Friday, 14 June 2013

The Confessions Of Dealing With Goodbye...

This is a bit of a morbid post for a Friday evening so all you TGIFers out there might want to avert your eyes.

I have very recently had to say goodbye to a person who played quite a significant part in my life over the past few years. Things quickly turned grey in our friendship and it finally came down to making the decision to remove them from my life.

I'm sure a lot of students out there can agree with me in saying when you go off to university, over the course of your degree a lot of people come and go in your life. The ones you thought would stick around forever quickly fade and those who were simply background players become much more important.

I wanted to do a blog post on how to deal with bad goodbyes. Whether it's the end of a crap relationship, a major fall out with a friend or an escape from a bad job. If Taylor Swift wrote a blog instead of award winning songs, I'm pretty sure this is what she'd produce...

1. Get out that rage. Now violence is never the answer. Ever. Yet that doesn't mean you can't get angry. Girl, there is no use sitting around crying about how badly he treated you. Whack on some 'Fighter' by Christina Aguilera  or 'Irreplaceable' by Beyonce, belt out your rage and you will slowly come to terms with the fact that you couldn't go back to that relationship where he spent more time in the mirror in the morning then you did (ergh, yes, I've been there).

2. The best kind of revenge is living life well. A quote I strongly believe in. Applying that to society today, throw on your favourite outfit, call up your friends, hit the town and cover EVERY social networking surface you got. Instagram that cocktail, Check in on Facebook at that awesome restaurant, Tweet about how much fun you're having. That way, who ever made you sad will see how much better you are without them. In fact, you'll irritate them so much because no matter how much they try to avoid you, you're dictating their timeline/news feed and are all up in their face. Go you.

3. Got a new job and want to show your old boss/employer how much better it is? Refer back to number 2. Except apply it to the work place. Tag in your new work buddies, encourage #officefridayfun and so on. However, as you are new to your job, try not to come off as the office creep. Eager Beavers can be a little too much when you've only known your fellow colleagues a week or two...

4. Temporarily bubble wrap your heart. Nothing is worse then coming out of a break up and your best friend insisting you watch some soppy chick flick rom com fairy tale blah blah mushy mush. No. I recommend a good head screwing Christopher Nolan movie. Lots of explosions and a story line so confusing you'll be so busy googling the answers and not thinking about your previous issues. As well as no chick flicks, no soppy love songs, no places where you are most likely to see couples and public displays of affection. Which rules out pretty much everywhere. Stick to your cave and zone into cyberspace. Simples.

I hope my advice aids you in some way. Got any other good tips for a bad break up? I'll be thrilled to hear them!

L.Bel xoxo


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