Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Freshers OAP, New Technology and back in the overdraft - Confessions of back to Student Living

Hello there my blogging friends. Sorry it has been a while since I touched on the blogging sphere...okay to me it's been while but to you lot it's probably like 'oh god...she's back.' SHH, I know you've missed me. I've been so busy settling back into uni and adjusting to my new found 'life is so busy yet I'm not motivated to deal with it' lifestyle. It's hard.

Now before I get started on this weeks events, I must inform you I am now blogging from my brand new laptop that I won from Student Fashion Blog. I've managed to waist the past 24 hours playing with the fancy touch screen Windows 8 interaction instead of working on important life depending decisions. Along with my amazing laptop I got lots of cool homeware stuff like a funky light which makes my room look like a UFO landing spot in the dark and a memory foam pillow that seductively engulfs me in a coma like sleep. It's definitely a step up from my Tesco Value pillows. Overall I feel like Christmas has come early.

Going back to student life after a break is something I always find tricky. After longing to go back to student life, once I'm here I miss home and I all of a sudden get massively tired when it comes to doing anything. I love being back with my housemates, laughing, dancing, singing and losing all dignity in a night club, It's good to have this new found freedom again. However over summer I must of slipped into the TARDIS as I have come back bitter in my age. Judging the freshers stumbling about town dressed in short skirts, painted green and slurring their words. Us third years are secretly envious of the spring in their steps off to their latest freshers welcome talk whilst we trudge into the library with grey circles under our eyes and openly baring the world on our shoulders. I also envy their passion for a night out. Right now I couldn't think of anything worse, heading out into the cold with a dress shorter then a piece of string, self inflicting a poisonous hangover and depriving myself of much needed beauty sleep. I'd rather sit in, slobbing in my onesie, drinking a pint of tea, watching The Great British Bake off and mourning my youth. 

I was supposed to be going out tonight but my housemates and myself embarrassingly admitted to each other we'd rather give it a miss. It was probably a wise decision anyway, I mean how is it possible I'm already back into my overdraft 2 days into term?!

L.Bel xoxo


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