back to uni so my mum insisted in posting them up. I feel my knickers travel more then I do sometimes. When the postman came to deliver them to my student squalor he couldn't fit them through the letter box and therefore left a 'You need to collect your large underpants from the post office' note. C'MON MAN. They're knickers, just shove them through the door!!! Self Esteem: 0 Postman: 1.

Thanks for tuning in and that this concludes this weeks ramble ramble ramble. Join in next time where I discuss how further unemployed I am.

A very single, very unemployed, large pant wearing L.Bel xoxo


Saturday, 25 January 2014

Meet A Glipher...AKA ME!

Oh hey there, how you doin'? ;)
Sorry I'll stop, I know that makes you feel awkward and uncomfortable for I am about as sexy as a sloth.

This is just a quick post to promote my interview on Glipho! The wonderful people of Glipho do regular interviews (called Meet A Glipher...) with members in order to introduce them to the rest of the blogging community. It's a great way of promoting your blog, discovering other bloggers and getting the chance to speak to more bloggers.

This week Glipho decided to interview me (Not too sure why, once again with my Sloth like nature not providing much value ;P) and have been ever so kind with promoting me. I love Glipho and if you are a blogger looking to build your audience and getting you blog out there, Glipho is the place to be!

So please check out my Meet A Glipher interview and maybe sign up whilst you're there... ;)

L.Bel xoxo


Monday, 20 January 2014

Student Life!

Evening my little bloggers! I have very exciting news! I am now the official 'lifestyle editor' for Student Life as well as managing social media content. I will be managing content based on every day campus life from student campus antics to student city 'things to do' guides (Yes, us students do more then drink). It's going to be full of great student content written by students for students! Am I sounding like one big advert?

I'm hoping to increase traffic on both Twitter and Facebook as well as bring a lively account to glipho! .... I might need to write myself a post it note reminding myself I have a degree to do as well...woops

Now students of the internet, gather round as this is where I need you! Are you a student? Are you interested in writing about student life? Do you spend too much time sat on Facebook when you really feel you could use your social networking time more productively? Do you want to gain to brilliant experience to add to your CV? Of course you do! Student Life are looking for writers to provide content on all things student related! It doesn't matter if you have little or no experience or a lifetime of experience, we want you!!

If you're interested you can contact me on here or at '' or


Can't wait to hear from you!

L.Bel xoxo

Sunday, 19 January 2014

University Library Warfare

Strap yourself in boys and girls, don the helmets and grab your weapons for this thing is about to blow.

To most of society a library is just a library. It's that big funky looking building that holds lots of books and holds that weird concept where you can take said books for free and return them for free. Funny right? When I was a little girl my mum would take me to the library and I'd rent, woops, I mean borrow some colourful story books. That ended probably around the age of 6 and I never set foot in a public library ever again. Yes I had libraries at school and college but I never borrowed books from them. The library was just a distant room in school/college that I didn't feel useful to me.When you become a student, that all changes.

In the real world, the library is a place where people borrow books. In student world the library is a battlefield and it's every man for himself. In my three years of university I have witnessed some insane behavior within the four walls of the library and I'm here to tell you the facts of survival.

Seat claiming - Getting a seat in the library is like winning the lottery. Once you have your seat you cling to it like it's worth more then your life. It's a bit like the whole sunbed thing that British people do on holiday. You reserve your sunbed with your towel and the unspoken law states that once a sunbed has become draped in a towel that sunbed is off guards. Even if the beholder never actually uses the sunbed for the entire day (which is the biggest crime you can actually commit on holiday). Once a book, a laptop, a tablet or a coat have graced a seat/table, it's off guards. If you dare move someones stuff from their claimed space, well... let's just say the last person to do it is still missing to this very day...or so I heard. My university even introduced a policing system (which was slightly extreme) where if a seat was left unattended for more then 30 minutes, even if it was claimed by books and laptops, all stuff would be removed. Students being students were outraged by this concept and rebelled through all sorts of shinanagans. Needless to say the policing of the chairs failed for we students will not be oppressed!

Book requesting - All your childhood/Teenhood a book has the worth of about 1p. All your student life a book has the worth of your entire degree, or so it feels. So when you rent a book, that book is your new limb. You don't part with that book until you've met the deadline. When some son of a gun requests your book through the online system you make it your vow to find that person and beat them with said book until they don't want the book anymore. You know who you are and I'm coming for you...

Noise - My university library has 3 Buildings. One building for chatter and chilled study. One building consisting of 3 floors and different sectors ranging from 'Quiet Zone' to 'Silent Zone'. One building where not even your laptop is welcome. In any designated silent zone, you so much as inhale or exhale loudly, prepare to feel the wrath of a thousand dirty looks. Last week when someone decided to answer the phone IN THE MIDDLE OF THE LIBRARY they received so many glares from myself and my fellow peers, they sprinted so fast out the building they made Usain Bolt look slow. Ain't nobody gonna make noise in my library.

Facebook - It's the unspoken law in the library to never judge a fellow student if they are sat in Facebook. If you're peer is sat on Facebook, kindly overt your eyes and get on with your own work.

