Wednesday, 14 August 2013

A Drama Queens New York Wardrobe...

As I mentioned in my previous blog post, I'm off to New York very soon and I am VERY very very very excited. Did I mention I was excited? I treated myself to some serious retail therapy on Monday for some final bits and bobs before I go and I ended up spending more money then I own. However it was totally worth it. 

I began to sort through clothes today for my trip and thought I would share with you a few of my outfit ideas. Now I wouldn't normally do a fashion blog as there are so many talented people on the internet that already have it covered and to be honest, I'm about as graceful as an elephant when it comes to modelling clothes. No matter how hard I try, I always end up looking like I got dressed in the dark. So I just took a few quick photos of my ideas on my beautiful stunning carpet (that's a joke, I'm hoping to distract you from how gross it actually is.). I want to hear your thoughts on the whole thing! 

Outfit 1.
Top: Primark/Skirt: Primark/Shoes: Vans/Handbag: Fiorelli

This is definitely my favourite outfit. I bought the top and skirt from the wonderful Primark on Monday. It's so overly coordinated it's almost too much but I think it's really sweet and unusual. I'm thinking of wearing this on the plane so I'm warm enough leaving England and hopefully I wont be too hot when I touch down in the USA! I think thr Fiorelli bag is a must as it's so cute and quirky, it fits with this outfit style.

Outfit 2.
Dress:H&M/Sandals:New Look/Necklace:H&M

I picked up this cute dress in H&M and it's been true love ever since. I love how comfortable the fabric is and it is also a dress that can be styled down for the day but easily dressed up for the evening. Also, the necklace adds a bit more style and interest to the block colours. I don't really tend to wear sandals unless I'm abroad in Europe however I figured as the weather is hot and I will be doing a lot of walking around I might as well don a comfy pair of sandals! 

Outfit 3

This outfit is nice and loose, perfect for walking around a hot city. I love the detailed floral embroidery on the shirt, it has to be one of my favourite purchases from H&M. I also have a soft spot for the delicate styles of Nica handbags. They are always fairly priced for a good quality bag. This one is so pretty I try to take it everywhere! 

Outfit 4
Top:Primark/Skirt:Primark/Pumps: Vivienne Westwood + Melissa

I love a good denim skater skirt as you can wear them with pretty much any style of top. It's an easy option to have in your wardrobe. I'll also let you into a little secret, the daisy top is actually a peplum top. Stocked up on peplum tops from AW12? Why not reinvent them by tucking them into a skater skirt and viola! 

The Vivienne Westwood flats arrived in the post today and it was definitely love at first wear. They are surprisingly comfy! I was expecting them to take quite a bit of wear before I'd be comfortable in them however this was not the case. I felt like I was walking around in a pair of slippers in the supermarket before. They are definitely one of my faverouite items in my wardrobe now, perfect for all seasons and all occasions and topped off with sweet strawberry scent. I might even save up for another pair as they come in a range of styles and colours it would simply be foolish not to! 

Now I'm not really much of an accessories girl like I used to be. In college I was known for always having necklaces, earrings and bracelets all coordinating with a new outfit every day. However in time I have stuck to my good old Pandora and spinning rings. I love my Pandora as I have had in it since I was 16 and each charm holds special meaning and memories so I like to wear it everywhere I go in the world. The rings were my 18th birthday present and complete every outfit. Whilst I am in New York I will be on the look out for a special necklace to join the family. 

Okay so how did I do? Did elephant gracefulness cross your mind as you scrolled on through? Don't worry these wont be the only clothes I'm bringing to NY. I have more dresses then the days I'm actually in the USA but you can never be too prepared!! 

L.Bel xoxo


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