Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Stop trying to make 'Twerk' happen, It's not going to happen.

I have sat back and watched the internet explode in all it's mighty with amusing pictures, videos and posts about Miss Miley Cyrus and what appears to be her spiraling downfall from grace. Now before you continue please bare in mind these are my opinions to which I am entitled to, therefore if you are a die hard Miley Cyrus fan, I accept your views and think maybe it's best you stop reading....and watching any other future performances of Miley Cyrus.

After watching her newest music video 'Wrecking Ball' last night I couldn't help but feel sorry for the girl. The words 'Try' and 'Hard' are so over used with it comes to Miss Cyrus that I'm so close to messaging her and telling her to use them as her middle name to spare the haters the effort of typing them out in the YouTube comment box. The only surprise that this new video gave me was that she didn't twerk. That be the only positive as well.

Let me give you some perspective here. I am 2 weeks older then Miley Cyrus. 2 weeks. Maybe in that 2 weeks I was born early I stole all the common sense for that month and there were none left for Miley? I understand that she is set out in expressing her new style, sound and that she's a big girl now, but is dancing around naked and promoting a drunk and high life style really the way to go about it? Let's not even talk about THAT VMA performance...

I always thought Miley had such incredible musical roots that she was destined for greatness. It seemed that way at first with Hannah Montana, The Last Song and singles such as 'When I Look At You' and 'Party In The USA'. So when 'We Can't Stop' was released I only felt disappointed in the direction she had taken. When I heard 'Wrecking Ball' I thought, well there might be hope for the girl yet. It was a lyrical raw expression of a broken heart. This is all destroyed in the space of a 3 minute video of Cyrus being naked and making crude expressions with a sledge hammar. Was there a need? I get that your heart broken but I tend to deal with heart break more like this

and less like this

But that's just me. I get where she's going and what she's trying to achieve but there is only so much naked twerking the internet can take before you become one '2007' away from the next 'Britney Spears'. Shedding your good girl image can be done in a classy and steady way for example Selena Gomez and her first adult role in the film 'Spring Breakers'. I thought she handled her part well and it was one way of saying to the world 'Look I'm a big girl now, I can handle adult roles'. Or you can go around on stage shaking your semi naked butt to national television like a stroppy child as if you're desperate to prove something. Am I right?

I want to know your opinion on her new naked twerking lifestyle and whether you think she has her head screwed on straight to know where she's going or whether she's about to be joining Lindsey Lohan and Amanda Bynes on the crazy club?

On another note, enjoy Bastilles great yet slightly philosophical cover over 'We Can't Stop'

L.Bel xoxo

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