Bloke Whispering - I'm sorry guys but this one is for you and you alone. I hate to break it to you but, men of the world, you really can't whisper. Yes you can talk slightly quietly but your voices are just too deep for a whisper. So when you think your whispering in the library, you're actually irritating every single soul in the library. Maybe consider Facebook chat or text messaging?

Catwalk - This one is for all the girls and hipsters. It may shock you to know the library isn't a catwalk. Yeah, I know, I can see how you might have got a catwalk and the library confused. I used to come to the library in hoodies and jeans until the day I began to feel out of place due to be surrounded by girls in crop tops and heels and hipsters thinking they look retro in their over sized double denim. Quite frankly people, no one gives a crap. Did you think that book on Medieval Economics you were reading is going to be seriously impressed with your outfit and hand you a modelling contract? No. No it isn't. Leave the Midi skirt and platforms at home and don the hoodies and comfy clothes. Any serious library user knows comfort comes before trend.

And last but not least:

The library space really belongs to third years writing their final dissertations/preparing for exams/writing job applications. If you're a first year, prepared to be chewed up and spat out alive.

If you have ever requested a book, stole a seat, judged a social networker, made a noise, answered the phone, had a conversation, strutted in your hot-pants, whispered manly, applied lipstick or been a first year in the library, you're a crime to studenthood and you have sinned. Go and pray to the God of Students and beg for redemption and cheaply priced alcohol.

L.Bel xoxo

Friday, 17 January 2014

The Sun Doesn't Shine For Students Everyday

Evening my lavs. Sorry I'm running out of original ways to open up a blog post and quite frankly I think you guys might feel that to. I've been super duper busy and when I get a spare second I'm exhausted and tend to use it for sleeping. However I don't want that to get in the way of my love for blogging. This post is dedicated to all the students in the world. Whether your first year, second year, third year, postgrad or whatever (man if you're beyond that, grow up! As much you like it, you can't be a student forever). This is quite a SRS BSNS (Serious Business) post for a student blog. So listen up.

It's January and it's cold. It's grey and it's pretty darn soul sucking. January is a hard month for everyone but I'd say it's a bloody hard month for students. The novelty of uni has quickly worn off and your thrust back into your damp, smelly student squalor after 3/4 long festive family and friend filled weeks at home. There's no spark left in your cracker let's put it that way. What most people don't realise when they come to uni is it can be some of the loneliest times of your life. Homesickness/stress/social life issues can all pile on hard and knock you off your feet. You're tired, sad and in need of a hug but all you can do is sit in your bedroom and feel sorry for yourself. You feel like the whole rest of the student population is having fun and you don't want to burden them with your problems. You are most definitely not alone!

I wanted to write this post because the issues raised are so much more common then you think. I have had some real unhappy terms at uni and I have been too scared to call a friend because according to Facebook they're out all the time having fun with their new uni friends. I didn't want to call home in fear of it making myself more homesick or causing my parents to worry. I didn't want to tell my flatmates because I didn't think they'd understand/ would think I was being silly. However when I have bought these feelings up (eventually) with friends at home and at uni I realised nearly everyone has gone or is going through this at some point. Whether it was stress related, homesickness or problems within their living situation such as arguments over housing decisions for the next year, everyone has at some point experiences this. Here is my advice from my experiences:

  • Stress - Every students favourite word. Not. University just love to pile on the workload with a side order of workload on a platter with a workload on top. And just when you think you couldn't be dealing with anymore, you get more. It can get to the point when you feel like your drowning. Stop right there. Take a breather. Get organised. I recommend buying a planner and writing everything out and planning when you're going to do it. Having it down on paper in a set plan removes the chaos within your head and allows you to breathe. Plan each day as it comes and give yourself weekly targets. Also plan a day of fun. You can't work 7 days a week 365 days a year. Everyone needs to breathe.  
    • If you're struggling with work don't be afraid to talk to your lecturers/tutors/seminar tutors. If I have a problem I normally email with my problem or request a meeting. Honestly, they wont bite!

  • Homesickness - Everyone gets homesick at some point. The worst thing you can do is isolate yourself. Call home and have a chat with your mum or dad. Hearing their voice will soothe you. If you can, go home for a weekend and leave your troubles behind. If you're feeling down go and talk to your flatmates/housemates/friends. They will probably be feeling the same so you can both cry on each other, hug each other then eat your body weight in junk food and watch some good TV. The ultimate bad feeling cure!

  • Living troubles - This I found was the worst for me. In first year there was a major divide in the flat with the other side being particularly nasty to us. A lot of the 'nasty' was targeted at me and I was experiencing daily nasty comments and pranks such as knocking on my door late at night and running away. When there are issues within your living situation it can really feel like you're trapped. I'm not a confrontational person so I couldn't face standing up to those around me. If you are experiencing a tense living situation I recommend talking to someone outside of the flat, whether it's staying at friends for a night or two or spending the day out with someone else. Removing yourself from the situation can soothe your worries and give time for the tension to slowly simmer down. If you can, try and talk out the issues with your flat, it may help clear things up. If you're facing conditions where you really can't see the end and it is effecting you on a daily basis, talk to your uni. They can direct you to the right solution and help you through it. People often take their insecurities out on others without realizing it. Don't be somebody's insecurity punch bag, you're better then that.
Everyone's university experience is different but at some point everyone faces trouble and it is more common then everyone thinks. People often feel they can't tell others as it appears on the outside everyone else is doing fine. Don't let first impressions fool you. 

