Monday, 24 June 2013

The Confessions Of How Awkward I Am At Emailing...

So here I am, trying to be all productive and start some academic work. BOOM I'm back on blogging. I blame glipho. Glipho you so addictive yet so good.

I was just about to start preparation for a meeting I have with my dissertation supervisor tomorrow (Yes my early summer holiday plan completely fell flat on its face) when I realized I needed to specify what time I would be popping in. Then comes the great hurdle of the email.

You'd think as this form of communication doesn't involve talking face to face I'd be much more calm and cool. No. No not at all. Instead, all functioning thoughts go out of my head and my email comes out something like a military message. It's not the email itself that I have issues with, it's the person I'm emailing.

For example,

If I email a friend or family member, there are no social ideals of what this email should be like. So I can write whatever I like, maybe even add a silly emoticon here and there. Simples.

As soon as it involves emailing a member of staff at my university or my employer, my wording comes out strained and quite frankly I sound like an idiot. I feel that the person receiving the email thinks that I am completely socially awkward and most definitely trying too hard. (Dear future employer, please don't read this and sack me. I'm sure I will have improved greatly since writing this...I hope). If only it was acceptable to email my lecturers with a 'Thanks :D' or a 'See you tomorrow :)'. There, you can feel the awkward tension thawing already.

What can be even more awkward and a huge blow to my already extremely plummeted self esteem is when the respondent replies with 'I don't understand' or 'What do you mean'. Normally by that point I'm repeatedly banging my head on my desk whilst booking a no return to a country on the other side of the planet to save myself from ever having to meet this person face to face.

So overall my future in the working world looks bright right?!

L.Bel xoxo


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