Friday, 2 August 2013

The Confessions Of What You Thought House Sitting Was Going To Be Like...

I've just completed a whole week of house sitting. It was a new adventure for me as I have never done such an activity before. At first, I was shocked to be asked. I mean, c'mon this is me? Do you like seeing your house in ashes?! Never the less, I was handed the keys and off they went on their holiday. I was requested to water the planets, care for the dog and the chickens and I could use the house for a week as my own home. I had in my head all these crazy things I'd be getting up to, all the fun and freedom I would have, it would be just like being back at uni living the student life again. I was wrong. The novelty wore off fast. Once I had battled the normal 'new place' quests like how to use the shower, oven and microwave, I began to realise this wasn't all it was cracked up to be. So I thought I'd write a post on what I thought house sitting would be like and what it was actually life. Enjoy!

What I thought it would be like: The owners of the house said I could help myself to whatever I wanted from the fridge/freezer and cupboards. I thought great, a house full of food all to myself! I was planning on eating all sorts!

What it was actually like: There wasn't actually any 'fun' food to eat. It was just the basics. Pretty boring. I felt rude eating their food so most nights I went back to my own house for dinner. Plus the one time I did use the oven, I cremated my dinner and set the fire alarms off. After that I figured eating away from the house was the wisest move.

Animal Care
What I thought it would be like: A week caring after a little dog and some chickens? Easy! I'd just chuck the chickens some food every day, walk the dog and have cute and cosey cuddles at night. What's not to love?

What it was actually like: The owners requested I get out of bed and let the chickens out at 7am..everyday. Now this wouldn't be such a bad request if it weren't for the fact I'm currently working full time hours at my summer job and every early start after a day of work quite frankly made me want to die.  

The dog I quickly established was far from cute and cosy. I soon learnt he was an over fed chubby canine with the mannerisms of a spoilt child. Do I sound harsh to you? He would bark consistently all day long until I gave him what he wanted, which was food. As I refused to give him what he wanted he gave me headaches and a puddle on the carpet in stead. Just what I need when I'm supposed to be caring for someones house!

What I thought it would be like: A free house to myself every evening? Crack open the beers, turn up the music and come on over!

What it was actually like: I had my girlies over for a pizza takeaway on the second night. All was going well until one of my friends flipped her whole pizza box off the table and pizza face first onto the cream carpet. I love her but at that moment in time it was hard to remember why we were friends. It was scrubbing all night long. After that I was less reluctant to socialise plus working has really taken it out of my this week so I was practically in bed by half 9 most nights.

Overall, house sitting isn't really what I thought it was cracked up to be. I was constantly worrying about breaking something, spilling something, accidentally killing the animals and so on. I spent most of the time positioned on the sofa afraid to move. If the offer were to arise again...I'd probably have to think about it...

L.Bel xoxo

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