Saturday, 3 August 2013

The Confessions Of My Dream Movie Boyfriend...

Well hey there, I hope you are all enjoying your weekend. I for one am making the most of my Saturday as from Sunday onward I'm working pretty much every day until next Monday. In fact, I don't get a weekend I don't think for another 3 weeks. Scary right? To be honest I can't really see the light at the end of the tunnel right now.

So, as part of my 'chilled' sofa surfing Saturday I watched a film with my little brother. We decided to watch 'Warm Bodies' which I have never seen before and to be honest I wasn't expecting to be that good. How I was wrong. The story was extremely clever, well cast and it had me laughing and swooning at the same time. Now I feel like I moan too much about my single life and I'm probably boring you all to tears so I wont go on too much but as you all know, Miss Drama Queen L.Bel is riding solo. This gives me plenty of time to dream up in my head of my ideal man. When I was watching Warm Bodies today I quickly fell for the main character 'R' as he really did fit the criteria. I then realised not only had I fallen for a fictional character, I had fallen for a fictional character who was in fact a flesh eating zombie. It was a low point I'll admit it. However I thought I could tell you all my dream movie boyfriends.

1. R - Warm Bodies

Okay, like I said, he is a zombie so it's a little weird...okay..a lot BUT he is a lovely zombie! Not the gross kind at all. His love for vintage vinyls, Guns N Roses and fast cars definitely made me realise he was the one. My love for him progressed as he became protective and caring for Julie, risking his life and his acceptance with his own kind to save her. He's a modern day apocalyptic knight in shining armor.

2. Bruce Wayne/Batman  - The Dark Knight

Millionaire by day, ass kicking vigilante by night. What isn't to love?! I think I'm more in love with the Batman side then to the Bruce Wayne side but I'm a real trooper so I'll take him as he comes. His flashy gadgets, monster Batmobile and very flattering suit all have me drooling away but his passion for protecting and saving the world is where he really wins a girls heart. I'll take one to go please.

3. Indiana Jones - Indiana Jones

Oh my oh my who hasn't crushed on Indiana Jones at one point in their lives? I am so happy my mum made me watch these movies when I was little as he was probably my first celebrity crush. Dating Indiana Jones would mean you would never have a dull moment and your life would be full of culture and adventure. Plus check out that whip! No I was joking, pretend I didn't say that. I can't pull off jokes like that. It just got awkward.

4. Jack - Titanic

Every woman who has seen the Titanic will know what I mean. He's romantic, spontaneous and a dreamer. Oh and don't forget dashingly hansom. Draw me like one of your French girls....with the lights off...I wouldn't inflict that on anyone.

5. Johnny Depp.

Okay okay okay I know that's cheating as he isn't a movie character but I pretty much fancy the pants off every role he plays. My particular favourites are Captain Jack Sparrow and Edward Scissorhands. We're destined to be married, he just doesn't know it yet.

So if you find yourself running a multimillionaire cooperation by day, running through the jungle or city as a caped crusader by night with a whip, sailing the seas looking for adventure, slowly regaining your ability to bleed and just looking damn sexy, give me a call okay?

I hope you enjoyed these beauties. If anyone has any different movie boyfriends, I'd love to hear them!

L.Bel xoxo


  1. I love Leo DiCaprio far too much, it's probably unhealthy. Especially as Jack. So. Much. Love

    timid lioness

    1. Hahah oh I agree, you can never love Leo too much!


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