Monday, 15 July 2013

The Confessions Of Internet Etiquette...

The internet has to be one of my most favourite pieces of technology today. What can't you do with the internet? You can always be in the know with what's happening everywhere in the world, purchase pretty much anything, watch cute and funny cat videos, self diagnose yourself with Google, tell the whole world what you had for tea and so on. However there a few little rules or 'etiquette' I feel people need to abide by when going about with their virtual habits.

Internet Trolls. Nobody likes an internet troll. What is an internet troll you may ask? An internet troll is someone who goes around intentionally offending and causing arguments to anyone and everyone. They also go under the terms of keyboard warrior and supernerd who lives in their mums basement. You catch my drift? Internet trolling is often highlighted in the media these days because someone has gone and upset a celebrity over twitter. If you wouldn't say it to someones face then why say it over the internet? I'll admit a couple of months ago I did sink to the level of an internet troll in regards to British rapper Example who after cancelling a performance on a British university went on to insult a students over twitter. I may or may not have called him an unprofessional douchebag to which he did respond. I'm not proud of my internet trolling and is something I would not repeat. But I also don't take lightly to being insulted for going out and getting an education. Anyways, internet trolls aren't cool so if you ever come across one, don't respond. And if you troll then please remove yourself from your social networks, laptop, your mums basement and go and get some fresh air.

Ebay. What's not to love? Ebay to a student is Toys R Us to a child. One moment you're looking for a suitable laptop case and then two hours later you are now the owner of a new leather handbag, some quirky jewelry and a little gadget you're not too sure what it does but it was £4 and it looked funky. What can't you buy on eBay?! I'm on the hunt for a new camera as I'm heading to New York in a few weeks and I want to take good quality photos. I figured I'd try to snag a deal on eBay and at first I thought I was going to succeed. A new camera worth £250 on ebay for £50?! All I'd have to do is wait a few days for the auction to close and swoop on in. However this is not possible due to what I like to call bargain butchers. Why bid on an item 5 days before it is due to end therefore increasing the price? Why not wait until the last 30 minutes when the camera would still be £50 if it weren't for you and the rest of the bargain butchers gang having a bidding war days before it is not needed? Have you ever thought you're just making it more expensive for yourself? If I had £1 for every designer handbag I have lost to bargain butchers increasing the price past my budget days before the item is due to end would actually able to me to buy a designer handbag at full price from the original store. Lets stop butchering eBay bargains and wait for the end of the auctions yes?

Facebook is not a dating sight. Whatever happened to good old fashioned romantic gestures in real life? I got a friend request this morning from someone I had 2 mutual friends with. I accepted thinking maybe this was someone I may know from high school. Boy I was wrong. They proceeded to invite me to a 'BBQ' and then popped up on facebook chat saying and I quote 'Got my invite doll?'. Oh aren't I a lucky girl. Seriously? Your hitting on a girl you don't know over a social networking site? According to my mum and most Hollywood movies (I'm still convinced this is a myth) guys at one point in life would ask for girls phone numbers in a public place and offered to take them on a romantic date. I don't think I have ever seen or heard of such chivalry. Maybe in years to come, traditional events such as proposals and marriages will happen over Facebook too.....I fear for us all....

Text talk - it will never be fetch. I'll own up, I did at one point use text talk when I was about 12, I'd got my first mobile phone, you know the kind, the big indestructible Nokia that you only had to charge once a month. These were the days of credit, when a text would cost you about 10p so you would have to shorten every thing to something like this

Hi, hwz u? Wuu2? c ya l8r x
You can practically hear Shakespeare turning in his grave. So I have slight understanding for text talk on a phone...if you're using credit. If you're on contract and you get something like unlimited texts, you have no excuse. Same goes to social networking. It makes my skin crawl scrolling down my Facebook news feed and seeing text talk on status's. What did the dictionary ever do to you?!

Please consider these very valuable points next time you're about to make an internet error.

L.Bel xoxo


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