Saturday, 6 July 2013

The Confessions Of How To Survive Freshers Week...

Off to university in September or know a friend or relative who is? Here's your guide on how to survive those first few weeks!

 Imagining yourself in your element at each bar crawl and freshers event decked head to toe in fancy dress? Waking up each day with a traffic cone as your bed buddy and slices of pizza stuck to the floor? Well I'm going to share with the real truths and how to survive. University will be some of the best years of your life. You will do the craziest things, make the funniest memories and meet people who you know you will be friends with for life. However it will also involve the hardest days of your life, dealing with deadline pressures, far away from home and mixing with people you wouldn't before. Without sounding like an X Factor promo, it's an emotional rollercoaster. Yeah I just cringed at writing that just as much as you did reading it.

So here are my top tips on surviving your first term:

Tip 1- Always over compensate on everything you bring to uni. Especially on kitchen utensils. You may not know what to do with a pie dish or why your parents are insisting on having 3 different types of kitchen knives but I guarantee there will be a day when you really need it. Before I left for uni my manager mocked me for buying a casserole dish. She said 'PFFT why would a student need a casserole dish?!'. It turned out to be one of my most used dishes in first year. So hah. I showed you.

Tip 2- Learn to cook as least one proper meal. And no, frozen chips and chicken dippers don't count. You won't realise how much mum has spoiled you with her home cooking until you move to uni. I guarantee that a proper home cooked meal mid freshers week will make you feel so much better when you are on your third day of binge drinking and quite frankly, you don't think you're going to survive to the end of the week due to your body's new ability to run solely on alcohol and pizza takeaways.

Tip 3- Buy 'Nosh For Students - Joy May.' The amount of student cook books you will be given by relatives and friends will be enough to stock Waterstones. However you will find them completely unrealistic in their expectations of a student kitchen. I mean, who the hell brings scales to university?! Nosh For Students became mine and my housemates bible, using a mug as a form of measurement and making it easy to create the most complicated meals. By the time you're home for Christmas you'll have gained the ability to make anything from currys to roast dinners. You'd be stupid not to invest.

Tip 4- It's okay to admit you're homesick. If it makes you feel any better, me and my flatmate (who I'd only known for 48 hours) spent the second night of freshers week crying in a club toilet together because we were both homesick. Homesickness can hit you at anytime during university. I still get it and I'm heading into my final year. Don't be afraid  to admit it and even have a little cry as its guaranteed your friends and flatmates are feeling exactly the same.

Tip 5- Pace yourself on the drinking. Seriously. I know it's the done thing on freshers week to go mental because it's your first taste of freedom without parental control but if you over do it on your first night you could ruin the fun for the rest of the week. I was so drunk on my first night I fell up a hill (Memory 546,433 of times Laura has humiliated herself in public.) and was sent home to bed by 12. Disaster. Water will become your new best friend.

Tip-6 The most important tip of all, always be yourself. Sounds cliche right? However you will be thrown in with a mix of personalities, some a lot more dominating then others. Some people will be use to the crazy lifestyle whereas others will have never experienced a night out before. Don't try to compete on the drinking/party side or make out you're something that you're not. Everyone will see right through you and in the end you'll only end up upsetting yourself. Be honest and down to earth and just remember to have fun!

If you want  to hear more tips don't hesitate to ask an  maybe I will do more posts on student survival!

Good luck!

L.Bel xoxo


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