Monday, 22 July 2013

The Confessions Of What We All Do Behind Closed Doors...

We all do things we don't want others to know about. The kind of things that make you think 'Jeez if anyone else found out I did this they'd think I was so weird!'. Well I thought I'd do what no man has ever done before and admit them to the world. If you can relate to these dirty deeds then I want to hear it!

Right well I'll start with the easiest one. I'm Laura, I'm 20 and I still sleep with a teddy bear. I can feel the judgement already. I can't sleep without my bear. I thought it was something I'd grow out did my parents. Yet here I am today, still holding on tightly to my bear. It's a security thing, I feel safe from the monsters under my bed if I have my bear. When I went to uni I was worried what my flatmates would think of me but luckily for me one of my flatmates and now bestie also had the same fear for she too still sleeps with her bears. It turned out to be more common then you think. So all you bear huggers out their, you're not alone!
My childhood bear 'Sophie' and Dumbo

Whoa you're still reading my blog even after you found out the teddy bear fact? Didn't think you'd get this far...guess I better confess some more things...

One of my favourite past times when I'm home alone is to throw a one man gig. This normally consists of my current favourite singer/band/song blasting out of my speakers whilst I dance in front of my mirror with a hairspray can. I sometimes go as far as to wear heels (mostly for when Beyonce is playing). But beware folks, ALWAYS make sure you will know when someone is returning home as it can be rather embarrassing when your housemate walks in and your acting out Britney Spears 'Hit Me Baby One More Time'.
I sent this on snapchat to all my friends. I know you thought it was Beyonce, sorry to disappoint, it's just me.
This leads to my third 'Behind closed doors' confession. Let's be honest here, we all hope some important person spots our talent and whisks us away to stardom. Whether it be singing, dancing, playing the guitar or football. You're kicking your ball around the garden and you hope the England captain happens to be in your neighborhood, sees your fancy footwork and insists you become captain of the team immediately. I personally like to imagine Simon Cowell hearing me sing in the shower, demand that I be signed up at once and put me straight on a world tour. I can dream right?

At number four we have 'Bare it all'. Don't deny it, we've all stripped down to our underwear and slobbed out on the sofa. I'll let you know a little secret...girls only wear bras in public. The rest of the time we strut around the house enjoying freedom. That is until we have to run up or down the stairs. Not even boobs can defy the laws of gravity. 

Last but not least, as we're all big internet fans we like to tell our friends and family we spend time reading intellectual sites and articles, sitting on Facebook catching up with old friends and keeping up to date with events around the world through Twitter. What we don't admit to the world is that we actually spent most of the time on the internet on silly cat and meme themed websites like '9gag', 'Catroulette' (you can thank me later, 'Buzzfeed' and so on. No one wants to admit they spend their days laughing at funny cat videos and relating to silly memes. Therefore we remain closeted with our cyber skeletons. 

Go on, admit to me those secrets you do behind closed doors. I wont tell anyone ;)


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