Thursday, 10 October 2013

What it means to be a third year...

Apart from being a complete walking disaster?

I bet your dying to know all about the antics that have arisen since returning as third year? Sorry to disappoint you but there just aren't any. I'm retired. Literally. I retired to the world of onesies and The Great British Bake Off. It's a real tragedy. Now I am a third year I shrivel and melt if I leave the house past 7pm. Okay I'm being a drama queen but I have a very valid point. Over the past 2 weeks I have come to make many wise conclusions of what it is like to be a third year, some good and many...not so good. I'll start with the bad news so we can finish nicely on the good.

The Bad.

  • The Work load. Okay that was the obvious but seriously, Uni what did I ever do to you?! My fellow students and myself worked out today we have between 30,000 and 40,000 words worth of assignments to write between now and the end of May. Are you serious?! On top of this I'm supposed to be job hunting and course reading. I'm beginning to think of sleep as 'optional' in my daily routines. I physically cannot imagine the time to deal with the work load. It's cool, not like I wanted a Christmas anyway...

  • Ageism. Somebody call the doctor, I got a real bad case of the ageisms. Now you're in third year you develop this ego where you automatically assume you gain superiority over the below years. Superiority turns to bitterness and you can't help but hate the first years for their eager beaver approach to uni, skipping from lecture to lecture to club night to society. It's so overwhelming that you can't help it if your foot slips out to sabotage that skip......Okay I am joking I'd never really do that....yet....

  • Territory and me. This has to be the saddest thing of all. I have actually developed a territorial attitude over the library. I believe unless you're a third year drowning in your dissertation, you have no right to enter the building. Prepare for the evil glares flowing from my corner.
  • Third year living. It's pretty similar to second year living yet you're even poorer. I long for first year when I felt rich with my loan. Now I gain my loan and it barely covers the term. As well as this the novelty of your student house quickly wares of when you've settled back into cold and damp conditions. Oh and the added new water feature from our kitchen ceiling to the kitchen floor is a real mood brightener. Not.
The Good
  • You're a pro. You know the campus quirks and works and how to get the best deals from the local takeaways. You laugh down at the first years stumbling around campus looking lost as you casually rock up to your lecture. Go you mature student.
  • You treat every day like it's the end of the world. As it's the last year of your life where it' acceptable to go to supermarkets in your pajamas, order pizza takeaways at 4am, get drunk in the middle of the day, spend a whole day in your onesie and eat pasta out of a pan, you really begin to make the most of it. It really is 'go hard or go home' in third year. You appreciate every moment with your housemates and campus friends. 
  • You never say never. Getting to third year and realising you've never really been majorly involved in a sporting society can perhaps seem a little depressing. Never fear, you're a third year, you don't care what people think of you as you're so high in your own superiority, you'll just bound into a new society like you just don't care. That's exactly what me and my housemate did. Today we attended our first session in the archery society and quite frankly had the time of our lives. We giggled at each other, the freshers and the trainers. We even successfully finished the session with the death toll still on 0. Just call me Katniss Everdeen.

  • You're still a student. You're not in the big bad world just yet and you've mad it this far in your degree. Give yourself one big pat on the back, grab and pint and lets do this thing! *Queue montage music*
So I hope I have enlightened you into the world of a third year. It's a little doom, a touch of gloom but a whole lot of fun. Wish me luck!

L.Bel xoxo


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