Friday, 27 September 2013

Back to uni briefing, Drama Queen style!

Houston, we have a handbag problem. I haven't enough space in my packing for all my new handbags.

Pray for me bloggers, I've had to make the difficult decision to leave one handbag at home *cries*. It's okay though, I can just promote it to the title of 'summer bag'. Okay I know you aren't reading this to hear all about my many handbag problems. So off to the real story we go.

For those who have moved to uni, or have just genuinely moved their life belongings to a new location can understand how much of a pain in the ass it is. You start off with a graceful and organised system of 'Clothes in this bag and home ware in this box'. Before you know it your down to stuffing socks and bottles of nail varnish in every spare crevasse and your parents are giving you that disapproving 'and how do you expect to get that in the car, let alone to another city' look. They've been giving me that look for nearly 3 years now and it is yet to change...

I have also noticed over time that I manage to double in the mount of random objects I own that I insist taking back and forth to uni. My wardrobe definitely grows as does my stationary selection. You also get deeply attached to random things you've accumulated over uni, such as freshers posters, loyalty cards at burger bars you never actually go to and t-shirts that have been shredded for a catwalk on the club floor on a social that if your mum saw the photos (which mine did) you'd put her in an early grave. Woops, my bad. But yes, moving back and forth entails you carrying lots of pointless items up and down the country. I feel like I'm a hoarder in the making.

Now, In other news, I entered a competition on the other week to win a 'Back To Uni' hamper from John Lewis worth over £700. This morning I was awoken with an email telling me I had won. Right now I'm so sky high with happiness and excitement, I'm on the ceiling. This prize involves a brand new Samsung laptop which many of you may know, I was in desperate need of ownership of a new laptop due to mine refusing to cooperate.

 As a student I recommend you check out this site and their partnership site for great content on fashion and university life. Now I'm not just advertising them because I won their competition...okay maybe a little but besides that they're a great site with brilliant bloggers so go and check it out!

Now I should really finish packing. You think you're finished and them BAM you turn around and see you still have half a bedroom to touch on. *sighs* I'm going to be here all night...

L.Bel xoxo

p.s. Yes that is my very excited Springer Spaniel


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