Saturday, 10 August 2013

The Confessions Of A Tired Girl...

God I'm tired. I feel like a zombie. I have worked almost every day this week since last Sunday and I don't get a day off until Monday. I now believe that zombie films are in fact just films about tired people.

I feel like I need to publish a formal warning of dealing with a tired girl. See a tired girl as a delicate bomb. Handle her the right way and everything will be fine. Handle her the wrong way and you have an apocalypse on your hands.

Tired girls are on the edge of an emotional apocalypse. Keep her calm and happy and you may just live to see another day. Don't anger her as the consequences can be life threatening. Her tone can reach to a glass shattering pitch that only dogs can hear. One minute she'll be screaming the building down, the next she'll be sat on the floor crying because she did something so little such as dropping her phone. It's quite tragic really.

Tired girls must be allowed to sleep as soon as she feels right. Useless comments from parents such as 'It's only early, you can't go to sleep yet' or 'Try to be more sociable this evening' really do not help the matter. Tired girls must sleep and if one is to disrupt a tired girls sleep, on ones head be it.

It may take 1-2 days for a tired girl to recover. You will notice a slow recovery when she begins to make an effort with her hair again in stead of looking like a monster from the deep. She may begin to smile and she may even squeeze out a laugh. Before you know it tired girl transforms to just 'girl'. This my friends, is the safe zone.

I hope my post has raised awareness on the tired girl. A rare and dangerous species that needs care and caution.

Now if you excuse me I must head off to work where I shall try not to get workrage (A small sign 'tired girl' is coming) and murder the planet.

L.Bel xoxo


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