Sunday, 18 August 2013

Just a quick one...

Just a quick blog post to say goodbye for now!

There there, try not to miss me too much ;) I'm kidding you probably wont even notice that I have left. I go away tomorrow for a few days and therefore probably wont be blogging for a week. However you know me and internet addiction, I'll find away in the USA ;) Apparently my hotel room has free WiFi so maybe I will get a cheeky blog post in somewhere. Who knows?

I shouldn't even be sat on here blogging as my mum keeps shouting at me to pack but I'm far too chilled and excited to be worrying about that right now! So I shall leave you with a good bye for now, leave me lots of fun blog posts and comments to come back to. I really will miss you!

This is my 'I go away in less then 24 hours and I still haven't packed' face

See you soon

L.Bel xoxo

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