Monday, 18 November 2013

Turning 21...Does this mean I have to grow up now?

No seriously, do I?

So I turned 21 last week, no big deal. No I lie it was a massive day, you should have all stopped in your tracks and celebrated the day I entered the planet with great big crash and a bang. In all seriousness, I had a lovely day, I was spoilt with lots of presents, my creative housemates made me a Tiffanys cake and I went out for drinks and a meal where I received lots of free alcohol. I couldn't have asked for a better day.

Now before you ask, no I don't feel any older. If I'm honest I just feel like I'm having a quarter life crisis. I have no confirmed future, I have no money and at the moment it feels as though my degree is going down the potty. Apart from that, It's all good. I thought I'd weigh up the pros and cons of turning 21 and if anyone has anything to add, I'd like to hear it!


  • You're old. Like this is the last birthday where it's okay to  be treated like a kid. Next year I'm 22 and the only good thing about that is I can actually sing Taylor Swifts '22' and mean it.
  • Everyone expects you to be married and preggers by 23. Like seriously. I can see my Christmas being spent explaining why I'm not engaged yet. Ouch.
  • Your next big special birthday is 30. *runs for the hills*
  • I'm getting ID'd less. Am I aging already?!
  • It's the last year I can use 'Woops!..oh well, I'm just a kid!' exscuse. I don't think 'Woops...but I'm just a bad!'
  • I can legally go everywhere. All those places that are for some weird reason 21 and over are now my places. Mommy I'm a big girl now.

  • It's actually expected of me to start wearing Bridget Jones big knickers. And I'm totally cool with that.
  • Adult clothes are fun.
  • It's acceptable for me to be in bed by 8 in my PJs and brew. I'm totally cool with that as well.
  • 21 sounds hip and young.
  • I'm old enough to date a member of Busted, Johnny Depp, Ryan Gosling and Ian Somerhalder

  •  without it sounding weird. Just waiting for my phone call anytime soon now...
  • I can legally drink in the USA...(only 3 months too late).
  • I'm a young independent women and I don't need no man to make my own way in the world, dayum straight....although I wouldn't say no to a wealthy business man....
  • I'm still young - snaps for me!
Sorry this blog has been  short one and I aplogise for my lack of blogging recently. I'm mostly asleep by 8 I'm so tired and busy! Third year is hard! On another more exciting note, myself and housemates have booked a mini break to London in December and 'The Grumpy Waittress' and myself are hoping to pop in and meet the famous glipho lot! Hopefully all will go to plan! I feel like I'll be meeting celebrities! *giggles*

I'll try and get my arse in gear with the blogging shinding

Thanks for sticking around!

L.Bel xoxo


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