Friday, 20 September 2013

Confession: The Drama Queen needs YOU....and your blogging advice.

Houston,  we have a blogging problem.

This girl is a damsel in distress among the blogging society and she needs you to save her.

I have been blogging since May and it has kept me very entertained and given me a new way to procrastinate from all the important things I should be doing in life. Such fun! I really feel like my blog is gaining slow and steady popularity....that is with glipho. When it comes to 'Blogger' I feel like a needle in a blogging haystack. It's hard to see the activity of your blog, that is if there is any, and quite frankly I loose interest in the site because I don't think my blog gains any attention. Now I don't expect blog popularity to happen over night but since I signed up in May I do not think much has changed in the way of my audience. Now I know I am definitely not the best blogger out there by a long shot so I am not blaming blogger, I am more blaming myself, my content and my efforts to promote my blog. Where am I going wrong? I publish my blog into as many relevent communities that I can find, I promote it over twitter among other social networks, is there more I can do?

This is when you come in. I want to hear your blogging tips and advice on how to gain a stronger audience on blogger. I want to hear your stories and and tricks and how to crack the blogger society. It will all be much appreciated so hit me with it!


L.Bel xoxo

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