Sunday, 2 June 2013

The Confessions Of Gig Life: Do's and Don't's...

First of all...HONEY I'M HOME! That's right folks, I have finished exams and assignments so I can now crawl back into my comfort limitless zone, cyberspace!

What better way to celebrate the end of your second year at university by attending a gig (which I got the tickets for free!) consisting of Bastille, Dizzee Rascal and MUSE! They really put on a good show, I'm still in awe!

All in all, it was a fabulous night, I feel lucky to be able to say I've seen Muse live. However, I wanted to talk to the whole wide world on the issues of how to behave at a gig, especially in standing. Houston, we have a problem.

Now before I begin, I'm not saying that everyone has to behave and stand still. I love to go wild in a crowd. However there are some things that REALLY drive me mad!

1. You are not an animal. This means you don't act like one. Now I'm just going to have to get straight to the point. Ladies, shield your eyes. It ain't ever acceptable to go to the toilet IN A CROWD. NOR is it acceptable  to do it in a cup/bottle and throw it. Monkeys do that. Monkeys in a zoo. Are you a monkey? Do you live in a zoo?

2. I'm not a piece of meat. I can't speak for guys here, I really do not know if you face the same issues in a crowd but back to the point. I have attended too many standing gigs where I have been butt grabbed or boob grazed. This is not okay! And if a girl turns around and gives you a filthy glare, I can really understand where you'd mistake that as 'Please do it again.' NOT. Let's just say, don't be shocked when you get acquainted with my fist. Girl got sassy.

3. Numerous times last night I was shunned and shoved by grown men. Just because you are in a crowd and are desperate to get close to the act, it really isn't okay to push people about. I love a good mosh as much as the next person but really? You're going to push a girl half your weight and size!? Always remain a gentlemen!


1. Make crowd friends. I love it when your neighbor joins in on your crazy heart felt singing or supports you in your desperate attempt to escape the boundary lacking sea urchin behind you.

2. If someone falls down, you stop and you pick them back up. That's what lead singer of My Chemical Romance, Gerard Way tells the crowds before the gig starts. It encourages a friendly atmosphere and it's good to know strangers have your back.

3. Lastly, the most important rule, dance and sing like a maniac. Really. It's the one time that that is completely acceptable and no one can judge you. Show 'em what your made of!

Any do's and don'ts you can think of? I wanna hear them!!

L.Bel xoxo

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