Sunday, 8 December 2013

The Confessions Of The Haircut...Part 2: Back With A Vengeance.

Remember when I first began my blogging journey back in May and I graced you with my hairdressing nightmare? No?....Okay read here and then continue

I managed a whole 7 months of avoiding the hairdressers after that little adventure. To me that's pretty good but I bet all you beauty bloggers out there just dropped your MAC lipsticks and had to cling on to your mirrors before you could register at that thought. Yeah I know it's bad but 7 months has allowed my hair to grow and....okay I killed it. I'm sorry. I sinned in the world of beauty and I now face the consequences.

My mum booked me a hair appointment at my local hairdressers (Yes it's that bad I didn't get a say), the same one I've been going to since I had enough hair to actually cut (yeah that didn't happen until I was 5, another example of how awkward my life is). I always feel that your hairdresser owns your hair. When you take your hair to a different hairdresser you might as well be stealing your traditional hairdressers car and be selling it to someone else. My last hairdressing experience, as mentioned in my older blog post, was so catastrophic my hair has over the past 7 months grown out in weird and different lengths. Admittedly it doesn't help that I fried it to death with curlers and straighteners plus my stint at the kennels over summer definitely didn't help. Oh and I forgot to mention I bleached the daylight out of the ends...

So to conclude and to get to my point, my hair resembles the texture of straw and looks as though a small child is my stylist with one side being longer then the other. I now feel I will walk into the hairdressers tomorrow to receive a 'Oh god what did you do to your hair? You hair that was so pristine thanks to my efforts'. It's so bad I had a nightmare I walked into the hairdressers to be told my hair was so bad they were going to shave it all off. Normal people are afraid of the dentist. Me? I'm scared of the hairdressers.


So yes this blog post is the rambling of a nervous and awaited haircut. I wanted to write this as the last post whilst sporting a severely bleached and lopsided head. *Sighs* Being a girl is so hard...

Enjoy your sunday and wish me luck!

L.Bel xoxo

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