Friday, 13 September 2013

The Confessions Of An English Drama Queens View On New York City...

I wrote this weeks ago but life got in the way and I wasn't feeling to motivated towards posting it. As I have been in my sick bed now for too long I did some tweeking and viola. Enjoy my lovelies.

Now that I have spoiled you with my blog posts on my tourist life in New York I thought I'd get down and dirty on what I really thought of the life in New York. It is a stunning city with a skyline I wish I could view every single day. There were things I adored about the great city and yet there were a few things that I thought...'Well that's just strange'. Now I don't know if these things are just occurrences in New York or all over the states. I compiled a list of the crazy and a list of the things I loved. Enjoy!

The Crazy

1. The Driving. Oh my I was so shocked I didn't get hit by a car nor did i witness anyone getingt hit by a car. Everyone drives like a maniac in New York regardless of the rules! What baffled me even more is that this crazy driving didn't really seem to shock the people of New York. In fact, they would cross the road even when cars were driving at them. New York, you sure got balls. It was so obvious who the true New Yorkers were and who the tourists were as the tourists would be waiting for the lights to change the the New Yorkers dived across the road like a boss. Did I miss the memo about New York roads being Formula 1 tracks?

2.The Tipping. In the UK you would never ever ever request for a tip. You wouldn't even imply that you want a tip. That would be like going to Buckingham Palace and asking for a coffee instead of a cup of tea from the Queen. It's just not British! It makes me blush just thinking about it. In New York I was so shocked that not only was the tipping expectancy double the percentage of the UK but it was actually insisted. On the end of every bill we were told how much we were required to tip. For a British person this was quite a shocking concept. I also felt pressured to tip for everything. Literally everything. Forgive me New York for my awkward behavior.

3. The Public Toilets. This has to be the worst. So you know how everyone has those nightmares where you're in a room full of people and all of a sudden your clothes disappear and everyone starts to stare and laugh? My version of that nightmare is when I go to a toilet and the doors and walls are so small that everyone suddenly sees me on the toilet and starts to laugh. Pray for me right? In New York every public toilet was exactly like my nightmares. The cubicles were tiny as were the walls and doors. I felt like everyone in central park was watching me go. Once again New York, you got balls to use public toilets. I will never ever complain about a British public toilet ever again no matter how gruesome it is.

The Loved

1. Everybody is Nice. I was so not use to the caring treatment the hotel provided. In the UK you turn up at your hotel, you check in and then you take yourself to your room. In New York your luggage is taken before you even set foot in the hotel, the doors are always held open and you are constantly asked if you are well and if there is anything that could be done to assist you. I felt like a celebrity every time I went in and out of the hotel. By the end of the week I was practically strutting like I was walking the red carpet. Girls just wanna have fun right? ;)

2. The Super-sized Stores. One word: Macy's. UK we need a Macy's! I could have spent all day in there, and that would have been fine as they had plenty of places to grab a drink and a bite to eat inside. Tiffanys had I think 6 floors. 6 floors for a jewelry shop. I really did feel like Audrey Hepburn! We could learn a lot from Americans UK! However one Michael Kors and Tiffanys purchase later, it was probably a good idea we don't.

3. The Food. In case you haven't noticed already from my blog, I really love food. Mostly cake. I loved the fact that no matter what time it was and no matter where I was I could get pretty much anything to eat. Plus there really was a Starbucks on every corner so it was coffee after coffee and donuts after donuts. I was in food heaven!

4. The Fashion. I loved it. Mostly the handbag fashion. You hear that people like to 'people watch'. Me? I like to 'handbag watch'. I sat outside Grand Central Terminal watching the leather labels pass me. I see that Louis Vuitton, Longchamp Le Pliage and Michael Kors appear to be New Yorks favourite daytime accessory for summer 2013. You are definitely my kind of people. My mum was slightly concerned by the fact I could name every designer bag that walked past us. Woops...

I am definitely missing New York already and would do anything to be able to relive the amazing week I had with my parents. All I have now is the photos, the handbag, the necklace and the memories <3 Maybe I could win the lottery and fly on back next week....

L.Bel xoxo


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