Saturday, 20 July 2013

The Confessions Of Death By Summer Work...

It sucks. Not much more needs to be said. But I'll drag it out in a blog post.

I've just completed a full day in my summer job at a kennels and cattery. My role is pretty much feeding grooming, walking and cleaning out. My shifts are 8-5 but it feels like 6-6 because my day starts at 6am, I have to walk a long way to get there and back so I don't reach home until 6pm. ANYWAYS, I moan to people about how hard it is and I am bombarded with comments like 'Ergh, I know you feel' (No you don't.) and 'Bet you've never worked so hard in your life 'ey' haven't either. Seriously, let me talk you through life as a Dog waitress.

So my day beginnings cleaning out every single kennel. Easy, you just have a mop right? NO. Sit down and listen. I have to scoop about 30-40 pieces of wee and poo covered bits of newspaper from each kennel, 'wee check' the bed and then lay down another 30-40 pieces of ready-to-be-weed-on newspaper. You wanna know what the worst bit is? Knowing in 24 hours you'll be scooping up the same piece of paper because it got pooped on.

I then have to do the scoop and mop. I wont go into the gory details but the name says it all really. Lets just say, If I never see poo again, it'll still be too son.

Next is what I like to call 'Feeding time at the Zoo'. Basically we whip up bowls of dog food and feed all the animals. Easy right? Wrong. Every single dog eats something different and as dog owners know, different breeds/sizes/aged dogs require different food. This kennel can take over 100 dogs. Yeah you do the math of how long and complicated this process is.

Dog walking takes place after lunch. I dread dog walking, I really do. As a dog owner I enjoy walking my dog every day. At least I did until I got my summer job. Now I just like to sit in dark rooms rocking back and forth.... anyway, So we have say 50 dogs in the kennels and each owner requests their dog receives daily walks. You don't know pain until you've walked this many dogs around the same field in a level 3 heat wave.

Once the dog walking is complete (This takes a VERY long time), it's the final scoops and mops and tea time. I'm lucky I finish on time and I've not been chewed up by a feisty Labrador.

Oh and say goodbye to personal hygiene. If you end your day at the kennels not covered in dog wee,poo and slobber then you're doing your job wrong. You kind of get to the point that when a dog poops on just go with it. Yes folks, I have walked around half of today with dog poo SMEARED up my leg without a care in the world. Did I mention the new work experience guy who could probably model for someone like Hugo Boss arrived today and I have never met him before? Think of Ugly Betty but covered in dog poo. That is was what I looked like today when the humidity hit and the dog poo went flying. I'm sure I've left a lovely image in his mind.

In the midst of all this is getting in and out of kennels and changing dogs around. You don't know hard word until you've wrestled with a Rottweiler that refused to go in its kennel. I'm not even exaggerating, I wrestled with 'Rocco' the Rottweiler in the midst of his wee and poo because doing as he's told just isn't an option.

The people who work there full time seriously deserve to be paid a million pounds an hour unlike my crap minimum wage.

I can't wait to do it all over again tomorrow and for the rest of my summer...not.

A very tired and smelly L.Bel xoxo

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