Uni is so much fun but it isn't always and when it is bad it can really throw you. Don't suffer in silence, talk to a friend, family and your uni.Your uni will have student support you can turn to, you're not in this alone. Your happiness isn't worth the sacrifice for your silence.

Once you get past those January blues, get excited for February as February is filled with PANCAKES. Fatty like that ;)

L.Bel xoxo

Monday, 13 January 2014

Back To University Was Never My Graceful Forte

Greetings my little blogging babies. I owe you one big fat apology for my lack of blogging. I came back to uni straight after New Year for I had a maHOOsive deadline. When I say maHOOsive I mean Bridget Jones pants maHOOsive sized deadline of 9000 words. After that was handed in I sold my soul to the god of heavenly fried foods and bakery goods and have since stooped into a junk food coma. That and a massive tequila fueled hangover. Shame. On. Me.

SO last night I celebrated my housemates 21st. All round it was a fantastic night and we literally destroyed the streets. I also took it in my stride to compliment every bouncer and barman on his skills. Hey don't judge me, I managed to win a few free drinks that way. All in all we had a crazy night that ended with my housemate making the not so clever decision to throw up our kitchen sink because and I quote 'The toilet wouldn't let her throw up but the sink said it was okay'. Needless to say I have spent the best part of the day avoiding going anywhere near downstairs due to the smell whilst I hear the wretches and moans of my housemate plunging our now very broken kitchen sink. Alas, do landlords fix that kind of thing for free or.....?

To sum up these past 10 days, I most definitely made an entrance to 2014. Oh and before I forget, did I mention I tripped over a stool at my university library making an all might crashing sound that was heard 2 floors up. And they say I never stay classy.

So there we have it, I just wanted to drop in and say don't worry, I'm still going to grace you with my student life misfortunes in the foreseeable future. I promise to involve lots of stumbling, falling over, carnage and Bridget Jones granny pants. Oh I do know how to spoil you.

Farewell for now

L.Bel xoxo

p.s. Did I mention it's a Monday and the demon that makes my university timetables has given me a lecture 4:30pm until 6pm. OUCH. I hope my new lecturer enjoys the presence of my duvet with me.

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy New Year!

Happy 2014 big wide world! I wish this year to bring you all the success!

I'm currently nursing a rather large hangover by watching Uncle Buck on the sofa whilst clinging to a tube of Pringles in hopes that the room stops spinning. If only I could have clung to my dignity last night as well as I'm clinging to these Pringles and maybe I wouldn't have these feelings of embarrassment and shame yet no memory to provide an explanation for it. Funny that? Seriously though, bottles of wine should come with a warning of possible side effects that include bad dancing, earthquake scale headaches and feelings of embarrassment with added memory loss. Last night I partied with my home town friends which was all good fun and games until my heavily drunk best friend grabbed me, causing us both to loose balance and fall through the patio door. Yeah, you should see the golf ball shaped bruises I have on my Beyonce thighs, arms and butt. I do wonder how my friends have stayed my friends for so many years when they've had to scrape me off the floor on so many occasions.

Gosh my first blog post of 2014 and I'm already blogging about falling over in front of an audience this year. You have to admit I have real talent! I've decided to set myself some realistic goals. Whether these goals will ever be completed is another story. I'm not really one for new years resolutions because I always forget they exist about 2 days after New Year so that's a lost cause. No but in all seriousness, here are my 2014 goals:

  • Grow my blog further - I want to continue blogging all through 2014 in hopes of getting better. I absolutely love blogging as it has lead me to meet some wonderful people and lead me to a whole new world. I hope to become more consistent and to gain more popularity (I'll most likely end up spending 2014 blogging about my disastrous daily student life and cake). 

  • Get Employed - 2014 is a big year for me as it will be the end of my education and my first time in the real world. I graduate in July and thay's the end of student living. If I'm honest I'm completely terrified, I have no job secured right now and I feel a little lost. I am however excited at the thought of my life beginning so I just have to sit tight, try my best and see where life takes me! Momma I'm a big girl now.

  • Be Brave - This one is important. What I learnt the most in 2013 is life really isn't always going to go the way you want it to but that's okay. I faced a lot last year and it made me stronger and completely changed my outlook on things. 2014 is going to be my biggest challenge yet and I just have to remain positive and believe everything will work out okay. Not having a secured future and feeling like you're about to be pushed off an edge into darkness isn't easy to deal with. I just need to be brave and think positively!

So there we go, three challenging yet realistic goals. Who knows where I will be in a years time, I know it's going to be a bumpy ride over the next 12 months but I am so excited for my future. Stick around my fellow friends and enjoy the show! Here's to another year of awkward moments, walking disasters, public humiliation, granny pants, Bridget Jones living and memories! 

Have a good one!

L.Bel xoxo
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