Thursday, 18 July 2013

The Confessions Of The Drama Queen Who Just Wants A Pint...

Confession: I love Beer. There,I said it.

Why is it completely unacceptable for me to order and drink a pint of beer in public? Or to just drink beer in general? As a beer drinking family I've never really known any different. To be honest, when I was a little girl I was obsessed with having a sip of my dads pint every weekend....maybe this is why I'm absolutely barking mad these days...anyway.... It wasn't until I was of the legal age of 18 when I really began getting stick off snooty bar men for ordering a pint. Why can't I order a pint? Just because I walk around in six inch heels and a love for leather handbags doesn't mean I don't enjoy a lovely ice cold pint on a hot summers evening.

Scenerio 1: March 2011 at a local community club. I was attending my friends 18th birthday party. I walked over to the bar and ordered a pint of stella. The bar man laughed and went 'Is this for you?' to which I replied with 'Well yes, is there a problem?' and he went off to make me my pint. He returned with the glass, I paid my money and reached for my drink yet to my horror the bar man placed a bright pink straw into the glass. 'Erm, I didn't ask for a straw...' Mr Barman 'Yes I know love but I thought it might make it more girly' Oh did he really just go there?!

Scenario 2: July 2011 at my favourite nightclub in town. Me and some friends were having a girly night out in which we managed to merge with a group of Australians traveling around the UK for summer. I managed to be swooped away by one particular aussie who I spent most of the night dancing and laughing with. He was kind, handsome and funny. Could this be true love for the drama queen? Is my Disney princess fairy tale about to come true?Snap out of it Laura, of course it's too good to be true. He proceeded to ask what would I like to drink in which I replied with 'Oh a bottle of corona would be lovely thank you.' It was all down hill from there. He proceeded to laugh, rub my tummy and tell me girls can't drink beer as they will get beer bellys so what did I really want to drink? *Sigh*  That was the last I saw of him.

Scenario 3: July 2013 at an Italian restaurant. I was invited out to a meal with my old work team. We stayed late for drinks. The waiter took the drinks requests and returned to the bar. 10 minutes later he returns and slowly passes around the drinks. To my dismay I suddenly hear 'Who on earth has ordered a beer?!'. Burning bright red I raise my hand and own up to claim my drink. Luckily the lights were dimmed so you couldn't see the glow of my face. My old colleagues suddenly flood me with questions of 'How can you drink beer?!' or 'Is this a uni thing? Is this what students drink these days?'. Here I am again, fighting from my beer corner.

These three scenarios are just a minor example of the beer discrimination one faces in every pub and bar across the land. Can't a drama queen just drink her beer in peace? The next person to sass me over drinking beer is going to end up wearing it.

Points go to the reader who can give me the best 'As if this beer is for you' comeback!


L.Bel xoxo

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