Friday, 19 July 2013

Confession: If you're not blogging on glipho, you're doing it wrong.

Well hello there fellow bloggers. I've got a secret that I want to share with you. It's about to change your blogging life for the better and it comes by the name of glipho.

I did a review of glipho after my first week of using it, which you can view here. I was pretty enthusiastic and felt I'd discovered something amazing. 3 months on and I'm still riding that enthusiasm! As much as I'd like to keep glipho all to myself I also want to see glipho reach its full potential with hundreds of thousands of users!

Am I still not convincing you? Okay, sit down and fasten your seatbelts. Here are my top reasons why glipho is every bloggers dream fantasy.

1. The most important reason of all: The exposure to your blogging is like no other. Seriously. It may surprise you to know I am quite shy when it comes to anything like expressing opinions and secret talents to the world. Normally because whenever I do I tend to embarass myself. Anyways, I wouldn't call myself a brilliant blogger nor writer, I just really enjoy attempting to make people laugh with my every day calamities. Over the past 3 months, glipho has built up my blogging confidence by exposing my writing to a friendly blogging community and providing me with the results. You can watch your views go up by the minute, see yourself trend worldwide among really interesting and genuinely great bloggers and as the glipho community are so nice, you will get a great response from users.

2. Human beings are creatures of habit, therefore glipho takes you as you are. You've spent months making your blog look pretty and attractive, why should you move to a new blogging site and start over again? You shouldn't. One of gliphos greatest features is the ability to import all of your blogging history as you go from blogger, tumblr and wordpress. For example, this blog post you are currently reading was written on blogger. I then imported it to glipho with a click of a button. Perfect. You write your blog, you publish your blog and then you watch glipho make you a blogging star.

3. Everyone on glipho is lovely. Not a lot really needs to be said on this matter for you will see yourself as soon as you begin blogging. Glipho prides itself on making blogging sociable. Something I think is vital to a blogger. You can sit on blogger, post your thoughts and not really feel like it is going anywhere. Posting to glipho is like posting to your facebook friends. It will be read, liked and commented on. I love hearing feedback on my posts, it really makes me happy to know I'm making someone out there smile. Ergh, pass the sick bucket after that sentence. Glipho also enables you to link up all your social networking sites from Twitter to Instagram to LinkedIn. Social networking at its best.

4. Content is Key. Glipho is used by thousands of happy bloggers and there are some really good writers out there. From fashion and beauty to well being and politics. It's all there for you to access with ease. You may read the paper in the morning but I sit in bed with a brew reading my glipho news feed and trending writers. Such fun!

Last but not least

5. The glipho team. I feel like a member of the glipho team fan club. I really love how involved they are in the blogging community. You don't feel like you're writing on a website owned by some huge cooperate business working in offices in a galaxy far far away. That's how I feel when I blog on blogger. The glipho team are engaged as much as you are. Always sharing and commenting and genuinely making you feel welcome. They are extremely helpful as well if you're a walking disaster like me and have a habit of breaking technology. I broke my glipho page for 24 hours and the glipho team were instantly by my side talking me through how to fix it. Any questions whether it's blogging related or not, they are always on hand to answer.

If my 5 reasons haven't convinced you then go and look for yourself at or check out my glipho profile here

I hope to see you on glipho soon, go on, I dare you.

Happy blogging

L.Bel xoxo


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