Sunday, 25 August 2013

A Drama Queens Adventure In New York...Part One.

Well howdy folks! I hope you have all had a wonderful week, I most certainly have! I touched down back in the UK at about 7 this morning so I am feeling heavily jet lagged plus due to plane rides, boat rides and lots of long elevator rides over the past week, I am also in the midst of motion sickness. Even as I'm writing this blog my laptop is rocking side to side, so forgive me if this post makes no sense at all. I'm going to do a couple of blog posts on New York and all the crazy things that went on. The main focus of this one is all the fun stuff I got to do and see. Jeez does this paragraph sound boring? It sounds boring right? I don't even have the energy to sound enthusiastic. Yet I need to stay busy to stop myself falling asleep so sorry blogger/glipho, you're going to have to suffer some sloppy blogging at my expense.

*One Day Later*

Okay I wrote that paragraph yesterday and then I fell asleep. I feel slightly more with it today though so maybe this blog post wont be such a disaster! And my laptop isn't rocking side to side as much so there's hope for us yet! 

Now I've decided the main theme for this blog post is 'All the amazing things I did and saw in New York'. So I'll quit the jibba jabba and get stuck in.

1. Times Square
 Well there is me, stood in the middle of Times Square! I'll be honest, I didn't enjoy Times Square as much as I thought I did purely because it was so busy and there were so many people trying to sell things to me as I walked down I just felt irritated. However that doesn't mean it isn't a truly magical place to stand. It's incredible how the whole stretch is shadowed by large screens and lights advertising world famous brands. More streets all over the world need to be like this as it certainly brightens up what otherwise could be a dull, concrete street. Bravo New York!
 There is me doing my own version of 'Empire State Of Mind'. I make Alicia Keys look nothing right? Okay note the tone of sarcasm. Another impressive factor of Times Square is the retail. My personal favourite was the Disney Store as I'm obsessed! If I had more money I would have definitely bought something from every store, even Toys R Us which, by the way, had a Ferris wheel inside. America is so 'Go large or go home'. Love it!

2. Top Of The Rock
This was probably my favourite part of New York. Top Of The Rock, part of the Rockefeller Center, gives you a 360 view of all of Manhattan and beyond. We went up at around 8:30am which provided us with a beautiful picturesque morning over Manhatten in a peaceful setting. I could have sat there all day long and just watched the world go by. If you ever go to New York I recommend this as a must! And don't forget your camera! I really envy those in New York that get to experience views like this every single day!

3. Central Park
My main reason for going to Central Park was to go to some of its most famous sites from films and TV. I did fangirl over the spot where Blair and Chuck from Gossip Girl got married in the final episode! If I lived in New York I'd aim to spend at least one day a week there purely for the beautiful scenery and space. I wish I lived close to a park like this!

4. Empire State Building
If you plan to go up the Empire State Building I would suggest going up in the evening. The queuing takes less time and you get a once in a life time view of New York lit up like a Christmas tree! New York may not be the prettiest city to walk around in during the day but at night it's absolutely spectacular how many lights illuminate beauty into the view!

Okay folks, I'm leaving it here for now as I feel if my post is too long you will all get bored. So come back for Part 2 either later in the day or tomorrow evening!

Before I go I shall leave you with one last very important shot.

Macy's!! I wish wish wish wish wish wish the UK had a Macy's, preferably at the end of my street. If you're not careful you could end up spending a whole day in there. UK readers, Macy's is like Selfridges but a million times bigger. I couldn't go all the way to New York and not make a cheeky purchase right? So as a handbag addict as you may know, I treated myself to a MICHAEL Michael Kors Jet Set Top-Zip Saffiano Tote. It is the most beautiful handbag I have ever owned and I cannot stop staring at it.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it and I shall be doing Part 2 sometime soon!

You have been missed!

L.Bel xoxo

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