Monday, 9 December 2013

What's In My Handbag...

I've been dying to do a 'What's In My Handbag' post for ages I just haven't got round to doing it. However there is only so much of trying to be a grown up I can take before I want to switch off for a while. Blogging is the perfect solution as it allows me to escape the real world for a short space of  time plus the typing on the keyboard makes it sound to the rest of the house as though I'm being productive. 

I think what a girl has in her handbag says a lot about who she is. Not in an evil way, I think what a girl holds in her handbag is a statement of her personality and what kind of things she's into. That and she's Mary Poppins and would put the kitchen sink in there if possible...

Alas, I can feel the excitement. Everybody say 'Hi Handbag' 

Starting off with the Diary. This one goes out to all you students out there, especially future third years. I could not get through the week if it wasn't for that diary. My head is so full of appointments/deadlines/major events that I just lose the plot. Writing everything down is so much easier to handle and definitely produces efficiency and time management! The contents of that diary is what the inside of my brain looks like. If I lost it I would not be able to function past waking up in the morning!

Secondly we have Miss Vaseline. This is last years limited edition Pink Bubbly, a little bit of class to a make up tradition. Every girl needs Vaseline. Never come between a girl and her tin. Ever.

Next on the list of crucial components to my handbag is my iPod and Urbanears. Those that are close to me know I would never ever leave the house without my iPod. I like living my life to a soundtrack and I love having music accessible at all times because lets face it, there's a song for every mood and situation and life is one big musical (in my world).

My Urbanears are one of my latest and favourite purchases of 2013. I've been desperate for decent sounds for a while and I finally found them! They come in a range of styles and colours, are big on the bass and are the perfect budget headphones for those that what a cool clear sound and style but don't want to pay the silly extortionate prices of other brands. A definite recommendation for all you music lovers and your Christmas wish list! Oh and did I mention they fold up and fit perfectly in any handbag?!

I'm an accessories hoarder and Ted Baker is my poison. I adore Ted's quirky styles in the accessories department and their purses are perfect for convenience as well as style. It definitely adds a bit of glamour to the inside of my handbag plus when I internally cry at the till on my latest shopaholic adventures I glance down at my hands to see Ted Baker fuchsia pink smiling back like a little ray of sunshine and it's all okay again....shopaholic is a word I don't use lightly when referencing myself...

Of course there was going to be a shot of my phone. Everyone and his wife has a mobile phone these days and there's always someone who's ranting about the youth of today permanently glued to their phone. Admittedly I agree, you shouldn't be sat at the pub with your mates staring at a screen however I do agree with taking it everywhere. My love for social media is all thanks to smartphones and it's the best way to stay current on the move. 

Last but not least, glasses! I'm pretty blind so if I don't have my glasses with me there's a lot of walking into lampposts and waving at a bush thinking it's someone I know. What I love about glasses is the ease of getting designer frames for cheap prices. I got the above pair by Armani and another pair by Guess for £35 thanks to clubcard vouchers and Tesco Opticians Buy One Get One Free offer. They were both worth over £100 each originally. Seriously, I wonder how they make any money these days!

So there you have it. The insides of my handbag. The handbag itself is Michael Kors and was a present to myself when I visited Macy's in New York this summer after all my hard work at the Kennels. My only problem now is I can't seem to stop buying presents for myself....woops!

I'd love to know what's in your handbag so if you have already done one of these posts let me know or if not, get typing!

L.Bel xoxo

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