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Career Prospects - a life lesson and journey.

I have exciting news fellow bloggers! I have joined a group called #StudentBloggerSelection run by The Student Blogger and each week they set a theme to be interpreted at your own imagination. Now you all know what my imagination is like so this is bound to be a gooden!. If you are a student or recent graduate and a blogger (regardless of what you specialize in) I recommend joining as it's a great way to build your audience. You can join by selecting the badge down on the right column of my blog. This weeks theme is Career Prospects - Enjoy! x

'Career Prospects.' Two words that can send a student running for the hills before you can whisper the words 'unemployment'.

Career Prospects begin from the youngest possible age. As a child you imagine the most adventurous career prospects possible. I wanted to be the 8th member of S Club 7. I then wanted to be a Dolphin Trainer. I then wanted to be Buffy The Vampire Slayer. When you're young you feel you can do whatever you want, the world is your oyster. Eventually I made the rational decision to become a Vet (after realising vampires don't actually exist). I loved animals and the thought of healing sick pets made me happy. As I got older the whole Vet career prospect went out the window when I realised being a Vet involved sticking your hand up animals butts and knowing I couldn't save every animal that came under my care was too much to handle. Back to the drawing board it was.

When I reached high school I had no clue. No clue at all what I wanted to be. Why would I? All I've ever known was school. Eventually and much to every students dismay, work experience week came around. Luckily for me my mum worked in my old primary school and therefore my week was sorted just like that. During this week I had so much fun in the classroom that I decided becoming a primary school teacher was what I really wanted to be. I was good with kids and knew I could be successful in this role.

However, I found university threw a bloody big spanner in the works. In fact, forget the spanner, more like a Miley Cyrus sized sledge hammer on a wrecking ball. All I had ever known was education so when I came to university and realised there was so much more to the world, I wanted to be so many different things. It was like being in primary school again, except a little less Buffy The Vampire Slayer and a little more independent business woman taking on the world. I developed a huge passion for social media and it even formed a hobby - my blog! I felt there must be some way of turning this into a career. After much research and internet trawling I decided marketing in media was the dream. Now cue the 'but'.

You start your first year feeling like Alan Sugar. Your working hard on a degree, your parents keep telling you how proud they are of you and you feel you will strut Beyonce style out of uni and straight into a graduate job with a successful company.

Oh how naive you are little fresher

I'm halfway through third year, I've applied for many graduate schemes, jumped through many 'psychometric test aka hoops on fire whilst blindfolded' and have been emailed 'It's not you it's me.... no actually it's you' application rejections. I feel less Beyonce and more Bridget Jones (as per usual) as there is less strutting out of uni and more stumbling and falling flat on my face. Career prospects are something you begin to feel you don't have. Competing against the rest of the student population whilst trying to succeed in tests designed for mathematical and philosophical geniuses. You loose faith, you loose self belief and there goes your confidence along with it. It doesn't help with that pretentious know it all we all have on Facebook posts status's like 'WOO Just got accepted for my dream job with my dream company' - Do one.

Alas, it ain't over till the cows come home

What I have learnt from the Career Prospects journey so far is to not give up. You'll find your way. You may leave uni unemployed and lost but just know, the government is expecting you to pay taxes so you can't avoid employment forever ;) But in all seriousness, if people graduate every year and eventually end up employed, you will too. Just never stop believing in yourself. How does that High School Musical song go again?...Oh yes....We're all in this together...

Child Career Prospect: Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Dream Career Prospect: World Famous Rockstar

Realistic Dream Career Prospect: Working in media, preferably in digital marketing

Current Career Prospect: Unemployment

Wish me luck ;)

L.Bel xoxo


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