Monday, 2 September 2013

The Confessions Of Winter Season...

Pack those flip flops away and whip out the sweaters 'cause autumn is in the air! I want to highlight to you all the bonuses of winter season!

Today was the first day in months that I stuck on one of my winter tops and wore my winter coat out to walk the dog. I am most definitely not bitter about this as I really love this time of year. Being outdoors in the cooler weather makes everything feel and look slightly more enchanting. I love autumn and winter colours in seasonal weather and fashion. Plus with so many great holidays coming like Halloween, Bonfire Night and Christmas (plus my 21st birthday ;D) there is so much excitement in this time of year. To top it off, my student city is stunning during autumn and winter so for the third and final time, I can't wait to make the most of it!

I prefer my winter wardrobe to my summer wardrobe as not only is comfier but definitely cuter. I have tons of knitwear from Primark, Tesco Clothing and my favourite peace, my Superdry Buffalo Knit Cardigan that my housemates spent months trying to stop my purchasing but in the end my mum treated me to it. Knitwear is great as not only do you feel super snug all the time but you can get so many different styles and colours you just can't ever get bored of wearing a jumper! As well as jumpers, it's all about cute bobble hats and matching scarves, chunky coats and long leather boots. I love walking to uni in a pair of boots, coat, hat scarves and gloves much more then walking to uni in a pair of sandals and a dress. As I'm quite self conscious of my body, winter wear gives me the cover to feel comfortable. Plus, winter justifies living in hoodies as everyone just thinks you're being sensible and trying to keep warm. Snaps for winter!

Even though I'll be moaning in my student house about the antarctic conditions I'll be living in, it definitely is just another excuse for me to snuggle up under my duvet, drinking 50 cups of tea and hot chocolate and consuming many bars of Dairy Milk whilst 'studying'.

You have to admit, if none of the above points have you excited for winter, the food definitely will. Winter means Christmas dinners, Halloween treats and bonfire banquets! I look forward to Christmas day mostly for the food as I can eat as much as I possibly can and them some more! I'm envious of Americans who celebrate thanksgiving as anyone who isn't american just sees that as your Christmas day practice. Am I right? Go on, you can tell me, I wont tell anyone...

The only downside to winter is that it's really hard to go out on a student night in a short dress and a pair of heels as the snow is a tiny tiny obstacle...ah well, bring it on!

L.Bel xoxo

[Please note all images are my own from my instagram Laurabelsh13 apart from the first which a very good friend took. Enjoy] 

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