Thursday, 5 September 2013

A Little All About Me...

Just what you always wanted to hear

Okay my views are about to reach a significant milestone on glipho and therefore I felt I would celebrate this with a little blog post revealing a little bit more about me. Because telling you my life story every day just isn't enough and because apparently I think I'm that interesting that you will all want to read about it. I'm excited for this milestone as it has given me the motivation to continue blogging. It's probably nothing compared to all you super duper bloggers out there but it's the little things in life right?

So where do I begin?

I'm an undergraduate studying Sociology and Education and I am about to enter my third and final year at university. I am so depressed about this as I love being a student and I love uni, all my uni friends and my uni lifestyle so I really don't want to say goodbye to it at the end of the academic year. My housemates are like my sisters and I can't go a day without speaking to one of them on the phone. Even if we're skint and it's an arctic blizzard outside we can still find fun in the house. In fact sometimes I think I have more fun in the house then anywhere else. This year I'm mostly looking forward to making the most of one of the best years of my life by throwing myself into student life again once more. I am also excited to try and gain entry onto a graduate scheme in Social Media Marketing at the end of the year however I am also terrified at how scary this process is going to be.

So you have got the basic direction of my life but here 15 fun facts about me:

1. Dog Power: In case you haven't already noticed, I love dogs. My pet dog Barney is my best friend. We're inseparable most of the time and he also gives excellent cuddles.

2. Rock and Roll: My favourite genre of music is rock. I always wince inside when I say that because when I was in school I got a lot of stick for it. However 4, nearly 5, years later from school and my love for rock has inspired my dissertation topic along with my passion for social media so Booya!

3. I'm a twitter addict and have been since 2009. My friends always tell me it's a wonder no one has told me to manage twitter and that if I ever get a job in social media they are blocking me on all forms of social networking sites. That's a sign I'm good right?....Don't answer that....

4. I'm addicted to designer. An unfortunate habit I have picked up over the past couple of years. I obsess over handbags until the obsession takes over common sense and I purchase a bag slightly (or a lot) out of my price range. But my theory is a nice leather designer handbag gives you the confidence to walk down the street each day and achieve your goals. (I also tell that to my family and friends so they don't get so pissed when I do buy another handbag).

5. I constantly wish there were more men in the world like Ted Mosby and less like Barney Stinson.

6. I prefer action movies to silly chick flicks and rom coms as rom coms make you feel insignificant and who doesn't love blazing guns, explosions and some super hollywood actor kicking ass to a cool soundtrack?

7. I have a tea and cake addiction. As I drink tea every day I have to have cake every day. It's a bad cycle but fatty like that.

8. My favourite idols are Taylor Swift as she helps me cope with my crap love life, My Chemical Romance because they got me through my mega emo phase in high school, Slash because guitar solos, I don't need to say more, and lastly Avril Lavigne as now even at the age of 28 she still doesn't take herself seriously and there produces amazing, up beat and fun songs and music videos

9. I'm afraid of Spiders (demons from hell sent to torture me) and diary products (apart from Milk and Ice Cream)

10. My dissertation question was inspired from watching Kerrang TV playing Greendays 'American Idiot' but shhhh don't tell my dissertation supervisor that.

11. My favourite season is winter because I love knitwear. Not only is it super cute and cosey but it also covers up my not so skinny minny body. I also love winter as it means I don't have to shave my legs for 3 months. Judge me.

12. I have a secret love for american country music like Carrie Underwood, The Civil Wars and Miranda Lambert.

13. I have a secret talent in creating home furnishings like cushions.

14. Whenever I am home alone I tend to reenact 90s pop classics in the mirror e.g. Hit Me Baby One More Time

15. If it wasn't for glipho I don't think I would have stuck at blogging for so long.

So If I haven't bored you to death, thanks for reading!  Now you know a little more about me you can continue your life thinking 'that's 5 minutes I'm never going to get back'.

Ciao Bello

L.Bel xoxo

p.s. Fact 16: I can't speak Italian.


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